Flying Astral 3rd Cycle

The incredible adventure of the flying astral continues. And never ceases to amaze. The second cycle came to an end. It has been quite different from the first. The third cycle will run from Thursday February 11 to Saturday February 27, 2021, ie from new moon to full moon. You can already register.


The first cycle gave very encouraging results. A majority of participants experienced the exhilarating sensation of flying in infinite space, gliding on the solar wind, crossing planets and stars. Some even met, senior teachers spoke to them, the memory is precise … apart from the words! Erased. No one remembers it.

When I launched the idea of ​​a second cycle, all the participants of the first immediately took the start. Everyone, myself included, expected the result of astral adventures, stratospheric or interplanetary flight style, the first cycle that starts again. Well no. Apparently it does not happen that way. And that doesn’t prevent me from launching the third cycle, because whatever the content, the grouped astral experience seems to have a formidable effectiveness.


This warrior side, I illustrated it in the coming image. It shows a flying warrior with her sisters. You and your doubles are holding spades. Whatever happens, astral adventurers do not embark unarmed. The adventurers of space are armed, armored, on their guard.

That’s but the right attitude to face the vastness out there. As a general rule, whatever the circumstances, the Warrior stands ready for anything. The only way to never be caught off guard. We will pay attention to everything, the smallest detail can be of utmost importance for the participant concerned.

Do not think that the astral world is a battleground. The war remains on earth, it has not yet won the stars. And even though astral flight takes place down here – it does happen – I have never felt the desire to go prowl in a conflict zone! They are not compatible universes. The astral reality seems to me more real than the other, the so-called true one, which could well be archi false.

Life, death, the whole mess. Quasar dance. I don’t believe in chance.

Notice to pacifists.of whom I am. There will be no brawl in the cycle to come, I promise. On the other hand it will move, no doubt on the question.

Cut in half

The second cycle was absolutely amazing. Almost all of the participants, more numerous than in the first round, embarked on an inner adventure, an engramic relive for some, snippets that emerged from childhood for others, but almost all of them had their great spring cleansing … a little ahead of the season.

During the day, unusual physical feelings, rather pleasant. Lightness of the body. At night, a crowd of daydreams that disappear when you wake up. Rather frustrating, but patience, the memory will come back. It always comes back when awakening comes.

For me who have no reason to censor anything, I had the permanent feeling of being cut in half. Every night I flew with the group. No participant was missing. They were there around me, it was exhilarating, there was a lot of discussion between us. Without transition, we came out of the flight to sit in a circle on top of a mountain. Or in other more strange places.

But in the morning, I was the only one who remembered it in full. Some kept a few snatches, images, sensations … On the other hand, they had all engaged the inner jihad, they were working on them with great energy, and I was delighted. I don’t want to say too much, I am thinking of the participants in the second cycle who have not yet regained the memory of these great adventures, I do not want to steal their discoveries that are to come, be sure of it as I am.

The result ? Four participants have reached awakening, others are on the threshold. Awakening in two astral cycles, bravo to them. I never thought I could write such a thing. But I am not exaggerating my role. If they hadn’t been ready already, nothing would have happened, I guess. It’s hard to be sure of anything, except that the adventure fascinates and excites me.

There is another world within this one
The border is internal and the fear stops here.

These two lines are taken from an unreleased song. When I composed it, I was struck by the urgency of the revelation. I wanted to share what I was experiencing in the astral. Well today, quite concretely, I got there. How lucky I am!

Here are some testimonials that summarize the general atmosphere of the second cycle.


