The Little People

A bunch of little creatures, subtle squirrels, swarm in the four corners of the universe. They carry specific information related to the elements, so they are called elementals. If you try to see them, being careful, you can easily make them out.

“To be like children, to go with Alice on the other side of the mirror, in the rainbow to see the undines play in the sun or dance in the moonlight, the salamanders to live the fire … these fleeting appearances that we see better by opening our hearts and desiring them. This article opens the doors of magic and subtle worlds. At a time when even approaching the fairies becomes a business of personal development, this trip invites to meet them in all humility and simplicity. Where the soul acts, magic is the ordinary and the gratitude.” (Ludmilla Zahno)

Invisible to the eye, the elementals manifest themselves in fleeting appearances on the edge of the visual field. As soon as you stare at them, they disappear. The best time to observe them starts at dusk: you can see them by using the low-angled light of the setting sun. The twilight, or between two worlds, is a gateway to the afterlife. Between dogs and wolves. Time for geks as the Tibetans say. For Castaneda, he who wants to accumulate energy only has to stay out for the duration of twilight.

When the day falls, there is no wind, there is only power. (Carlos Castaneda)




Goblins, korrigans or leprechauns, pixies, trolls, elves, sprites, sylphs or fairies, the spirits of nature are eternal. They were formerly seen and respected by all. They were treated like gods. Guardian spirits, they ensure the growth of animals and plants, merging thus with the egregores or group-souls of living beings. They are the spiritual part of the land, forests, water and air. Without their constant and discreet activity, life would not follow its natural course…

Today, man has lost his relationship with the magical world, the spirits of nature are part of fairy tales: twaddle and superstitions ! It is true that at the turn of the Middle Ages, the little people ceased to be visible. So, over time, men have stopped believing in. However, in recent years, the level of vibration of the planet has increased. The boundaries between the various plans are more and more tenuous, and the etheric world becomes easier to perceive. Elementals govern the primary and cosmic forces of the universe : air, water, fire, earth. Hierarchical, they have great esoteric knowledge.





The Gnomes are the very ancient spirits of telluric forces. They are found in the underworld, caves and mines, sunken lanes and woods. Fond of rare stones and precious metals, they are said to have dug the earth to its heart to deprive it of its treasures. They cultivate respect, self-esteem, responsibility, temperance, and perseverance. Quirky in appearance, they are armed with axes and carry their beard. Their wives too!

Previously, the cellars were called Gnomeries.Gnome Houses Because it is in these humid and dark lowlands that the Gnomes of ancient times hid their grimoires and their miner’s tools.

The Sylphs, spirits of the Air, rule the wind, rain, storms and thunderstorms. The Sylph is a feeling of life, an intelligence that materialized in contact with the positive currents of space. Fed with the psychic flakes coming from meteors: the wind, rain, snow, hail, clouds and rainbows are externalizations of these feelings. “The Sylph is faithful to one Sylphid all his life; from their dazzling but immaterial union will be born a luminous soul to which the atom will give substance.” (source)the unfortunately disappeared elfic blog

Formerly the attic was called Sylphirie: “It is in these secret and mysterious heights, receptacles of memories of the dream home, the last Sylphs kept the vestiges of their Golden Age.” (source)the unfortunately disappeared elfic blog




The Merfolks, spirits of Water, inhabit whitewaters and backwaters. They wear helmets adorned with precious stones that allow mortals to breathe underwater. When they show themself, one can easily recognize them to the bottom of their clothes always wet. In love, the water sprites are very pretty, thin, as flexible and fluid as the wave they live in. Coral lips, eyes and hair of a bright green, they can open the heart, strengthen the delicacy, tenderness, passion and inner peace.

 The salamanders, Fire spirits, possess the countless secrets of fire magic. Of feminine nature and explosive temper, they are found in craters, and to the center of the earth, where they are even more advanced. They strengthen the will, power and audacity, but also the creativity and enthusiasm.
Among the many Salamanders, a variety is fully in line with our quest, the Salamanders of Lightning, which manifest themselves in the form of a ball of lightning. They can take many other aspects, winged horse or Pegasus, panther, dog or bird of prey. At other times it may be a humanoid tall, slender, nervous, with pale skin and silvery hair, flashes in the eye. In truth, it is not far from the portrait of an angel. The white fireballs are they one of the forms that can take the angels? In this case, crop circles would be also their work. As well as all the jokes “invented” by the globular lightning.

In the epic of Gilgamesh, the hero, a rash giant, decides to confront a monster guarding the precious sacred cedar forest. This forest is owned by Enki, one of the main gods. The latter reserves the cedars to build the divine palaces, and so he confided the forest to the custody of Humbaba, a monster with superhuman strength and formidable allies, the flashes, daughters of lightning. But Gilgamesh wants the cedars. He wants especially to grapple with the monster and his harpies, to cover himself with glory. The daughters of lightning seem endowed with consciousness, and a choice power. They devastate their enemies by embracing in their crackling tentacles. But they can also fill their ally of divine omnipotence. After shooting their master Humbaba, Gilgamesh captures the flashes and, with his great and valiant 60 kg sword, the giant manages to dismember them. This tends to prove that they have a physical body. And they are mortal, like us.




“And the Fairies? Oh, that’s another story… Fairies are a creation of the Virgin Isis and of Black Virgins in order to help men find the light.” (source)the unfortunately disappeared elfic blog They also help the elementals which are embroiled in the rationalist excess of humans, losing their inner light. Born of the crystal within the mother earth, fairies are guardians of light. Adorned with colors and symbols of the rainbow, they can greatly reduce the dark days we have left to cross before the new dawn.

These little creatures have valuable wisdom. This knowledge is within our reach if we know how to get in touch with them. They are fascinating, funny, charming and mostly very friendly. It is true that some are more shy, those ones will not answer.