Be Awake


Hello Xavier, it’s Cristal. Well yes waking up would be nice! You will tell me: “And you do what to get there?” Well nothing and worse anyway chai not what to do. I don’t know if you have to meditate, eat organic, do permaculture, have a zen garden, dress in linen clothes, no longer cut your hair, walk barefoot in sandals, do chi gong…


Yet my days are exciting, intense, varied, happy events coincide well with each other and fit perfectly, I have children, wonderful grandchildren, my Joel that I could not do without and who loves me, my nights are interesting, I have dreams that I remember and try to decipher without succeeding.

I still try to correct my impeccability. Not always easy spontaneously but I correct after the fact. Well he’s smart but when you’re awake from birth it’s easy. Thank you Xavier. Thank you for your articles that affect me.


Be the heart

Thank you Cristal. I was touched by your words this morning. Nice your habit of opening your heart to me in the early morning. We’re both early risers, you rush to Eden Saga to read the new article posted at 5:00 sharp, and crac, you write me! Thank you. This ray of sunshine starts the day well.

Yes, I am awake by birth. Everyone is. Only the vast majority of awake babies lose their wakefulness as they grow up. I was lucky enough to keep mine. Inside, I remained a child. It helped me, oh yes, more often than I could say.

To thank the living for all these gifts he gives me, for this chance that I always had and that gave me life easy and exciting, I decided to devote myself to planetary awakening. I know that it happens, I have been warned, others have been warned, and others will be, in order to spread the news. Helping this awakening is the role of this site Eden Saga, my daily work and my pleasure of every moment. It is also the individual internship or Erquy Reki sessions.

But let’s get to your questions. Many people are asking them, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer them.



Be what you are

To awaken, all you have to do is project yourself into the future, when you are awake. So you can be the awakening now.
You can also go back to your early childhood, when you were still awake. And stall on this position of the PA.

The assembly point is the key to all magic. If you have known a place of consciousness, you can find it. The intention guides you, it is enough. There are no miracles, only an inflexible intention. You’ve been awakened, become it again. It’s instantaneous. You will be awake, be it now. Command, the world will obey.

If you do not feel ready to accomplish these feats, you just have to follow the path that I trace you here. But know that you have only one teacher, yourself. If you have to follow someone’s advice, listen to your double. He is yourself, in your perfection. You can trust him more than yourself. He is your awakening. Merge with your double. It is instantaneous.

If your weakness overwhelms you, another counsellor will know how to give you back your omnipotence. It is your death.


Be a warrior

You don’t have to do anything special to experience enlightenment. You just have to be a warrior. You will make the holy war against your faults, this war will make you live higher. The warrior acts. His whole life is action. Without calculation, without preconceived ideas, he listens to his body that makes him act. The result is the act. And the ultimate act is awakening. Be always in action, she grows you.

The warrior acts. Always. But he never expects results from his action. (Carlos Castaneda)


Don’t burden yourself with rituals, postures, postures, no special outfit to act, no linen clothes, no sandals, forget it. Be you, it will be enough. Get to know yourself. Empty your brain of the useless, that’s about everything.

Another thing: avoid “correcting your impeccability.” What is impeccable does not need to be corrected. It is the lack of impeccability that you must correct.

(Forgive this bad joke, my inner kid is untenable)



Be impeccable

Being a warrior is not enough, you have to be an impeccable warrior. You know that. How do you get there? By driving out of your mind all the prejudices, clichés, misleading evidences. He is impeccable because he acts, not by the result of his action. He is impeccable because he is fighting his worst enemy, himself. He is impeccable because he is thrifty, he spends only on what is right. He acts only for the truth. But he acts constantly.

It doesn’t collapse if things go wrong. It keeps trusting its star. The worst disaster can be beneficial to those who know how to keep track of timing. Some actions are beneficial to the second. They become evil if you let your lucky cubic centimeter pass.

The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of a spectator and calls it self-confidence. The warrior seeks to be impeccable in his own eyes and calls it humility. (Carlos Castaneda)


Be peccable

The impeccable warrior is nothing like a little saint. He can come out when the need arises. He doesn’t have to be nice to everyone. He knows a predator and he acts accordingly. He does not need to be transparent, consensual or clean about him. The perfection he seeks is energetic, not moral or social. Leave morality to ordinary people. You’re a hero.