These last two nights, I “had dreams again” without remembering it: what I remember in the morning is that I woke up at night in the middle of a dream with the feeling-certainty that I will go back there and with the memory that I say to myself “there no doubt I will remember it tomorrow morning”. And there you have it, blank page in the morning … During the day as before: intracorporeal feelings (bubbling, tingling, tightening) I miss the lexicon. Each time I welcome these sensations with joy, it makes me smile and it binds me to the group, for a trip together that I have no idea. (IN)

Crumpled up

In recent days, I have found that there is more fluidity in my daily life. This night seems to me to have been dense, maybe the next one will be dancing ?! The memories all crumpled up a bit when I woke up, suddenly it’s artistic blur … I still have the feeling that there were some moments that were a bit stiff and others that were pleasant. (IM)

Meta perception

At work, I felt a tension of which I was the author in one of my colleagues. It twisted me until noon. Finally, I went to talk to him and I knew exactly what he was criticizing me for and what he thought of me. Is that the meta perception you’re talking about? (AC)

Self Confidence

I must tell you that last week turned me upside down … First of all, last Monday, at the end of the day, my body was rested and I felt like I was talking to you. To ask you for advice on how to bring my consciousness into my astral body. You answered me that I knew it and not to mentalize things. I felt like I was in a powerful white light that was gradually dissipating into points. I asked you where we were and you answered: we are there. I felt like a group.

The days passed, immense fatigue and unexplained aches (in the legs) appeared.
I continued to feel your waves (they manifest in waves around my head). A few days ago, I would say between Wednesday and Saturday, I felt a little lost. I can’t really explain it — like there’s a part of me missing.

I feel different. There are other things: I feel more anchored in the present moment. That is, I can forget what I had planned to think because I am fully doing something else. Also, I no longer worry about the tasks that will come the next day. And finally, I gain self-confidence. (NB)

Third cycle

Undoubtedly there is a modification of the field of consciousness. The astral dream is lived, but the brain censors. If the memory is deleted when you wake up, it is not deleted. Just relegated to the subconscious. It will reappear, no doubt about it.

If you too want to experience this, if you feel ready, if you agree to invest in it, then you can register. I know that the elders will transplant in the third cycle, when we have tasted these marvels it is difficult to stop. We are quickly addicted to these interior adventures that really make you travel, without health risk at the moment that counts!

For newbies, nothing difficult. During the day, at slight signs, you will feel my energy flowing through you. And at night, thanks to this contribution, we will all fly in a group in the astral. The trickiest thing is to remember it when you wake up. Note as quickly as possible, the experiences of non-ordinary reality fade very quickly …

If something noticeable happened the day before, you will let me know by email. Preferably in the morning. At your convenience … The memories of astral flight are faint and quickly fade in contact with reality. As soon as you wake up, try to take note of what comes back to you.

What will the third part be? The first was pure astral flight, the second spring cleaning, the rest will go up a notch. Stronger and deeper, intoxicating energetic feelings, ubiquity, transmission of thought, different meta-perceptions, I know in advance that everyone will find something for themselves and come out of the experience deeply modified.

I had a dream showing arcane XIV of Tarot. Temperance. As a wavelength, nothing surprising: after having lived the arcane XIII during the second cycle, the XIV is in its place. Besides, Temperance is the arcane of the astral. Wait and see. Hush meanwhile.

However, this experience is not intended to last forever. Once you know how to practice conscious dreaming and controlled dreaming, it’s your turn, my role ends. I am not a life coach and don’t want to be. It is the opposite of my action. Everything I do has one goal, to make you stand on your own feet. Acquire your independence. Be free from your doubts and your beliefs. Know who you are, and have faith in yourself. Trust in life.

Of course you can always continue to talk to me about it, I will answer you, the links that are created in the astral are very powerful and very soft. There too, we appreciate, it’s becoming so rare these days.

A participation is requested, I wanted it to be minimal to suit all budgets: €25  If you can, don’t hesitate to give more!  😆 Please use the site donation form, with a message: Flying Astral.

Read before registering

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Every morning, if something noticeable happened the day before, you will let me know by email. At your convenience.


The transmission is from me to you without anything being a screen. Mind-blowing. This kind of occasion is rare. Extremely rare. Sixteen days to find you, sixteen nights just for you, to be able to open your secret garden on the astral universe, to take a few steps in the other world. Everything is possible. Come join us if you feel ready 😉

From new moon to full moon.
From Thursday 11 February to Saturday 27 February 2021.

Of all those who have nothing to say, the nicest are those who keep silent.
Michel Colucci aka Coluche