Head Eaters

Yesterday’s article gave you a take on the events that interrupted the 4th cycle of the Flying Astrals. Does this mean that the experience stops definitively? It would be a shame. But if it continues, will we still be exposed to high risks? No, of course. No question of making my dear Flying Astral Ones run the slightest risk. So ? Read instead.

The narrow gate

The first three cycles went off without a hitch. I led this group in impeccable formation, all firmly screwed on my trail, thanks to the energy cocoon trick which worked wonderfully. The behavior of each other has been equally serious and responsible. No one has sought to do too much, to wander on their own, to take unmeasured risks while endangering other passengers from the solar wind.

But some of you weren’t ready for what awaited us. This kind of trip is not for tourists. I took it all upon myself to ensure everyone’s protection, and I just as much like to tell you that I died. Never again. During the previous cycle, I had severe headaches. My neck was stiff and very painful. I shared this with you by asking you to send me scalar waves to help me heal. Nothing helped.

My neck got stuck in an awkward and painful position that kept my head down. From that moment I could no longer stand up straight, my back arched, my head erect and my neck vertical. I blamed my age, I told myself that it was a crushing of the intervertebral discs, and I did not want to deprive the group of the rest of the program, the 4th cycle was announced, registrations already taken, I So took it on myself and the 4th cycle started.

I should not have. With my neck locked, it was impossible for me to achieve a satisfactory rise in kundalini. Emitted in too small a quantity, my subtle energy could not assure the direction of this new flight. And yet the direction has been assured. You will see by whom. And thanks to this new piloting, the flight continued without too much damage, if not a few headaches and loss of energy.

As for me, I was singing another song. I had to go through the narrow door. The pain in my spine was unbearable. Father’s pincers crushed the back of my neck. Terrible headaches were shattering my poor head. Something new for a healer. Never sick, never hurt, never at the doctor’s. But after a week, panic took hold of me. Such violent pains announced a really serious crap. I resolved to consult.


I don’t have a referring doctor – what would I use it for? So I went to the first comer, unearthed on the directory, the only doctor who could see me the same day. He diagnosed a compression of the cervical vertebrae – I had thought about that too. But he added a detail that shocked me. I had a very swollen and painful neck gland, it did not fit with the diagnosis. “If it’s still swollen in a month, you’ll have to do a biopsy,” he told me when I took my leave.

He prescribed me an opium-based painkiller which I did not want to ingest. Yet the pains attacked my joints, with spikes between the ribs and stitches all over the body. I was cogitating hard but I was cogitating badly. Biopsy = potential cancer. Me, the healer specializing in cancer and other lethal diseases, nab the crab? I was devastated, discouraged. The shadow of myself.

I had lost sight of myself. I was another. My head torn by voracious fangs, doubt pierced my body, heart and soul, while sharp knives lacerated my flesh, tearing out my cries. What is this mess ? Believing without believing it has turned against me. Saving doubt has become destructive. If so, I wasn’t even a healer. It is true that I did not even try to heal myself, as I had done dozens of times for odds and ends. There it was really serious and doubt was in my head. If I had had a clearer mind, I would have understood that what was eating my head was not coming from me.

Psychic Attack

During this time the night flights continued. According to their testimonies, the passengers did not have too many memories of their dreams, but since they felt in good shape, I did not attach importance to it. I should have. My brain was running in slow motion, which never happens to me. I should have worried. But the group flew quietly behind me every night, the news was reassuring: they were in no pain, they were even doing quite well, that was the main thing. I should have looked further.

However, even if I had been able to sniff out a psychic attack, it would have been impossible for me to conceive of the cunning of my opponents as it was so evil. One of the Flyers, rather advanced, gifted for the astral, asked me an innocuous question: how many are we flying in the astral behind you? It depends, I replied. There are 25 registered who fly in formation, and about thirty stowaways who cling as they can.

I thought of readers who would not have dared to register – or not wanted to – and who typed the inlay. So much the better or too bad. I didn’t take care of them, they didn’t bother anyone, and best of all, they didn’t write to me – and for good reason. I closed the case. I should have taken a closer look. I didn’t have any real contact with each of the shuttlecocks as in the previous cycles. But the group moved in astral every night without worry, I guided the squadron as usual, why look for the little beast?

Bigger Beast

What little beast? It’s a very big beast that was stalking me. A super-luminous machine of death that the Bible calls cherub and the Torah, kerubim. And I saw nothing but fire. A cherub is not a spanked cherub for a pedophile priest. He is a destroyer of worlds. The archangels too. These terminators are among the most dangerous of celestial beings. They shoot first and discuss afterwards. No, in fact they never argue. For them we are shit unworthy of interest. We trampled their flower beds for three cycles and that was one too many. They were waiting for us around the corner. Impossible to realize it. Why ?

