The Conspiracy Theory


Eden Saga has only one goal: to help you walk towards yourself. To enable you to realize the ultimate goal of all existence: to become who you are. To achieve this goal, your servant and the other authors of the Saga share with you the most recent discoveries, the most advanced theories, the most daring hypotheses, the wildest deliriums.


These are just proposals. Do not look here for the spirit of coherence, but the spirit of truth. I am sincere, yet human, therefore subject to error. But neither more nor less than my detractors. Let the reader judge. The least possible a priori and ready made thinking. The largest aperture of the diaphragm, to bring in the maximum of light.

Eden Saga does not claim any system, because existence makes them all burst. Simple existence is stronger than all thoughts, stronger than any attempt to bring life into an equation.

Among these proposals, there are some that you can use to move forward. Make your deal, it does not cost anything. You will judge effects on yourself, and decide to continue reading this website or not. All this online proposals are totally free and will always be. Nothing to pay, but attention. And I receive so much.

Your letters are a more than comforting link to this world to which I am linked by a tiny thread. Not that I’m dying, I’m allright, thank you for asking. Enchanting, acting the Nagual, I take my prey from world to world, from era to era, from star to star. You are my prey. A completely consenting victim.

A single thread connects me because this world, to tell the truth, is no longer mine. I’ll be there for a moment, but I do not belong to it anymore. I dream elsewhere. By dint of exploring other worlds, this old one has lost most of its charms. It moves alone on the cosmic scene, I find it comical. It looks so wobbly and badly finished, I find it pitiful. It still moves me in the eyes of a child, because this little man believes in what he sees. Big difference with me. Doubt is my daily bread, disbelief my second name.

So I’m moving away from this old shocking world. So I walk you, I lug you through the possible, I designate the impossible, I make you taste the alien drinks, I dissuade you to taste the poisons. Fascinated, vaguely chablied, you follow me in my wanderings where I have fun opening the doors of imagination.

By the way, did I tell you that I do not believe in imagination? The images I create to illustrate the Saga, I’ve probably seen them somewhere, to the distant galactic confines, a few eons ago, hundreds of thousands of lives down to the bottom of the past. And the memory comes back to me by flash, in the dark fringes of the consciousness that it illuminates here and now.

For me, we do not invent anything that has not been done in the past. Whether we do not know it or not, we only copy models, illustrious or forgotten models. We hog their ideas to the astral cash-n-carry. Akashic records, this is the buzzy name of this market-place of memory. You may say Akash-n-carry, more simple. Where to find it? Seek in you.



Many artists and writers go there every night, or every day, according to the schedule of their sleep. I myself go at the end of each meditation. That is more than ten times a day. I have several notebooks – I love notebooks, notebooks, booklets, booklets and other notebooks, provided they are made of paper and written with a pen. Still not a goose quill, no, nor a sergeant-major dipped in the inkwell. Do not make fun of it. I’m crumbling but not at this point.

So I have a lot of notebooks. Under their pretty blankets, I note, I scribble, I pour, I scribble my delusions, sometimes an article comes out. Often no. It’s just for the pleasure of reading them again. I like to flip through them when they are filled. I travel in the past, I also move inside myself. All authors have this kind of manure on which they grow their roses. At least all the scriptomanes.

Two neologisms in one paragraph, you make very strong, coconut. Keep cool, reader friend, I’m talking to the elf who writes my articles. Do you know that this site is classified as a conspiracy believer by the competent authorities? Incompetent would be more accurate in this case. Conspiracy? Still, we need to know what it’s all about when we talk about conspiracy. By definition, the conspiracy theory believer is the one who denounces a conspiracy. It’s not him who’s plotting. He just shows the underside of the cards. It’s a whistleblower.

Contrary to what they want us to believe, the powerful of this world hate the whistleblowers. They prefer that a maximum of honest boobies remain in complete ignorance. This is why both TV and the internet are broadcasting a maximum of programs with shocking stupidity. To divert attention, the little attention that remains.

Useless precaution, as many people do not care about life after death, the resurrection of bodies, aliens on all sides, outflankings, the golden cordon, parallel lives, lands in the sky, eternal life. They never think about it. If you talk to them, they take a silly look or let out a sneer. Good people.

Site conspiracy? Why not sectarian, as long as we are there? Eden Saga is the whistleblower. Beware of the lies that clutter the threshold. Beware of the merchants of fear who only want your money. Beware of hate preachers who graft on your frustrations to make you heartless monsters. Beware of sleep that lasts and obscures you even worse than pollution and low winter skies. Beware of routines that complete to plunge you into a deep sleep.

The warrior is on alert, attentive to everything, aware. Yes, aware. Nothing escapes him. He apprehends any new situation at a glance. His circular glance automatically records all the data that can be used. He inventoried the resources. He is ready for action. He expects no result, the opposite would be fatuity, pure vanity.

And by dint of watching over everything, he sees everything. Including what is hidden from him. that’s what dominates after a while. We see the reverse of the decor. The walls of the jar. They are denounced, they are given to see to the greatest number. So bang! We take in the face the supreme injury: conspiracy! What else to expect in this terrible end of kali yuga?

In truth, I say to you, it is better to believe in conspiracy theory than to be a plotter. Our judges deceive us.



Don’t ever let yourself pervade by any psychical entity, ghost, spirit, wandering soul, ectoplasm, ally or else: he could never give you back your body’s control.
Carlos Castaneda