A quiet hero. A peaceful warrior. A strong and stable being that you can count on in case of hard times. A hard being you can build sandcastles on. None of that. Clear the slate. You’re not a hero of everyday life. You have no daily life. None of your days is comparable to others. You discover, you discover. We must discover ourselves in front of heroic acts.

What you do. And you do it well. You have discovered yourself so beautifully that you will be built a palace right in front of the Grand Palais. The Palais de la Découverte. The awakened and their actions since the creation of the world, there is? A good time.

To be impeccable one must have been peccable. To go beyond sin, one must have known it better than from sight.

Religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for those who have already been there. (Lee Stringer)



Be in meditation

Meditate? Yes, but no need for a special attitude, a chosen place, an uncomfortable position. Lying on the bed at nap time, meditate. And if you fall asleep, the mediation continues in your sleep which becomes really restorative. While working, meditates. In front of a beautiful landscape, meditates. At the bottom of a cellar, meditates. In the subway, on the train, on the street, by car, alone, among the people, carried away by the crowd, away on the beach, meditates.

How to meditate? Empty head, body at rest. You feel everything that happens in your body. You have ceased to think, to ruminate your worries, to unravel your reasons for dissatisfaction, your grudges, your anger returned, make the empty, head to knees, brain in the trash. Meditate with your belly. With your heart. While making love, meditate. Before the tarots, meditate. Running, walking, swimming, driving, dancing, walking, dreaming, tinkering, meditating.

Any concentration on your present moment is meditation. It expands the moment to infinity. When Joel embraces you, meditates. When you miss Joel, meditate. When your days are too empty, meditate. When daily life jostles you, take time for yourself, meditate. When you act, think of nothing, meditate. You will be just, and your actions will be for the other sources of meditation.

“The idleness of the wise man lacks only a better name, and that meditation, speaking, reading, and being quiet was called work.” (La Bruyère)

Be fair

Be just by example. If you are, you will spread righteousness in your surroundings. When you are unjust, forgive and meditate. Banish all grudge, remorse, regret, resentment, what grudges, what gnaws, what shrinks. Banished anxiety, stress, anxiety, fear, fear, apprehension, all these emotions that come from the brain. The world doesn’t care about your brain. He only desires your heart. Thought never enlightens anything: it complicates everything. The fool has less trouble meditating than the scientist. Which of the two is a donkey?

The donkey goes its way, head empty and belly strong. The scientist misses the way, head full and belly soft. The eye is life, it follows the flight of a seagull or a fly, the body vibrates and perceives, but you do not hear it. Listen better. Learn its language. Very soon you will understand it quarter turn.

Listen to your body. What you don’t know, your body knows. (Jean-Claude Flornoy)



Be at peace

All anger is harmful. All cowardice is harmful. All resentment is vain and devours your heart. Revolt is not the way of the warrior. He is just, but does not fight for justice. The warrior only fights against himself. his only enemies are his blockages, his weaknesses, his doubts, his imperfections, his passions, his laziness, his negligence, his laissez-faire, his routines, his stupidity, his pride, his pretentiousness, his excesses. His only shield is his humility.

The accomplished warrior helps the novice warrior. The warrior of light accepts the help offered to him. Those who help him are his allies. They fight with him against a common enemy, smallness.

The warrior does not think of himself as a superhero. His heroism is measured by his humility. He does not tell his stories without mentioning his failures. He is silent. He listens. He understands. He supports. He opens doors and windows. He is at peace.

Be the body

Be all that you do, whatever you do. Being half-attentive is enough to cause complete defeat. When you do chi-gong, don’t be pissed off, don’t reason, but sound like a gong. The gong meditates. The didgeridoo meditates. The harmonica meditates. The harp, the tamtam, the djembe, the tablas, the castanets, the ocarina meditate. The piano thinks and reflects. Meditate, you will be a great pianist.

Empty your head, clean your brain, clean your synapses, rest your neurons and let go of your senses. As its name suggests, Saint SaensFrench: Saint Saens=cinq sens had only five. You have many more. Your senses are the expression of your power over the world. They are your essence and give salt to your existence. Mindfulness is the daughter of right meditation. It is obtained by the senses, not by thought.






Those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know. The wise teaches his actions and not by his words.
Lao Tzu