Living Mummies?


Ancient Egypt, and even very ancient, has left us clues of a prodigious science of the soul. Egyptian wisdom – whatever its true origin – is renowned for its expertise in the mysterious realm of the afterlife. Some authors have speculated that the great Egyptian initiates had the key to eternal life.

If the majority of Egyptologists do not agree, yet all recognize excellence and depth of Egyptian teachings on the soul. Experts have distinguished several levels of understanding of the human psyche, spiritual, divine. The soul is plural for the sacred Egypt. Triple is our body, from the physical to subtle. Quadruple is our soul, the imperishable in particular ba ka.

In its imperishable aspect, the soul connects with the uncreated light by two tentacles and subtle chakras forehead and fontanelle. “These two states of mind (and Sahou khou) are not manifested in humans, unless it has been spiritualized by a harsh asceticism that has returned to him the power of the ancestors, the one before the fall.”


There are at least a third state of the soul, as immortal; it opens the way to the music of the spheres and is located to the throat chakra. This third state, the ba, is a cosmic vibration, a secret modulated ultrasound. It prints in the soul the secret name of the individual (its cosmic identity) that Egypt called ren’cheta.

The ba was featured soul bird, ie bird with a human head, in allusion to his modulated (singing bird) and off (death). It was believed that the ba left the body through the mouth, and, for this reason, many mummies have mouth open.

A fourth state of the soul, the ka, linked to the Zodiac and be rested on the heart chakra. “These subtle concepts have been widely commented by competent specialists, so I will not come back here. The stone I would like to add to this beautiful building is shaped like a pyramidion.

Have you heard astonishing news item from Asia: Buddhist monk mummy has been found, an ancient mummy dated 200 years? The monks have found that this desiccated mummy showed signs of vegetative life, extremely slow. I immediately tilted: living mummies! Or rather not. The mummies are not alive, but the being still exists. The ancient seer who animated formerly this parched body, even deprived of its organs, continues to enjoy a cartain form of life. This ghostly being leads an almost eternal psychic existence, using its dried up body as a support of consciousness and anchor of the astral body.

Mummies are guardians of life! As such, they are sacred because their integrity and location are guarantees of survival. But for the psychic entity can continue his conscious life infinitely extended, it is vital that the carnal medium, ie his mummified body, remains in the initial state of preservation and is disturbed by any visits. This explains the curses suffered by graves rapists, provided that these graves contain these staggering receptacles called mummies. Now everything becomes clearer. That is why Howard Carter was knocked out after rummaging through the mummy of Tutankhamun.



I could be objected the monk’s body had not been eviscerated, and his heart was beating once a year, but still beating. It is not the same for the Egyptian mummies. For the latter, survival seems impossible without organs. Well I don’t agree. I maintain that the Egyptian mummies are alive, even if the heart is absent, even if all the organs has been carefully removed and slid into the canopic jars.


Mummified Alive

A 2010 news from Japan echoed a mysterious ritual whose purpose was to turn into living Buddha. Indeed in traditionnal Japan, mummification practices were observed by some Buddhist monks. Here the process.

“Sokushinbitsu Mummies are very different from Egyptian mummies, which were removed organs and whose bodies were preserved by the action of various products.

A series of 4 steps was the development of mummification:

During 1000 days or approximately 3 years, the monk interfered only nuts and seeds, coupled with a strong physical activity. Their bodies on the expiry of this period had lost all its fat.

During the following 1000 days, the regime was even more restrictive, consisting of small amounts of roots and pine needles. After his three years the body must have lost a portion of its body fluids.

The sequence of operations was to lead poisoning of the body to protect it from attacks by insects and other scavengers. For this, the monk began to drink a beverage made from sap of the urushi tree (toxicodendron verniciflum, ie sumac). This highly toxic sap lacquer in particular used as woodworking, finishing the dehydration process.

Finally, the monk was buried alive, in the lotus position in a cavity just large enough to accommodate it. He had every day to ring a bell when connected to him and kept this small daily air, we knew he had finally left his body and the grave was finally sealed.

Other classmates then, after 1000 other days, opened the tomb to see that the mummification was very effective. Many monks have tried to become Sokushinbutsu but very few have succeeded.” (source)

Juan Matus, the benefactor of Carlos Castaneda, frequently evokes the ancient seers, they call the challengers of death. “These ancient seers were dreadful men pursued Don Juan I should not use imperfect. – Are appalling men still Their goal is to dominate, owning everything and everybody..” (source)Carlos Castaneda, The Inner Fire




They belong to the previous cycle, while the current cycle is that the new lights, los nuevos videntes. The new lights have an ultimate goal, after physical death, which is to escape the eagle, great devourer of consciences, and so continue the cosmic adventure.

The ancient seers had no confidence in a port-mortem bet. They liked better than sorry. They would not release the substance for the shadow. Working hard on their physical bodies and their aura, they managed to indefinitely maintain their physical bodies mummified in a pseudo-life, so that their minds can continue to scour the country, hatch plans, stalk the living and sow disorder.

Read Castaneda, we understand that the new seers were rather ashamed of selfish and petty behavior of their ancestors. Still, as the previous cycle, which also belongs to ancient Egypt, is that of the ancient seers, challengers of death, who have survived to this day in the form of psychic larvae, invisible entities unsavory, totally unscrupulous, ready for all the lies to suck the energy of the living.

It is they that spiritualists, voodoo and consort invoke chelous in their rituals, they and others of the same ilk, what made me cry, unhappy! invoke nobody! Do not draw on you for invisible, they are dangerous, often harmful, always psychopomps. Pumpers life. Siroteurs vivid consciousness.




It was named the vampires is their true status, the worst of all. They are dragging, pitiful wrecks, the last level of living, the thirty-sixth below the inorganic mud. Believe me, they are more to be pitied than blamed. Like the stupid poor who take the risk to invoke them, and rely on these pervert.


We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.
William Shakespeare