The Dawn of Time



From the dawn of time, amazing civilizations are emerging. They were already ancient in antiquity. Even before them, other worlds emerge and the more we sink towards our origins, the more these civilizations resemble ours. And then there are these anomalies, sculptures, footprints, objects that should not exist at the time when they are found.


The stegosaurus of Angkor

See above a bas-relief that adorns a temple of Angkor, Cambodia. It represents a stegosaurus, and one wonders how it could decorate this Buddhist temple dating from the 9th to the 12th century AD? In Cambodia, it is called the stegosaurus Ta Prohm. What model did the sculptor use? A living stegosaurus? In the middle of the Middle Ages? Recall that stegosaurs are supposed to have disappeared for 150 million years. False supposition, with all due respect to ignorant and lying science…

But science, precisely, displeases him. When evidence like this comes out of the hat, she replies: it is impossible! Poor science is on the verge of a nerve attack when traces of development appear in a very remote past. It is impossible! Or when very ancient civilizations, practically unknown, show a wisdom and an awakening that we could envy them today. It is absolutely impossible! cries science in tears.

Either this sculpture is a recent fake, or the temple of Angkor Wat is infinitely older, or stegosaurs still existed in the Middle Ages, or the whole current vision of our history is to fuck. Eden Saga, another story of Man.


The Law of Oblivion

We know very few about the civilizations of ancient Rome, Greece or Egypt. Still before them were other worlds, and the more we go backwards heading for our origins, the more those civilizations look developped and civilized. Amnesia that erases everything erased them from our memories. Gone with the history wind.…

That was the destiny of Sumer, Babel and the Olmecs. And the destiny of Atlantis, of Mu, of Rama’s Empire, not to mention all the people which names are unknown. Western science gives us such a narrow picture of our history, giving to Homo sapiens sapiens the age of 150,000 years only. Asian traditions make him a lot older: a million years old, or even more. Recent issue on dinosaurs tends to prove their bones much younger than previously thought. 





Bible vs Science

Where can we place the real origin of our species? Is man far more ancient than we think in West? Dr. L. Wyman from Harvard College thinks so. The scene took place in the USA, in 1866. A mine’s owner freed from a basalt layer a complete human skull, studied by Dr. Wyman. We cannot doubt of its authenticity, due to the natural interweaving of rubble. Is it Adam’s skull?

Of course not, say the Bible maniacs, Adam was created some 7,000 years ago. Biblical creationists still believe it as they take for granted every word of the Bible. The question is, where did this man come from, so many years before?

 As for science, man is hardly more than a million years old. And definitely it seems much too young! Biblical creationists and neo-darwinists join here in error. In fact, it seems that our species is millions of years old; in this case, lost civilizations are not dozens, but thousands or millions… Coming years will bring new items to that so big file. Thus, we found in Swaziland, the oldest mine on Earth, 40 to 50 000 years old, of perfect realization, proof of high technology level. According to the evolutionist thesis, at this time, man was climbing up trees and eating bananas.

 As for the creationist thesis, it doesn’t accept man’s existence at that time, because the Bible says God created Adam less than 7,000 years ago. Each people has its own blinkers. Every man has its own, self choosen and accepted limits. The fact is that we found traces of advanced civilizations far before that. Who left them? Dinosaurs? Gods? Aliens? Neither science nor religion can decide.




Science argues that the Ica stones are crude forgeries manufactured by their discoverer. Last century, the same science maintained that the cave paintings of Altamira were also a sad hoax. In my humble opinion, what is sad is the behavior of this science.


  A 30,000 years bullet

Fabrics pontificating nonsense, smoke screen, walls of mandarin teasing, the researcher without blinders or bias hardly make way. Yet at every step, the same researcher falls on totally inexplicable discoveries.

Russian scientists have got their hands on one of these amazing discoveries. This is a prehistoric bison skull that would have received the impact of a bullet or other projectile fired from a gun. Small problem: the age of the skull in question. The buffalo skull impacted by this hole in the forehead is exposed to the Paleontology Museum in Moscow.

One can see a perfectly round hole that was caused by the impact of a projectile launched at high speed. The ballistics have not found the projectile. Yet they think that the hole in the skull was caused by a bullet of similar caliber to those we use today. This animal lived in Yakuzia region in Eastern Siberia there are over 30,000 years! (source)


  2-million years bullets

Another of these strange cases is the “Neanderthal hunter.” In 1921, the British Museum received a human skull found in curious circumstances. In a zinc mine in Zambia, which was then called Northern Rhodesia, workers came across a mysterious cave. It was filled with human bones, miners thought it was a prehistoric cemetery. Samples of bones were inexperienced, very few bones were left in the hands of researchers, but among these bones, the researchers identified a particular skull, that of Broken Hill Man or Rhodesia Man.




The skull was originally classified as Homo heidelbergensis, the researchers even doubted whether a hominid because of its size. After further study, the researchers classified Human Broken Hill in the African Neanderthal lineage. Man Broken Hill lived there millions of years, and he suffered from mental illness.

More mysterious on both sides of the skull, two perfectly round holes have been located, the entry and exit wound of a projectile, of the same diameter on both sides. This is the great mystery of the Man of Rhodesia: experts have no idea what could have caused these holes in the skull perfect.

According to Professor Mair, it is possible that the injuries were caused by a kind of ball. The possibility of injury from a spear was rejected, the injury would be very different. How is it possible that there is evidence of gunshot wounds on a being that lived millions of years? (source)  Science has no idea. But you begin to have your own, right?

The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any other thing of humankind. (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)


The birds have their nest, the wolves have their lodging, but the son of Man has not even a stone to lay his head.
Jesus Christ