Thundering Tlaloc



God of thunder and rain, Tlaloc the Streaming was revered throughout Mesoamerica under different names: Cocijo among the Zapotecs or Chac among the Mayas.

Master of thunder, he was revered as the god who transforms, changes men, and who renews nature. Lord of the rain, he chaired over a number of deities associated with fertility, despite the predominance in myths of main gods such as Huitzilopochtli and Tezcatlipoca, in practice he was dedicated most of sacrificial rites.

With his divine companions, the tlaloques, he lived in the Tlalocan, an earthly paradise atop mountains, where food, water and flowers abounded. (source) 

Wait a moment… An earthly paradise located at a high altitude, inhabited by civilizing gods, where there is abundance of water, food and flowers… 

That reminds us of another similar paradise, that of the Sumerian legend, on the other side of the Atlantic, on the mountains of Kurdistan…

How is it that two exactly alike “legends” did develop so far one from another, in a time when – in principle! – communications did not exist, nor the transatlantic crossings …

A plausible answer is that there are no imaginary legends, but real events, narrated in a naive fashion




These facts, the regulars of the Saga of Eden know, since the time I speak. “A paradise located in altitude, inhabited by civilizing gods of plenty of water, food and flowers …” Yes, many writers have sought to Iran, Syria, Turkey, Israel, Egypt itself, but not, by chance, has received the agreement of the stories, which are connections.

Why the earthly paradise would it not on this side of the Atlantic? I always thought that America is a country of ancient civilization that the Mediterranean basin. The Andes and Mesoamerica full of cyclopean walls and platforms that feel like the gods astronauts.

Tlaloc lived with his companions at the highest peak of the mountain. Perhaps in Tipon? In this Andean paradise where the god Enki-Tiki was quartered?

Or should we imagine that this highest peak means a place in space, a mother ship for example, in geostationary orbit above the North Pole?

Of course, in this spatial paradise, gods lived in good company with all the comfort, the luxury and all the modern technology of space travelers. What disconcerted humans that the gods have admitted in their ship …

But let us close the parenthesis to resume the history of Tlaloc, god of America.

In the Aztec mythology, the first god, Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, is joined by three divine friends, Huitzilopochtli the god of War, Tezcatlipoca the “Smoking Mirror”, and Tlaloc the “Streaming”, god of thunder. The attribute of Tezcatlipoca was a mirror of polished obsidian on which were reflected distant images, hence its name, Smoking Mirror.

Here we recognize a regular flat screen TV. Huitzilopochtli, as for him, had an impressive arsenal. All this look quite modern, with impressive technology around every corner.




Tlaloc, “he who makes things run off,” is both the god of rain, fertility and lightning. And there’s a good reason for that, as we shall see.

We saw that Tlaloc reigned over men down from his paradise, the Tlalocan, where it was falling on the earth its benefits, the rain that grows crops, and lightning that enhances the land and the spirit of men. The three vital data to feed the soul, body and heart were the preserve of Tlaloc.

I suppose that the divine gift of astronaut god Tlaloc were technology devices, practical, material things at the beginning. Before Tlaloc turns into god in a religion, he was a real man, with lots of electronics. He has indeed reigned as supreme master over a good part of the world.

After his departure – the gods and the demons always end up leaving – humans have gradually deified him, transforming his exploits became incomprehensible, changing a space shuttle into a flying horse, like Pegasus, or into a fast boat, as Argos for Jason, or into a magical horse as Buraq to Muhammad.

And finally, Tlaloc, “he who makes things run off”, is simultaneously the god of rain, fertility and lightning. And there is good reason for that, as we shall see. “Tlaloc was the god of water, mainly, and hence of rain, lightning and agriculture.

He was attributed the deaths related to water (drowning) or Lightning, but also rebirth and cure of many diseases, such as gout, dropsy, ulcers, leprosy and skin diseases. The people deceased from one of those diseases, enjoyed a blissful eternal life.

