Thirteen Crystal Skulls



“According to an old Indian legend, there are thirteen ancient crystal skulls, the size of human skulls, with articulated jaws, which one tells they speak or sing.

These skulls are supposed to contain important informations about the origins of mankind, its purpose and destiny, as well as answers to some of the great mysteries of life and of the universe.

They assure that this information is not only important for the future of our planet, but essential for the survival of mankind.   

Some day, if we believe these ancestral prophecies, all the crystal skulls will be rediscovered and brought together so that mankind may reach their collective wisdom. At first we have to evolve, in order not to abuse this great knowledge. There are variations of this legend in the assets of several Indian tribes, from the descendants of the Mayas and the Aztecs of Central America to the Indians Pueblos and Navajos, in what is now the southwestern United States, and even up to the North-East, among the Cherokees and the Senecas.

The Cherokee version of the legend says there are twelve planets in the universe inhabited by humans and there is a skull for each of these planets, plus a thirteenth skull essential to all these worlds.”  (source)Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas, The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, Ed. du Rocher, 1999 




Naturally, some scientists refuse to believe in what they take for bullshit. “As a scientist, I find it hard to believe that people, oh sorry, creatures from other worlds have come here to deposit things before disappearing without attending to us. These assumptions are simply out of realm of possibility”, said Jack Kusters.

Would he confuse possible and preferable? Who said that these people have disappeared? Has M. Kusters never heard of UFOs and extraterrestrials, or does he consider that these phenomena also “are out of realm of possibility”?

As the pretentious, do not confuse what is convenient for you with what really happened. You have nothing to do with monkeys, nor close nor far. You are light. For now, your light is incarnated in a human body, tiny. Your designers wanted you so.

Many geniuses have developed your DNA, many fairies have examined your crib, but it does not make you the summit of creation, far from it. You belong to the race of Iron, the fifth and smallest of the races who led the Earth.

The great civilization which made you was that of the Pyramids, which were our vessels of stone and light, which we launched in the sea of sand and time. The pyramids covered the whole planet, and tall men lived there in peace.

There were wars, derived from quarrels of which we have forgotten the beginning, middle and end. There was this huge moon, Atlas and the Twelve, there was the departure towards space in our twelve wandering planets.

Twelve tribes are gone, seven to the Pleiades, two to Sirius, three to Orion. On earth it came time for men. What have you done with the gifts we delivered you at your birth? Where are the heroes, where are the righteous, where are the sweet?




This is the message I received. I saw the sentences written in gold letters that shone in endless space. And then the sound, the words, the sentences resonated in an infinite cavern. It took me an eternity to understand that it was my own skull.

When the Twelve will return and ask us for explanations, what are we to say to our defense?

They will tell us: Why poverty, hunger, disease, whereas reigns everywhere the abundance of the Father? Why ignorance and stupidity, whereas reigns the wisdom of the Mother? Why injustice, hatred and fear, while reign love and tenderness of the Son?

Unable to respond, we will lower the forehead full of pity.

Then they will chain us and force us to work for eternity as slaves in their factories of coke.



The universe is full of magic and waits patiently that our intelligence is refined. (Eden Phillpotts)


Questions, yet, it is too early for the answers. Do not neglect any track. “All religions are right in what they affirm and wrong in what they deny.” Lying science and coward science are among them.




The point is not to believe or not believe. What matters is to ask many questions as possible. (Bernard Werber)


It is a force called weakness by the strong ones who have not, it’s a wisdom called madness by the sages who have not, it’s a light called darkness by the blind ones who have not.
Lanza del Vasto