Because the flying group followed me quietly every night. Never the slightest initiative, never a word, not a single deviation, they sped off without flinching. I was too k.o. to find out that the very wise group that was evolving behind me was a second ghost group made up of extras. Thirty creatures from the lower astral had been requisitioned by a kerubim or some rakshasa to fly behind me flawlessly, while the group was left to their own devices somewhere in the infinite vastness of the astral.

The devil’s most beautiful trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist! (Charles Baudelaire)

Sita & KD

Unsuspecting, I got my head neatly eaten out by a fucking destructive archangel – on his own or at the behest of a mighty demon. And as I took the extras to see the ancient Cyclops, the group faced terribly destructive giants. Fortunately you were not unprotected.

I told about this double affair in my previous article. The friend KD lived this confrontation. He was right. But on my side I had taken the false group to see the Cyclops, so I thought of dressing up. Admit it sounded like it. This is where the cunning is unstoppable. To conceive of such a plot, the entities of the underworld who followed me do not have enough developed intellect. We had to look elsewhere. How to suspect the intervention of an archangel? I’m not important enough for that.

Everything was therefore ready to make the group fall into an unpleasant trap. The danger was imminent and I was in no condition to detect it. So Sita took the lead of the group assisted by one of you, KD, the man who lived through Operation Desert Storm told in the previous article. And my Sita messed with the cherub who wanted to oust them, her and KD. The cherub wanted to take their place and lead the troop to an unfortunate fate.

Sweet Healer

You can thank them, they saved you the worst. As for me, Sita has finally decided to accept the obvious: she has great powers, including the power to heal me. She believed me, she did it. Suddenly the worst six weeks of my life came to an end. The pain disappeared immediately. My head started working again.

I understood that this was a wizarding challenge. I understood that without Sita and KD the whole group could have ended up in oblivion. Who knows what could have happened to their physical body? I still shiver thinking about it. The astral is definitely a minefield. I will continue to explore it with Sita, KD and a few others, those who showed the required dispositions and who got away with it. The others will have to wait until my new lieutenants have completed their training.

I have protected you, Sita has guided you, KD has defended you, Operation Astral Storm is ending without catastrophe – which is unexpected. To defeat the attack of a kerubim, that’s what closes my mouth. A group of five or six people will therefore train under my diligent guidance.

No chance

At this point I don’t want to take any chances. When each of my lieutenants will be able to wake up to the slightest danger, to smell threats before they arise, to warn others for their safety, it will be time to widen the circle. But it will be necessary to show a white paw. So I ask the flying astrals of the 4th round to contact me. I need to know if they have had any health problems recently. Understand where they are at. Assess their level. Test their astral practice.

To venture into these parts, you have to be a warrior. Otherwise serious disturbances may occur. You have to be impeccable. Determined. Insensitive to fear. Solid. Balanced. From now on, it will be necessary to demonstrate all these qualities. No more tourism. There I served as a lightning rod. Another time you may not have one.

Make sure you only frequent quiet areas. Beware of everything, watch over everything. Stay in your place. Be careful. And wake up in the event of a nightmare, this is the saving gesture. One day you will know how to control fear. You will no longer be blinded by clarity or intoxicated by powers. So we’ll talk about it again. Perhaps.

E la nave va

Someone who goes astral on his own, evolves to a level where he is safe. But the challenge, precisely, was aimed at higher levels. Those where one risks to meet sérafim, kerubim, archangels, thrones, virtuesmon ass! and other celestial creatures of infernal power. Disasters of the stars. Happy angel mirage. I cautioned my readers about super bright – they don’t play in the same court as us. They are suns when we are fireflies. Do not invoke anyone, the hierarchies must stay where they are and so must we. Everyone at home, the cows will be well guarded if the distances are well kept.

Such naivety is unworthy of a nagual. Fortunately, we have protected you. All’s well that ends well when you know how to stop in time. But I have tasted too much. By opening the umbrella to keep you from getting wet, I risked my life, yes, nothing less than that. With no calming other than my failing will, the pains were unbearable. On a scale of 1 to 5, they reached 6 or 7. What didn’t kill me made me stronger … and less stupid.Hope keeps me alive

I ask all the ruffles of the 4th cycle to give me their reactions. This contact will allow me to inform you of what will follow. Thank you for trusting me. E the ship goes. And the ship sails …

See you soon.

This is the story. Everything happens as if it were true. Who knows ? Say it with me: Do believe and don’t.

There are only two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. But for the universe, I have no absolute certainty.
Albert Einstein