King Of The World



In the last century, a curious man, the type vaguely Asian and yet of Belgian origin, posing as a mysterious secret monarch, living mostly in his kingdom with elected officials, in vast caverns beneath the peaks of the Himalaya. The strangest thing in this story is that it has been believed.

“Is this man a god or an impostor? Prince Cherenzii Lind, an Epicurean multi-billionaire claims to be the master of a subterranean kingdom and savior of the world.” It is under this attractive title that a french magazinePoint de Vue #140, nov. 20th, 1947 issued once the visit to France of the King of the world, or Maha Chohan.

The Maha Chohan introduces himself as the Kut-Humi, the headmaster of the insiders of Agartha, but also the head of the Great White Brotherhood, a spiritualist group which avowed aim is to save the world. “My first interview with him left me in love: his words were logical and wise. In his Delage, he was flanked by two new followers who, within hours, had made themselves indispensable. He is a forty- five year old man of distinctly European kind: you’d think he is BelgianWhat a joke!.”  (Source)Point de vue # 140, November 20, 1947

The interview told us that the King of the World was born in Darjeelinglike God oh my tea! in 1902, when the city was still in Tibet. He said he was direct descendant of Genghis Khan and showed the reporter a gold signet ring he wore on his left hand. “I got this ring from him,” he said, puffing at an expensive cigar. He also pretended to be the reincarnation of Kut-Humianother invention of Blavatsky? who founded the Theosophic Society hollow land in the 19th century. When asked who gave him his crown, he replied:

“The title of Maha Chohan was given to me by the Great Council of Agartha, ie all the great sages and instructors headquartered in Tibet. But there are sages all over the world. There are in Paris, and Europe has around 4000 insiders at various degrees. In America, there are many more of them. There are currentlyin 1947 three westerners in Agartha, and one is French.” It is possible, added the journalist, the latter is Mr. Alain Daniélou. When the interview came on the reality of the underground world described by Oussendowski, the King of the World was categorical.




“There is truly an underground kingdom in Tibet. Almost all the monasteries are connected by huge galleries that sometimes reach 800 km in length. In these galleries are caverns so large that we could easily place Notre Dame de Paris. Human beings live there and also Jinns, beings with a great intelligence but no physical body. “ And he immediately added: “They are armed with long claws and have wings similar to bats’ ones.” Really? If they have no body, what are their wings and claws attached to?

Master of us all continues undeterred: “The jinns inhabit the bowels of the earth and never go back to the earth’s surface. These are the gnomes and goblins of our legends: evil spirits, but not as bad as men, because there is no worse than them.” Okay, they must be a bit above us in the invisible hierarchy. So, through the effect of spiritual evolution, should we one day reach their level? Apparently not at all, since the King of the World added: “They will evolve later and become men.ˮ

This so-called superman is full of contradictions. According to him, the Jinns are intangible but material, superior then inferior to men. He says that they are gnomes and goblins of our legends, and adds that they never leave the underworld. In our stories, gnomes come to earth, even a child knows that. This foolish prince is talking nonsense. In the Jain religion, the Jinn are guardian spirits, that must be honored for the Jains Svetambaras.

Jinns sometimes take a human appearance, without claws nor wings of bats; everyone can recognize her the Djinns of the Middle East. Pronunciation, moreover, is the same. And of these spirits’ behavior, too. As we know, the genie can be an ally or an opponent, so it is necessary to conciliate his good graces by appropriate rituals. In good French, we call them geniuses, they are the same. Jinns, djinns, or genies, they are allies of the nagual.




In short, the reporter managed to unmask the king of liars who disappeared in America, while his disciple, called Aïvanhov,Yes, dwarves have also started little went to jail for embezzlement, but he would be cleared shortly after. This anecdote shows how a literary invention can become a hidden truth in a few years. And how, especially in occultism, you have to adopt the greatest caution. A golden rule: believe and don’t. 


Many such Cockney travellers roam, Who Chelsea take for ancient Rome : They speak of all they have not seen, As if upon the spot they’d been. (Jean de La Fontaine)


In this case, it’s not easy to believe, the joke is too huge: a Belgian millionaire claims to be the King of the World, cut with all his court of scholars and geniuses deep under the Himalayas in his secret kingdom of Agartha. Now you’ll be surprised. The joke is so huge that everyone believes. Fantastic adventures ensue where the false spirituality rubs asylum and even jail.

