The Inner Web


An emerging theory suggests that the Internet is but the poor copy of a biological Internet infinitely more powerful, that each one of us carries, that allows to communicate with conscience, and through which we leave a lasting trace of our passage in the world.

“The cosmology of Finnish physicist Matti Pitkänen has established, it seems for the first time, a connection between the physical body and consciousness.In this theory, the worm trousers (or wormholes) play a major role. (Worm John Wheeler, microsubjects in microstructs in the time of physics.) All the holes have been transformed, DNA worms that serve as channels of communication.


Ghost DNA

This theory is based on the work of the Russian biologist Garjajev and the Russian physicist Poponin. They irradiated a laser DNA sample, and obtained a typical wave pattern on the screen. If they removed the DNA sample, these waves did not disappear! They persisted as if the DNA fragment was still there. The effect, reproducible at will, is called the ghost-DNA effect. According to these researchers, DNA emits waves in a vacuum in which a worm appears “which could be persistent.” (source) 

Only several months? My friends, the trace we have in the universe is not long lasting! It disappeared soon after our death, which corroborates the nagualist conception of the afterlife. In this American wisdom, the death of the body is followed by the ascension of the soul to the black hole of the galactic center, which is called the Eagle. This Eagle is not a real one: more or less the encounter with the Being of Light, as described by the person who has experienced the Near Death Experience (NDE). First consciousness passes through a long tunnel, it is the accelerated crossing of the galaxy Milky Way. At the end of this tunnel, there is an encounter with the being of light, shedding of love and light, always interrupted with the return to the bodily life.

Of course, those who have testified have never been experienced until the end, otherwise they would not have come back to us. The nagualism goes further. It says that the Eagle feeds on our emotions. The Eagle must unroll our consciousness, put it flat to absorb it. As and when it absorbs it, we lose it, to end up like HAL, the big computer of the sidereal vessel in 2001 A Space Odyssey. As well as the physical body is given back to earth after death, the consciousness is given back to the universal consciousness. Thus, all traces of our passage disappear within a few days to several months. So do not look too fast for the traces we have left, they are not sustainable …

“At the beginning of the sixties, the British biologist Rupert Sheldrake of the University of Cambridge said that living beings could leave a visible trace of  their existence. For the first time, Pjotr ​​Garjajev was able to make visible this trace. The question is the following: what is this trace for? With whom or with what our genes “whisper”? How does the DNA communicate, and for what purpose does it do it? ”  (source) 




“According to Pitkänen’s theory, this communication is not done in a classical way, but through the magnetized worm-holes, that is to say outside the space-time, or through the higher dimensions of the space. This hypercommunication does not seem to have a limited or particular purpose: it represents a point of intersection to or in an open network – a network of consciousness or network of the living. As in the internet, DNA can: – Introduce its own data into this network – Extract data from this network – Establish direct contact with other participants in this network. In a way we can say that DNA has its own “web page”, that it can surf and that it can chat with other participants.” (source)   

I give a good example of this with the astral adventures of Patriarch Enoch and Grand Master Jacques de Molay. They communicate perfectly with each other, while the Templar died in the Middle Ages, and the patriarch … About Enoch we do not know much, I even imagine that he can still be alive somewhere. In organic form, or in the form of a simple trace? I do not have the answer. Not yet ! But his story is in progress, do not miss the rest!

“What is even more incredible is that DNA is not limited to its own species, as one might think, genetic information from different beings can also exchange with each other (between different forms of Hypercommunication thus becomes the first interface through which the most varied forms of intelligence are united with each other.” (source)  This would attest to the existence of group consciousness. It is for human or animal groups, the possibility of transmitting know-how and acting in a coordinated way without using any language. In the understanding of the learning process and the unknowns of consciousness, the consequences are immense.

“Each of our cells contains a DNA molecule, which means that billions of communication antennas would be in permanent action, and our awareness, apparently, has not been realized so far.” (source)  If he speaks of the consciousness of the average person, he is right. But the higher consciousness realizes it since there are enlightened ones. And it’s a famous lease.

“In the course of history, there have always been some special individuals who have evolved humanity through revolutionary, scientific or cultural ideas, but no one has seriously questioned how this was possible. We talked about creativity, so the ability to think in a new and different way, to create virtual realities that could be applied in reality, but the spark, the inspiration, the act of discovering have never been explained, they do not result from logical and rational thinking.” (source)  The discovery appears as a flash, an obviousness emerging from nowhere. Or emerged from the quantum vacuum? Conveyed by the micro-channels of DNA? In which case, where does it come from?

“Science requires, as proof, the repetitiveness of an experiment, under controlled conditions of a laboratory.It can provoke creativity or inspiration in the laboratory, and generate in a human being knowledge hitherto unknown and unpublished?” (source) 

Yeah … Some people have access to this knowledge. They use these vermoulures or something else to connect with the Great All. Who are they ? Toddlers, from infants until the age of 3, are connected to the cosmos. And the awakened find this power. Fun to see scientists look into these issues and try to make recordable answers. This is how it progresses. But the awake ones did not wait for them to practice hypercommunication. When your servant moves on the timeline, when he goes to the Akashic Records to pick up the missing information, what do you think he makes? Hypercommunication! Knowing if she goes through the wormholes or the nose holes makes her a good leg! It’s as good as going through its (uncensored) hole, the important thing is that it passes.




Worm holes and scalar waves

The author adds this, which filled me with joy: “Our body can not only generate light, in the form of biophotons, but it is also able to extract light from the environment. It can even store this light, especially in DNA, which is also most involved in biophotonic radiation. Due to its characteristic double-helix shape, DNA is an ideal electromagnetic antenna. On the one hand, it is elongated, and thus a straight antenna that can very well capture the electrical impulses. On the other hand, it is also circular (seen from above) and by that, it is also an excellent magnetic antenna.” (source) 

That perfectly confirms my work on scalar waves! They are spiral waves, like DNA. They move instantly across long distances, as if they were going through wormholes. They have the ability to transmit light and to stimulate its development inside the body, as I indicated. The light emitted by the brain (and probably other parts of the body) can be read in the eyes. The more light emits the individual, the more his eyes shine. Here again I subscribe to Pitkänen’s theory. Another question: to transmit and receive scalar waves, which antenna do we use? It could indeed be that it is the DNA. Its helicoidal shape and incredible length make it suitable for this function, especially if it is connected to cosmic worm holes.

As you can see, everything is coming together, the puzzle is completed in admirable way, and definitely all roads lead to Rome. I do not need to look for evidence, they come to me as attracted by a magnet. Loving, I am. I love. Here is the origin of the word and the source of everything.



You just have to wonder how to use correctly the power you have.
Carlos Castaneda