Happy the Archon …


Devoured by jealousy, the Archons have only one desire: to become like man. To possess the supra-consciousness of the pleroma. They are our co-creators, since they have shaped our fleshly envelope. But we are not reduced to this envelope. It is only a transitory vehicle animated by our soul. Remember that we are uncreated, eternal, pure spirits inalienable. What the Archons are not, and will never be… unless we eat them.


The Lion Man

Jesus said: Blessed is the lion that man will eat: the lion will become man. Curses the man that the lion will eat: the lion will become man. (source)Apocryphal of Thomas in Manuscripts of Nag Hammadi

Does Jesus speak of the mammal lion? One may doubt it. See the picture above. The Gnostic texts describe dragons as lion-headed snakes. These dragons, as we know, are Archons.

All right. In this case, the quotation of Jesus takes on a very different meaning. It is taken from the apocryphal of Thomas. The Coptic manuscripts of Nag Hammadi are imbued with Gnostic thought. One could therefore imagine that Jesus spoke not of an ordinary lion, but of a flying lion, of an Archon dragon. The word of Jesus would thus be written:

Happy the Archon that man will eat: the Archon will become man. Cursed the man that the Archon will eat: the Archon will become man.


Chronos the Archon

These demiurges who devour their creatures are common in mythology. We remember Cronos who devours his children. What if Cronos the Time was an Archon? What does it matter? The only question is this: can an Archon who devours a human reach the supra-consciousness of a pure spirit? I’m afraid not. The Archon will become a little more human than he was. Perhaps he will acquire emotions? Will he fall in love with a human? Who knows?

In order to devour a human being, to steal his soul, the Archon has no choice but to bring him down to his level. A human reduced to the infraworld, to the lower astral, does not have access to the supra-consciousness. So the Archon who is feeding on it will not have access to it either.

The only solution left for him to become supra-conscious is to be devoured by a human. Hey Archons? Have you figured out what to do? Let yourself be eaten alive. This is your only chance. The ultimate salvation. I explain.



Concreting the Cellar

The Archons are the people of the depths. Their usual level is the lower astral, or the underworld. They have flourished there for so long that the abyss resembles them. The darkness has clothed itself in scales in honor of their masters. The corridors of time are winding like them. The telluric energy, the Wouivre, is a snake. Hypnosis received its letters of nobility in the lower courtyard, in the underground where time is exploding.

As for us, the spiritual is our kingdom. The seven chakras vibrate the tree of life and our body then comes to life. But there are not only the seven chakras. There are fourteen, there are eighteen. Secondary chakras, chakras under our feet, chakras over our heads. The more we wake up, the more our branches spread above our heads. Thus open other chakras on the subtle bodies and the aura, always higher, always stronger. As the tree of life rises, it sinks further. The branches are offset by the roots, which become stronger and deeper. Just as one can rise by climbing along one’s own branches, entities from below can also rise by using the scale of one’s roots.

When I was studying with my benefactor, in his domain of Rochefort sur Mayenne, my subtle perceptions were refined. I watched their evolution, I noted everything in notebooks. One day I began to feel entities of the lower astral in me. Unwittingly, I used them as stairs. They shamelessly took the opportunity to go up to my house.

These sneaky creeps made me nauseous. So I imagined a ruse to protect myself from them. In the astral cellar under my feet, I poured subtle concrete, by the ton, and that purrs the concrete mixer, turns to plug, flows to caulk. Opacify to pacify? Don’t trust that shit …


Bad Idea

Anyway, I got rid of it. The method was radical, but unfair. If I prevent those below from pointing their nose at us, why would those above not prevent me from doing the same? That’s not the case. I can go upstairs, I’m allowed to go upstairs, so why would I forbid the passage to the sub-mundane? What right? The right of the strongest, I guess.

But who is the strongest? The one who closes the exits, who slams, who strengthens his fort? Or the one who opens the door wide to visitors? My benefactor pulled my ears so hard that I thought I was Carlos and his cursed snail.

Flornoy was right. I haven’t forgotten the lesson. Welcoming the Archons is not the way to go. Denying them access, much less. Nobody asks us to give them welcome kisses. While we were thinking about ways to get these damn Archons to leave us alone, my friend Corolla told me this: Since we can’t beat them on their turf, since they are the bosses of this planet, the princes of matter and the masters of hypnosis, let go of any idea of aggression. Let’s try to love them.

Don’t do that! Remember that the Archons feed on our emotions. They are so fond of it that they constantly arouse hatred and fear in the weakest among us. The more these little ones are afraid, the more they become filled with hatred, the more the Archons feast. Send them love? Could you imagine how they will enjoy this delight?



Scalar Hackers

I remember a painful experience at the very beginning of the scalar group. We used to gather in astral — in distance, to talk con — at 9:00PM to send unconditional love to this suffering planet.

The group has been running successfully for six or seven years. The participants renew themselves, some cling to it, delighted with the effect that these programs make them. To love without limit, to open oneself to the world on this beautiful wavelength, it is magic. One swims in bliss like blessed. You taste it, you ask for more.

And scalar practice takes the place of screwed-up meditations, because in the West you can’t stay thoughtless. Love, yes, is the key. Send images related to love, friendship, the joy of being together even if we don’t know each other. Bonds are created, secret bonds.

Why talk about a cooking experience? Because of the parasites. It was like frying on the lines of communication. At the time, I called them entities, Flyers to speak like Castaneda. I had not yet identified the Archons. The parasites on the comm lines were them. Of course. We had to secure all the scalar lines one by one.

For that, I just asked for a photo for each registrant. So I engrave each new face in the cloud of my aura. Only memorized registrants have access to the scalar round. Our human brothers will receive these good waves without fear of parasitization or subtle aggression. No voracious and malicious entity can divert love for its own benefit. 



They liked these loads of self-service love! They yawned at hugs and kisses, these astral dogs. This is their world, they feel at home, and interfere in all connections. They do not like it when people trample on their beds!

Once the line was secured, the reptilian hackers left. So, to let these sad lords pass through our tree of life, to let them climb through our root chakra to the subtle foliage that blooms above our heads, no need to send them a text of love. Open the cellar door, that’s all. Don’t be afraid. They’re just passing by. That’s how you can eat them. And if Sophia allows it, this is how we will make them taste the delights of the supra-consciousness.

Happy is the Archon that man will eat, he will become man. His dream of always finally realized, what can he refuse us? That’s why so many rainbow children fill the maternity wards. Many crystal teens are already waiting for them. Young indigo adults are installed above. All this beautiful world, this people of initiates, these awakened of birth, these Fools, these buddhas, these tulkous, these returns of prophets and elect are incarnated for this bold enterprise: in the sweet crucible of their soul, to give birth to awakened archons.



If you have any reason to believe they’re coming after you,
whether they eat your head or your light, or they try to,
if you have unanswered questions about them,
if you want to share your thoughts with me,
to tell me your meetings with them,
please contact me.



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Like a blazing comet, I’ve traversed infinite nights, interstellar spaces of the imagination, voluptuousness and fear.
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