Fake Prophecies


In the midst of a TV show, thousands of Englishmen were surprised to hear an extraterrestrial message. Panicked phone calls, apologies of the TV channel that can not understand it, and a granny who falls into the green apples. Sooo British!


On the evening of November 26, 1977, using a technology “that did not exist on earth” (sic) an unidentified voice interrupted a broadcast of ITN to deliver a message of six hundred words. The intervention lasted 3 min 47 s exactly: “Here Vrillon, delegate of the Ashtar Galactic Command. For years you’ve seen us in the form of lights in the sky. We are speaking to you in peace and wisdom, as we have done to your brothers and sisters everywhere on your planet earth.

We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world, so you can tell your fellows which way to go to avoid the disasters which threaten your world and other worlds around you. This so that you can take part in the great awakening, as the planet passes in the New Age of Aquarius. For your race, it could be a time of great peace and evolution, if your leaders are aware of the malevolent forces that obscure their judgment.

Be quiet and listen because this chance may never come again. All your harmful weapons should be removed. The time of conflict is over; the race you belong to can progress to higher levels if you show you deserve it. You just have little time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill. Already everywhere, small groups learn this, they are here to transmit the light of the New Age.

You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will advance to the higher realms of spiritual evolution. Listen to the voice of Vrillon, a delegate of the Ashtar Galactic Command. Also note that many false prophets and false guides act in your world. They will squeeze your energy, that you call money, will misuse it and will only offer you in return worthless rubbish.

Your divine self will protect you. Be attentive to the inner voice that can only tell you where the truth is and where is the confusion. Learn to hear the voice inside you… and take the path of evolution. This is our message to our dear friends. We have been observing your progress for many years, while you were watching our lights in the sky. There are more beings on your planet, and around it, than your scientists admit.




We are deeply concerned by what happens to you, by your way to the light and we will do everything to help you. Do not be afraid, just try to know yourself, be in harmony with the conditions of the earth. We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are leaving now your level of existence. Be blessed by the supreme love and the cosmic truth.”  Thus ended the strange contact.

On checking, no one could give an explanation. “This release not affecting the image, it was difficult to detect its source. The message, which sounded like a prepared speech, was interpreted by most observers as a hoax. Technically, the hacked transmitter ensured the rebroadcast of a radio signal; it is assumed then that a third person has been near the receiver and covered the incoming radio signal through a portable transmitter?”  (source)galacticroundtable.com

A hoax, no doubt. But before deciding, let us look more closely at the message. It can be found no scoop in it, no unpublished thing. Even in 1977, this speech was already known. The words, the turns of phrase, the patronizing tone, the invocation of love, all features which recall, without any mistake, the apparitions of the Virgin. The so-called revelations of Fatima or, closer to us, those of Medjugorje have the same characteristics. Yet no one, including Wikipedia, dares mention the hoax.

Whereas, well, when you really think about it, this story of a virgin who was not, that should lead us to distrust. In fact we see that the apparitions are strangely similar, whether they are apparitions of virgin or of UFO. When Vrillon evokes the false prophets who prosper, he simply quotes Jesus in the Apocalypse of John: “These times will be those of false prophets, wolves hidden under the skin of the lamb.” And as the revelations of Fatima, Vrillon does not keep its promises.

He promises to tell us what awaits us, but eventually it remains unclear, always the same scarecrows, the same sweets, disarmament, peace and love, otherwise you will be harmed. In 1977, amid the punk and disco, hairy hippies were still rolling in Volkswagen vans painted by themselves. Those days are gone, the predictions have messed up, but the hippies are still here. There was no reason to believe it, even less to convert. Castaneda would say this is a  dressing of perceptions as we do anytime without knowing.

Any wizard can make anyone believe anything. Any clairvoyant can sell you what he wants, using desires he reads in you like in an open book.

We have seen how this false prophet named Vrillon tried to lead the crowd in his delirium. This story has no other interest than a case study. Replace Vrillon by any name, the portrait resembles, all the Gurus are drums, they all act the same way.

But the story of Vrillon does not end in 1977. Nowadays, Ashtar Galactic Command continues to live in the person of a new envoy named… Ashtar. Hey? One would have thought that this name referred to a star, or a group of stars. Not at all, it was the name of the boss. It gets serious, that’s the big boss himself who comes to talk to us! The second fiddle was fired, too bad, he had a nickname that smelled good the vril. Ashtar, as for him, makes channeling with a psychic blogger.



Here is the content of one of his messages: “Hello, this is Ashtar. Soon numerous vessels will appear on the earth and nobody will ignore our presence anymore. All media already know. When we arrive, everyone will be filled of pure love. The criminals will be removed from the population, the noxious people arrested, while the elite secretly prepared are just waiting for our signal to take the vacant places. All programs set up to cultivate fear will be passed to karcher. 

All TVs and all radios will cease to broadcast hatred
to tell the truth and play beautiful music. Fundamentalists of all religions will easily accept the new evidence, they will be surprised to see how it fits their own ideal. Dishonest bankers and speculators will be set aside, poverty will be abolished and suffering alleviated. In short, your old way of life will disappear.” (Source) heil-ouch-ouch, that New Age has accents that recall a little too much the Third Reich, the goose-stepping towards Paradise for All, except for the ones “set aside”…

This final solution looks suspicious to us. And that’s the problem with this thing New Age, too Manichean, a good on one side, the bad guys on the other. Hence Bush bis’ crusade. Like in the westerns, white hats against black hats, friendly cowboys against bad Indians – until the 70s when it became the opposite. Equally stupid. This announced invasion, if it happens, will not cause universal love, but the general panic and armed resistance. 

It is logical to defend our own planet against invaders. And those are, no doubt. Their methods are undemocratic and it smells really bad. The history of mass conversions is even more worrying. God protects us from the gods of elsewhere! Who wants to be saved against his will? Who wants to listen to their wonderful and obligatory music? Better to laugh at the trick. A hoax made in the USA remains the most credible hypothesis, and that’s good. Otherwise, poor us. Under the heel of the aliens of love, we have not seen the last of our troubles.

Lots of swindlers, scarps and hooligans of spirituality use shameless ploys for better cheat candid sheeps, weak or stupid enough to believe. “Mistrust is the rule, it pollutes the kindest human relationships of the past, but shall cease to apply when it should. Bigger crooks storefront, ordinary people praise, powerful people admire and invite them to their table where the worst gangsters are siding incapable elite.” (source)Seneca Seneca wrote that thirty years after the death of Christ. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same, my mother would have said. The manipulator wizard promises to tell you what to expect, ultimately things remain unclear. You learn nothing about you, but everything about him. His ideal of junk, always the same scarecrows, obey he says otherwise it will be hard. That time has passed, the predictions have messed up, but long-haired dreamers still remain. I don’t see any reason to believe, let alone convert. Keep critical whatever you hear. Pay attention to any single detail, devil is inside.




I know we all need a dream, a guide, a refuge. We all want to follow someone who knows. A youth is spend to wait the elected princess or the prince charming who does not come. They never come. Our dream is within us. Our guide also. And our refuge, let’s go straight. It is next.

Beware of everything, the matrix is everywhere, but not the Resistance.
Lao Surlam