Do not ever think that such incidents are impossible today. The old-fashioned side of that one may abuse the youngest readers, but the issue here is important. I say there is still today a king of the world, who leads with firm-handedness his gang of almighty morons. The result of their ravages is displayed, clearly visible before your eyes. Hence one can conclude that the master of the world and his unsavory individuals are not necessarily hidden under unreachable mountains.

One day the Devil came to earth, sang another Belgian millionaire that I granted for the king of the world. He’s gone, the Devil is still here. 

One must practice his distrust wisely, and know how to open wide the shutters of his heart in all other cases. Not easy? If life was easy, we would know. The king of the world is a crook, otherwise the world would be better. The king of the world is probably another name for Satan, who comes from the Akkadian saddam, or Satam, the administrator. For the Sumerians, Enlil, brother of our creator Enki, was the administrator of this planet, the Saddam. This is why in Iraq, Saddam is not pejorative. 

The origin of the King of the World is much older. Anyway that is what supports Rene Guenon, who seemed enthralled by the hypothesis of Ossendowski. In Guenon’s mind, the echoes of the primordial tradition, though veiled, never ceased entirely: they were indeed preserved in the Agarttha, the mythical invisible where the King of the World lived. A thesis that deeply shocked Christians, especially Jacques MaritainThis French philosopher (1882-1973) disciple of Bergson, blinded by his Christian faith, has turned into yes man. This was common. for whom the King of the World, of course, can only be the Devil.

Ouch ouch ouch! it goes wrong! Whenever philosophers meddle in politics or religion, they do neither the one nor the other. The philosophy, as we know, is not miscible with the stagnant water of clams, whether they are religious or political – yet they are often both. Nietzsche on the subject has had harsh words, sharp and unambiguous. He advised us to leave politics in the garbage it generates for sure. But let’s get back to this clash between thinkers, as they say.




“That the Earth could have a King of the World, or more exactly a prince, everything confirms that since we find his dark presence in every moment of the Revelation. But that this little creep monarch, fierce opponent of the Lord according to Scripture, is outfitted with the attributes of the sacred dignity of priesthood, this is another matter, and we can only agree that it probably through evil spells, that Guénon, deeply disoriented spiritually, wished to confer such a degree of recognition on the traditional plan.” (source)Jacques Maritain, Christian philosopher disciple of Bergson

Jacques Maritain, as a Catholic convert, hates Guénon who converted to Islam. He calls Guénon spiritual disoriented, and even anti-Christian, as if that was the problem! As vain and pompous than him, Maritain defines the “so called esoteric knowledge” of Guénon as a “specious mirage that leads reason to the absurd, and soul to a second death!” Other times mean other customs.

Current debates on the subject are less fiery, yet more than ever, the notion of King of the World deserves our interest.

This interest is motivated less by the respect of a tradition Than by the search of the omega point, the future equilibrium point that will promote the scale of global consciousness. In short, the debate on a King of the World prepares for tomorrow. Soon the anti-globalization trends will move from utopia to emergency. The unit is the challenge of this century. By dint of dialogue, meetings and international organizations, nations will come together and melt like multinational corporations already do. Europe will have its president, Africa also, Asian countries will unit, the Americas too, and sooner or later the question of a world government will arise.

King of the World, for a good Christian, can only be the devil, with the official title of Prince of Matter. Or the demiurge who created us, for the Pagans!

So the question of King of the World will do headlines on all newspapers. Will he be elected by universal suffrage through the International web? United on earth, we will be able to join the galactic civilization. Unless we suddenly regain the memory with the love of our mother, Gaia the Earth. But meanwhile, for the love of Nietzsche, let’s not do politics.


Henri Corbin, disciple of René GuénonThe East refers to the spiritual world where rises the pure intelligible sun and Orientals are those whose interior home receives fires from that eternal dawn.


You’re stupid and you’re suspicious. ‘Cause you don’t believe me when I tell you that you’re stupid.
Jean-Paul Belmondo