The Terminators

Several teams of “gods” are responsible for intervening on the planets of their sector. Do not see gods in the modern sense. They are superhumans endowed with great powers and benefiting from a technology with which ours seems prehistoric.

I have spoken at length about terraformers. Coming from distant stars, they laid out this planet while it was still wild. They have leveled mountains, drained swamps, channeled rivers, built cyclopean temples, extracted uranium for their plants, gold for their home planet, various minerals, harvested salt, planted trees, sown cereals, implanted new animal species, and then, at the very end, they created our species, humanity today, fifth of the name.

Do you know that there are other actors, as powerful as the terraformers, who are doing the same job? Finally not quite the same. As the terraformers develop, those move. They destroy everything the first ones did. They restore to the landscaped planet its wild appearance, removing as many traces as possible, so as to say that nature takes back its rights. They are the deratizers.

Nature ! Another nice scam. By a magical prosopopoeia, we confuse the magnificent landscape we have before our eyes with its author, which is unduly called nature. Ask the first terraformers what nature had done to this planet before their intervention. Everything was chaos and disorder on earth, as Bible Genesis says.

Deratizers are not so called. It’s a nickname I give them for fun. I realize that it’s their disrespect. Their real title would be rather the terminators, or the erasers. They have the same status as the terraformers, except that they destroy and suppress what the first ones built and seeded.

Birth, death. Thus continues the cycle of eternal renewal. For destruction to be decided, a number of criteria are necessary and sufficient. First, when one species threatens the survival of all others. Balance is the rule of harmony to which the gods before are attached. Only harmony creates a viable creation.

So that the harmony established by the terraformers can continue, it is necessary to destroy periodically all or part of their facilities. Think about it, no creation is sustainable if it is not accompanied by destruction. I thought a few years ago that it was a curse of the human species, I believe now that it is a natural law, as necessary as it is inevitable.

Deracisers and terraformers are represented in many pantheonsfrom Greek: all gods belonging to all cultures. Thus among Hindus, Brahma the creator or Rama his avatar evoke the terraformers and their civilizing work, while Shiva and Kali, destroyers and sowers of death, represent the devrators.

These are powerful beyond any limit. They have weapons of mass destruction with terrifying powers, and they do not hesitate to use them. The arsenal of the gods before is so terrifying Shiva possesses Pasupata, the destroyer of worlds.

I speak of Hindu gods because we have many ancient texts that describe them abundantly, with many details and lessons of wisdom. But Hinduism is not the only source.

There are other destructive gods: Thor the Ase and his destroying hammer of giants, monsters and worlds; Yahveh who did not hesitate to use the nuclear bomb; Atlas the prince of tsunamis who destroyed the civilizations of both shores of the Atlantic Ocean; the Cyclops, masters of lightning who eradicated the Great Reptilians; Zeus, their heir to lightning and who has rid the planet of giant mammals, predators too powerful for men.

There is also Ra the sun god, the other avatar of Brahma / Rama, who killed entire crowds by the unbearable brilliance of a gold disc shining above his head; the great goddess Hathor, who was the original model of the god Thor, and who sowed death on a very large scale, especially among male humans; Osiris and Horus with their crowns that are weapons of a great power, etc.

All these gods belong to the holy caste of the destroyers, those whom I call the devrators. An irreverence on my part that touches on unconsciousness … It is not in our interest to belittle them or annoy them in any way, because they could intervene right here. On our planet, all the criteria are there to justify their intervention in a short time.

So do not idiots, do not attract attention. Adopt a low profile, it is urgent to slow down delusions. Must not be noticed. Okay, they will come back, but not to give candy.


A life without examination is not worth living.