Ancient Visitors


Visitors from the stars have been manifesting to men for quite a long time indeed. Were they extraterrestrial visitors or rather terrestrial people belonging to an ancient civilization of astronauts? With a total lack of courage, science chooses to ignore this and look in another direction.


All over the world there are evidences of visitors from space. Some date from the Neolithic, some are even older. On this thorny issue as on many others, archaeologists observe an utter cowardice.

We have also seen that in this case anthropologists are not much better. Science believes man most recent than he really is. To avoid the assumption of a very old technology that collides with the taboos of the most conservative scientists, we have seen how the Russian archaeologists, beyond shame, had used the extraterrestrial hypothesis. A Russian scientific report had referred to a UFO crash in the middle of prehistory! It must be said that the Russians are less uptight than us

We have also seen, in Scotland, the extraordinary case of Kingoodie hammer, which would date of the dinosaurs too. The photos of the hammer in question were all published on our site. We saw the Antikythera computer, discovered there are more than a century, thousands of years old, and an unimaginable complexity that many researchers are still studying. We saw above all how little importance these evidence have in a profession paralyzed by the dogmas and anathemas.

The truth is that we find traces of astronauts and spaceships, rockets or UFOs in the five continents, dating from all eras, even the most remote. Then, as the Russian scientists, the intrepid Western archaeologists will they use the extraterrestrial hypothesis? Will they also invoke the little green men? For if we have evidence of the presence of ancient astronauts, it is still necessary to prove they were not earthling like us.




Admit the little green men from elsewhere, it looks like a joke, we have fun a good shot and it commits you to nothing. This attitude always seemed to me easier than to admit that we are not the first humans developed. Why annihilate the patient building of nonsense accumulated for centuries? How to confess that we went astray completely? Science has too high an opinion of itself to admit that it slipped up with a vengeance.

alien-rupestre-australie-cp-200poRather than put an end to the official lie, scientists prefer to remain silent. And the official lie continues its ravages. And day by day science loses its color. Even though they claim to be scientists , they have both feet in the shit and it does not bring them luck. As for me, I acquired the intimate conviction that once, in very remote times, has thrived on this planet a developed civilization, technological and magical, which extended its ramifications on all land areas.

Land areas that are now largely engulfed, following the inexorable rise of waters of the great Deglaciation of Würm / Wisconsin, there are about twelve thousand years.

Besides it seems that it was not the only devastating flood, far from it. No doubt, our good old planet has seen its share of disasters of all kinds in its hundreds of millions of years of existence. As for our species, Homo sapiens, is also has had its ups and downs…

Our venerable species has had an existence much longer than the paleo-anthropologists currently recognize. But systematically, in one way or another, the Earth erases the traces. It is as if the planet made a blank page after each civilization. Our planet, incredibly, even has a special device to wipe the magical slate, and it is plate tectonics: a flick of the treadmill suboceanic, and shoo, the remnants are put under the carpet. Move along, nothing to see!



And imagine that this curious phenomenon known as plate tectonics has been described as “major geological characteristic of the earth.” (source)Claude Allegre, who is responsible for this discovery Too convenient, this unique system! It has been registered, in order that nobody could steal it from us! Who knows what has been done in the past. Not a trace. Go find your stolen memory. It is as if “they” wanted to keep us in ignorance. Earth would it be an experimental planet?

Are we guinea pigs? We and all other animals? Hence the great genetic variety… Earth could it be the playground of aliens? They have fun, they try stuff, and if it does not work, zwouff! they only have to wipe the magical slate and they do it again. But who are they? Do they come from elsewhere, are they from here? Where is the problem? Can we not imagine that Earthmen developed went in the stars and have come back with their new friends? 

Unquestionable are the extraterrestrial presences in many cave paintings or sculptures. The illustrations of this article are quite eloquent. Should we try for each of them, to imagine a pretty fable that would make everything come back into line? Some scientists made this their specialty. We remember the sad case of Abydos’ palimpsest. A palimpsest! What a good joke!




In order to fool us or themselves, scientists have a very good trick, the trick of the garage keeper changing the engine instead of the spark plugs.

How does science explain all these UFOs, these rockets, these space helmets carved in stone? Easy: it does not explain. She saw nothing, she looks away. Our ancestors drew what struck them most. The rock art or primitive sculpture has nothing to do with our art. These votive objects, totems or paintings are part of a shamanistic and animist ritual. If those of the Neolithic have shown these beings, is it not because they regarded them as gods?

What, after all, would be quite understandable. You are there, cushy, fishing iguanas in a backwater, and suddenly a big iron bird is landing by belching fire out of its ass. Men come out of the bird, with a damn look! They have no underpants made of buffalo skin like you, but bright overcoats like an iron skin and transparent scales over the face. Lightning comes out of their webbed fingers. They do not seem easy-going and you’d better obey unquestioningly.

They want to eat? Here, take the iguana freshly fished. They want to sleep? Here, take my hut and my mat. They want my wife? Okay, that will teach them. They want to be called God? No problem! Thereupon, in secret, you invent a new activity: prayer. It consists in asking someone something when he has not got much chance to hear you. First prayer: “My God come from heaven, go back there and just leave us alone. So be it.”




The gods have not granted the first prayer, nor the following ones. Never mind. Religion was invented that is what counts. Alleluya! Over time, it was found that the prayers were not effective, whatever the god was. We started to think. We invented science. It worked at first. No need to pray, it suffices to study to understand. Then it became: no need to understand, simply memorize. And after: no need to learn, do as you’re told. A new religion was born. That of the Divine Science. And its kingdom will have no end… Hopefully yes!

Nevertheless, all these images have something in common: they tell us of ancient visitors. People must really have a good amount of bad faith to act as if nothing had happened after seeing them all as they are. Faith, good or bad, is a matter of religion. The bad faith of archaeologists show their bad religion.

Ifever the former gods come back, who will duck in adoration?




Do not look for followers. You will have only zeros.
Friedrich Nietzsche