The Universal Lie


“Let us repeat the Truth incessantly because the Falsehood is constantly spread and by the greatest number: in the press and books, at school and at the university, everywhere it exercises its hold.” (Source)Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The great Goethe said that. Today he would be pointed out by our elites and our leaders, who would call him a complotist. The theory of conspiracy is not a theory, but quite obvious. And it is not the pseudo-complotists who practice it the most.

Everywhere there are lies. They are not always voluntary, most people simply repeat what they have read or heard without knowing they are carrying lies. What we learn at school, lies. Santa Klaus and his goblin, the Great Pumpkin of Halloween who goes down to the vegetable garden, Nanabozo the great rabbit, Joan of Arc, Jesus, Merlin, inventions all that … However. If many know, no one dares to speak. Look elsewhere, change sidewalk and walk straight ahead. Not my kind. And it’s annoying for some. I don’t care.

It’s easier to blow up an atom than a prejudice. (Albert Einstein)

Those who read me are millions, and they come back, good choice. Must believe that it does not annoy them so much.


As you know, my goal is not to add cramming to cramming, you got your fill already. I seek the opposite: to give you the elements that allow doubt, and through doubt, the approach of truth. It will always remain elusive. Even incomplete, even fuzzy, even evanescent, it is still a sacred shelter from the liestorm.

I do not practice brainwashing, I resist it. I don’t follow conspiracy theory, I denounce it. When I keep questionning, when I insist pointing at something nobody seems to notice or to be shocked by, it is to awaken more, to nourish the soul and the spirit.

It’s not the way to get me back into the line nor to raise the esteem of institutional crooks. Universal lie, how shocking! The first who speaks the truth, he must be executed. (source)

I do not have the taste for controversy, I leave oratory or literary jousts to the obsessed of the mind, they are not hard to come by. The mind is our enemy, do you know? See: the Latin word mens, which means spirit, gave mental, but also lie.Fr:  Mensonge

Very curious, the Latin etymologies. The other Latin word for spirit is a couple of words, animus and anima, which are usually translated by spirit, soul, or courage. The same Latin word gave soul, it also gave animal. All that is animated possesses a soul, such was the belief of the ancients. Too bad we forgot it.

Why is the mind our enemy? If I give its real name, the ego, one understands better. The ego is the best and the worst. Everything depends on the use made of it. In Jung‘s words, one spends the first half of his life forging a solid ego, and the second half crushing it.

The ego is the only part of us that will not know awakening, for the awakened keeps it in the right place. In a state of awakening, the ego is absent, or at least insignificant. But it always remains to prowl around. One can not overcome the ego. Ifever we succeed, we would disappear immediately. Without ego, no physical existence.

At most, one can -one must- maintain one’s ego in its rightful place. But not destroy it. No it’s impossible. This profound truth finds its teaching in the Christian tradition, itself borrowed from earlier beliefs. Two exceptional beings deal with the dragon of the ego: dragon that is also called the guardian of the threshold. These are Saint George and Saint Michael.

But while Saint Michael puts the dragon on the ground, Saint George just put it to flight and keep it at bay. Saint George is a human being: for us humans, killing the ego / dragon is impossible. Saint Michael achieves this because he is an angel, better still, an archangel. For these beings of perfection, the ego is useless, even dangerous. They completely suppress it, which we are incapable.

The ego / mind prevents the realization of the totality of yourself, keeping you at the intellect level, which leads to everything but awakening. The intellect is the computer mind, based on formal logic. What a computer can not do is navigating in alpha, surfing on the alpha wave, practicing the controlled madness of sorcerers, the crazy thought of the Druids, in the non-ordinary reality of the Yaquis brujos.

Brujo, bruja is the Spanish word sorcerer or witch. But this terms are confusing. In our countryside there are still village wizards. And dowsers, bonesetters. In Europe, a sorcerer is dangerous, even harmful. He casts spells, he manipulates weak spirits, he can even hurt or kill at a distance.

I’m not of that sort. I’m not a brujo either. Shall I dare say? I belong to the old European tradition of enchanters, like the old sage Merlin. I express myself in the tales. In this site, there are hundreds, each one can take you very far, and some can change you at once. Matter of timing …

Lying is not the norm, in a sacred society it becomes the exception. So? Why all these lies jostling around us? There is only one, in fact. The first one, the biggest one, the father of all lies: I mean the lie about our origin. It is the son of pride. Our true story is not bright enough for the ego of humanity.

Think! A species made by some space prowlers, to serve them as slaves! It’s a fucking shame.


Better say we have risen to the rank of human with our own strength and force, once we have been but monkeys in caves, and look at us by now! Look at the long road we ran!

Except that the road, very long and very steep indeed, we ran in the other direction. We were created almost perfect, and since then we have only declined. In strict accordance with the second principle of thermodynamics, which physicists know by heart.

Progress ? Wonderful scam! With science, it was the biggest lie we were made to swallow. With science and history. And with religions. And with a thousand other tricks, Goethe said it so well, lying is everywhere.

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But then ? If the lie is everywhere, it is also in the mouth of Goethe. If Goethe lies, lies are not everywhere. Holy Shit in the sky with diamonds !!

Awakening is at your door, why don’t you let it in


All that is pure is undrinkable.
Paul Claudel