They were supposed to be hosted on his territory, Tlalocan, where they enjoy his company forever. The four cardinal points were the abodes of Tlaloc, as well as mountain tops. He lived there with many minor gods, the Tlaloques, and also with his girlfriends, Chalchiuhtlicue, the goddess of fresh waters and streams, and Uixtociuatl, the goddess of salted waters and sea.”

Of course, God Tlaloc did not live alone in mother ship Tlalocan. There were crew, staff, workers, gardeners, breeders, geneticists, assistants, nymphs with known utility thanks to Zeus, and the pretty little human females that gods sometimes raptured on earth. 

Tlaloc was generally represented with a mask adorned with long fangs and large round eyes surrounded by circles which were often snakes.

This representation is very close with the one of the gods of thunder from other civilizations of Mesoamerica, such as Chac among the Mayas. Its origin dates back at least to the civilization of Teotihuacan, or even to that of Tiahuanaco. He was also often depicted with a hat and instruments recalling its attributes (the axe, representing the lightning, and agricultural tools).” (Source)Wikipedia

In the hat and glasses, we have recognized the conventional equipment of an astronaut. Over time, these two circles around the eyes were faithfully reproduced by sculptors who did not know what it was. With the help of ayahuasca, the sculptors were delirious, as do all artists.

And thanks to their delusions, the insignificant circles turned into snakes …




We have seen, summarized in a few salient features, the legend of Tlaloc-Chac, god of thunder, of streaming water and of fertility for the ancient people of Mexico.

Through a process that becomes familiar to the eden-saga user, let us try to extract the essence of the myth.

Tlaloc belongs to the second generation of civilizing gods, the first being that of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent. Tlaloc is the boss of lightning, streaming rain and fertility. This triple label totally corresponds to our vision of Cities of the peaks, an earthly paradise where lightning made life easier. Tlaloc was the big boss of the lightning power plants of this area, quite simply.

As Lugh was in Avebury, or Chac in Ollantaytambo, or Osiris in Abydos, or Baal in Middle East, or Perun in Slavic countries. It seems that the former gods had built machines to turn humans into God, through lightning.

Besides the fact that the baptism of fire gave them enlightenment, longevity and all the divine powers, lightning enriched the irrigation waters of the andenes, these innumerable terraces that Tlaloc, Chac or the local god of streaming waters, had wisely built on the steep slopes of his paradise, for the benefit of agriculture.

The andenes, meaning “docks” in Spanish, are so characteristic of this region that the Conquistadores gave their name to these mountains, the Andes.

Anyone who has observed the animals after a rainstorm knows how they appreciate water which has received lightning. If given the choice, even our pets dogs always prefer to drink lightning water instead of that dirt one flowing from the faucet. There is good reason for that: the water of lightning gives its special energy to the drinker.




The former gods have enriched large quantities of water for their consumption, their animals, and their plants of power … and their power plants!

Irrigation waters, vibrated by lightning and enriched by nitrates that it develops, produced abundant and varied crops, which aroused envy among the people of the valleys where primitive hunters had barely enough to survive.

Hence the Aztec belief that only a few chosen people would be entitled to the paradise of Tlaloc. If Tlaloc is the god of rain running off, he is also the god of thunder and fertility. Because if water is not “blessed” by the lightning, the earth will be less fertile.

Tlaloc is also the boss of the four cardinal points. Again, the reason is simple. We remember that the earth, struck by another astral body, lost its balance, causing earthquakes, tsunamis and a global flood. After the flood, when the Earth has resumed its normal course, the year was six days longer, because the Earth’s orbit had been extended by the shock. The poles shifted, too, the orientation was not the same; so in those times, in China, Emperor Yao instructed surveyors to find back the cardinal points.

Lightning water is not only beneficial for agriculture. Our ancestors knew how to get a maximum profit out of it. They drank lightning water in small quantities, its virtues were innumerable: healing, energy balance, or even enlightenment. There were several qualities of lightning waters, more or less effective depending on the amount of received vril.




The richest people bathed in specifically designed pools collecting rainwater vibrated by lightning. Solomon’s temple contained one of these pools, called the brazen Sea. (source)II Kings, XXV, 13 et Jeremiah LII, 17


Regret is always an illusion.
Claude Sautet