Looking For Noah’s Ark


Yes, the ark! For a long time I wanted to come back to the subject – which I have only touched on so far, in the biblical way, which is a little light in the Saga of Eden … It is therefore time that I give you the result of my astral explorations, and the booty reported from the Akashic records.

For the Bible, last patriarch Noah received a divine message informing him of the imminence of a flood, and asking him to gather a couple of all living beings in an ark. And Jehovah (who has nothing better to do I guess) even gave him precise plans, dimensions and everything, so that the fabrication is as simple as putting together an IKEA piece of furniture.not product placement, however I would like What is not a picnic sometimes.

This story does not hold water. It is the thirteenth work of Hercules that poor Noah must do. The time to travel the earth to gather the whole menagerie, to cut the trees, to unravel them, to saw them, to assemble them, even with the divine plan, will take months, years, centuries. How long did it take for that? The Bible does not say it. The Lord remains unclear: “Soon a flood will come”. Soon, indeed? Decidedly I don’t buy the story. There is something behind.

The recipe has been used well before the Flood to withstand a terribly long and deadly winter that had befell the world for generations. It would have been before the last ice age, when was it? a hundred thousand years ago? The deluge took place 10,500 years ago, according to Plato. In the glacial episode, the first Noah was called Yima, Yahveh was Ahura Mazda, and the ark was but an underground shelter. The legend comes from Persia – the current Iran. To my knowledge this is the oldest story of a fact attested by geology and palaeo-climatology. Other legends could be listed on this theme: beyond local variations and adaptations, they all speak of sheltering animal and plant strains. That’s the only truth to remember beyond all the wonderful dressing.



That’s what I saw. First Noah is a superman, a half-god with a very long life. Son of the Sun, he belongs to the previous humanity, the fourth. Noah is 4 meters tall, like all Biblical patriarchs, who are the equivalent of the heroes of Greek mythology. He comes from Hyperborea, the geostationary space base of terraforming aliens. Noah has never built a wooden arch, of which details and facetious plans are just copyist addition. The ark has always existed in the gigantic bunkers of the mothership. It is a hyperborean shuttle of a very particular type. It already existed in Atlantis before its disappearance, eleven thousand years ago. No doubt the shuttle was already present in the berths of the mothership when it arrived, triggering the last ice age of Würm-Wisconsin, more than a hundred thousand years ago. This particular shuttle is a survival module.

In addition to the food and water necessary for the survival of the crew, the module contains a complete genetic library, modeled on the Great Universal Genetic Library of the Alcor system, in the constellation Ursa Major. Animals and plants, superior and even divine races, everything that lives, eats, and eats can be in the form of genes, including inferior races and ornamental plants. Providing such a module proves to be essential in the event that the parent company disappears during a take-off or landing accident, for example …

Of course, the genes are all in the Big Dipper, but this precaution saves the cost of a round trip trip during a planetary terraformation. On the other hand, terraformers are responsible for their equipment, they are accountable, and genetic strains are worth much more than gold. They are sacred, especially as part of a mission. Obviously planetary developers are pros. They have planned everything, all trimmed, for billions of years that they do the job. It’s up to us to rethink the Bible in terms of innovation. Under its retro gangue, the Bible evokes genetic, technological, futuristic facts on a scale and in proportions that make us irrecoverably proud and stubborn. Watch how we plan to terraform Mars! In a campinglike folding wheelbarrow! Worse, we imagine that it will be settled in a century or two!

The visitors (our owners) have taken three billion years to terraform the Earth. And yet, they were a hundred thousand times better equipped than NASA. They arrived with a whole planet. Their mothership had the shape and size of a planet, with four inhabited continents, and in the depths of the bunkers, an unimaginable concentrate of divine high-tech. Factories, labs, computer centers, lightning plants, uranium plants, vril / shakti plants, space shuttles, modules, weaponry, a senseless luxury, somptuous palaces, enchanted walks, magical forests, wonderful gardens of which all traditions speak – they had put their whole world on board. They moved with their civilization in full force. A civilization that is counted in billions of years. It’s something, uh? But tell me, this flying planet could be, oh yes, the Great Arch!




Three billion years is a long time. But it takes that. Do not be fooled, do not imagine that the gods have a temporal scale different from ours, like the fairies and the elves of our legends: we spend a night at home and when we return to our world, several centuries have passed. If the gods have the same time as the fairies, one billion of our years would be a millennium for them. It’s true and it’s wrong. The gods of the past have found ways to prolong their lives: they can last for thousands of years. Two or three thousand years, as far as I know. They also have a medical technology to change the body when the old crack cracks. We can imagine that for them, the subjective time passes faster than for us. But in human time, terraforming has not been faster on their side: it has indeed lasted three BILLION years.

I am preparing a new part entitled The Seven Days of Creation. I will offer a vision that can reconcile the scientific data and the facts of the planetary esoteric Tradition. Each day lasted a hundred thousand years or more. There have been seven (so far) spread over several billion years: the first day of creation happened 3 billion years ago. The last was a hundred thousand years ago, before the last Ice Age, for which they are responsible. The Terraformers have intervened seven times during the evolution of our planet. They created his geography, his fauna and flora. They spent time, a lot of time. Hence the wonderful result we have in front of us …

Wonderful, except in every corner where we did their job. In their place, I would have the balls. Three billion years of fabulous work spoiled by under-evolved sheep-primates! Intelligent, but very very cons. Enough in any case to saw the branch where they have the ass. Warning. I have identified several traditions that evoke the return of the gods. The last biblical judgment is one of them, but there are others, very comparable. But yes, you understand. When they come back, it will be the 8th day of creation.

A good thing: read the Apocalypse of Saint John with this idea in mind: we are a product of technology terraformers. As long as you are able to ignore the religious fabrications, you will be surprised at all that she will tell you.

Between each of their stays “nature resumes its course” which can give the illusion of a Darwinian evolution. Except that each missing link unexplained by Darwin is a boost of 100,000 years (or more!) given by divine technology. Take back all the anomalies reported by Darwin or his followers, and say each time: Yes! another gift from terraformers! That’s how the rabbit comes out of the hat, how the monocellular organism becomes multicellular, how we come down from a hominid not found, etc. Nature is not creative, God does not have a microscope. Genetic manipulation best compensates for these deficiencies … provided you get a job lot of diverse and varied genes – hence the ark, or rather the survival module where embarked the brave Noah.



So, dear amateur archeologists or not, it’s useless to look for the ark at the top of Mount Ararat, nor in the Urals, nor in the breeches of a lonesome cowboy. Such a module is far too valuable to be abandoned at the whim of a tsunami. Moreover, since this module allows survival, it offers no hold to the waves, even if they are insane. It is built to resist fire, radiation, earthquakes, landslides, lava flows or mud, it does not care, it runs still. The ark was not Noah’s, the aliens recovered it, they carefully parked it in the bunkers of Hyperborea and they left with it. End of delirium, wake up, the dream flies away  …

Now if you really love the marvelous, different time scales are also the preserve of the Little People. And these people are still here … Oh, they are not gods, no, they do not have enough power. But not far from … Elves and Fairies are kind of angels, I daresay. More divine than we are, at the same time more animals. So are the angels / giants. Exactly the same. In a bigger version.

The angels gave birth to giants and monsters. They gave birth and the whole earth was corrupted. (Bible)



I live in the house of possible. It has more doors and windows than the house of reason.
Emily Dickinson