Time To Love

The planet stops. One after the other, we are walled in. Immobilized. It gives time. Too much. What to do with it? Help the planet without leaving home. Yes we can. See how.

First stop complaining. Stop rehashing. Stop killing yourself. Choose life. Choose to act. Yes, we can all act effectively by staying at home, as prudence and respect for others command it. Just love. Remote love.

With all the time we have, there may be better to do than wallowing in front of your screen. We are going to gain pounds by force-feeding. I have an idea. Have you heard of scalar waves? I have been sending them for several years, there is even a group that formed when I launched the project in 2017.

Scalar waves are very strange indeed. We emit them all the time like every living being. But we are not aware of it. The method I propose will allow you to get started quickly and easily. No hardware, no electronics, no software to download, nothing to pay either.

I only need you. The planet needs all your good will. It is the principle of scalar emissions to send unconditional love to the thirsty planet. Well, now or never.

The scalar group meets on the air every evening at 9 p.m. to send love on the air. It is a kind of karmic meditation, a selfless offering, a revitalization in self-giving and humility. The scalar group has nearly 2000 registrants, I’m talking about those of you who were kind enough to send me a recent photo in order to secure the first connection.

But others have overlooked this detail. I know many of my readers have joined this group without telling me. May they all be thanked for it. This very love, as you can see, will never die. (source)

The invisible cathedral

If instead of a few thousand we become a few million, every evening at 9 p.m., a few million goodwill which give love without counting. If other people imitate us, if other streams come to swell the loving river, imagine the tsunami of love that could sweep the world! What to counter the other surge, that of the invisible enemy who kills without noise.

The time has come for invisible cathedrals, virtual meetings of millions of volunteers who dedicate themselves to a sublime cause, the survival and health of their contemporaries. Every evening at 9 p.m., all over the world, teams will spread the vibration of love across the planet. You too can join them. It’s very easy. You will find at the end of the article other texts to learn more about this fabulous way to help while staying at home, perfectly safe in your restroom.

I have practiced scalar waves for almost 4 years, but this priesthood takes on its full meaning today, in this global health crisis. Let us all form together the round of love, the virtual ballet of positive thinking and of the healing and healing vibration. this precious help for the sick will also be comforting for all those who risk their lives in order to provide them with the essential care. Let’s go, let’s build with our hearts the invisible cathedral, so that it becomes an invincible cathedral.

To know more

If you are interested, if you want to get involved, if you want to be part of the scalar group that meets on the air every night at 9 p.m., please read the following articles for your safety:

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Amnesia is a disease whose name I forget.
Maurice Tillieux