Living Mummies?


Ancient Egypt, and even more than ancient, has given us clues to a prodigious science of the soul. Egyptian wisdom – whatever its true origin – is renowned for its expertise in the mysterious field of life after life. Some authors have speculated that the great Egyptian initiates possessed the key to eternal life. Oh yes. This secret was known far away from Egypt, in America in Asia and in Europe.


It is likely that the mummification is much older than previously thought. Concerning sacred mummification, in fact, Egypt is not the only country of mummies. One has the right to wonder what the use of giving oneself so much pain for the dead could be. The answer this article will give you is astounding. The most ancient mummies could well shelter the living remains of a death-defiant.


Defy Death

Egypt is certainly the land of mummies. All those discovered in previous centuries came from this ancient and wonderful land, that of the Pharaohs. The Egyptian belief of the highest antiquity was that mummification ensures immortality. The pharaoh of the old empire was considered a reincarnation of a god, and god himself. He protected the country not only by his actions and decisions, but by his presence alone. Later, when the pharaohs were only conquerors and managers, this truth was no longer understood.

Two distinct periods must therefore be distinguished. The old empire practised careful mummification. The viscera, including the brain and heart, were carefully removed from the corpse and placed in a canopic vase. It then underwent a special treatment aimed at drying the tissues to ensure the longest possible preservation.

And the duration of this conservation is an undeniable success. Without the unspeakable devastation of the early Egyptologists, all the mummies of this distant era would still be intact today. In the same state, no doubt, as when they were mummified. Only one was spared by the infamous rage of the first discoverers, that of Amenhotep I.See further It remained perfect.


From Pyramid To Mastaba

I insist on this point, it is crucial to understand the incredible reason for these mummification. Over time, the original reason for the sacred mummification was lost in the sands of the Sahara. As experts say, mummification has become more widespread. The graves were no longer hidden in a secret room carved into the rock or hidden in a pyramid. We were content with a more modest tomb, the mastaba. Without being an expert, this name reminds you of something, if you have read the Mystery of the Great Pyramid, fabulous adventure of Blake and Mortimer due to the talent of their creator, Edgar Pierre Jacobs.

Any wealthy Egyptian could get a mastaba built. Without being eviscerated, the body of the deceased was roughly embalmed and stuffed in a sarcophagus worthy of IKEA. Instead of the viscera being set apart in the canopic vessel as for the Pharaohs of the old empire, they were rotting in the corpse that was corroding in no time.

This is true of all sacred practices. We forget the reasons, we no longer know the root cause, we believe that it is a symbol and we do anything. The one-eyed mind replaced the Spirit. And the rotting corpses were no longer those magnificently embalmed, defying death.


A Thousand-year-old Practice

Most of the preserved mummies known to date date from a few hundred years to 4,000 years. But recent discoveries have shown that the practice of mummification could be much older. In any case, it was not the prerogative of Egypt alone.

A new study, led by archaeologists from the University of Uppsala, Linnaeus in Sweden and the University of Lisbon in Portugal, presents evidence of pre-burial treatment, such as desiccation by mummification, dating back 8,000 years. According to an article from the scientific site, this discovery was made on the burial sites of hunter-gatherers in the Sado Valley, Portugal.

In other words, mummification of the dead was probably more common in prehistory than previously thought. It must be said that it is quite complicated for researchers to prove it, because it is difficult to detect whether a body has been preserved by mummification when the soft tissues are no longer visible. They are much less well preserved in regions with temperate and wetter climates, as in most of Europe. On the other hand, there are few writings that relate funeral practices during this period. (source)Geo magazine

It would have been so easy to burn the dead at a stake, like in India. Or bury them without any other form of trial. No doubt there were powerful reasons why so many people, in so many countries and for so long, went to all this trouble. We suspect that it was not just to honour their deceased. Let us remember that the practice of embalming was not general. Only a few insiders benefited.



The Soul For Egypt

So? Were there mummification practices before Egypt aimed at attaining eternal life, just as Egypt teaches? If the majority of Egyptologists do not agree, all recognize the excellence and depth of Egyptian teachings on the soul. The ancient experts of Sai, Thebes and Abydos distinguished several levels of understanding of the human, spiritual, divine psyche. The soul is plural for sacred Egypt. Triple is our body, from physical to subtle. Quadruple is our soul, from the imperishable ba to the particular kâ.

In its imperishable aspect, the soul connects with the light uncreated by two subtle tentacles and by the chakras of the forehead and fontanel. Thus the teaching of Rama the Black Buddha is reflected even in the most ancient sacred traditions of Egypt. Further proof, if need be, of the unity and coherence of a planetary teaching at the origin of all cultures, traditions, languages and religions. Proof also that the most powerful teachings are deformed, distorted and eventually forgotten. Proof again that we do not live in perpetual progress, but in accelerating decline.

Sahou and Khou

These two states of the soul (sahu and khu) do not manifest in man, unless he was spiritualized by a hard asceticism that will have restored to him the power of the ancestors, that before the fall. But, among all, exists at least a third state of the soul, immortal also; it welds the being to the music of the spheres and is located at the throat chakra.

This third state, the ba, is a cosmic vibration, a secret modulation in ultra-sounds. It imprints in the soul the secret name of the individual (his cosmic identity) that Egypt called rencheta. The ba was depicted as a bird-soul, that is to say as a bird with a human head, by allusion to the modulated sound (the song of the bird) and the flight (death). It was believed that the ba left the body through the mouth, and, for this reason, many mummies have their mouth open.

A fourth state of the soul, kâ, connected the being to the Zodiac and relied on the heart chakra.” 

I have already spoken of ba and ka, I will have to take up this prodigious science of the soul by devoting a whole article to it. It is totally forgotten. The more I immerse myself in it, the more it opens doors and windows in my mind, the more I swim in luminous bliss. I must share it with you. One day.




Sahu and Khu are two states of the soul that manifest only in the great initiates. In the ancient empire of Egypt, only the latter received the sacrament of mummification according to the ritual I have stated above.

But it turns out that another scientific article mentions a similar tradition from ancient Japan. A mysterious ritual aimed to transform into a living Buddha. Indeed in traditional Japan, mummification practices were observed by some Buddhist monks, the Sokushinbutsu.

“Sokushinbutsu mummies are very different from Egyptian mummies, whose organs were removed and whose bodies were preserved by the action of various products. A succession of 4 stages constituted the course of mummification. For 1000 days or about 3 years, the monk ingested only nuts and seeds, coupled with a strong physical activity. Their body at the end of this period had lost all its fat. Over the next 1000 days, the diet became even more restrictive, consisting of small amounts of pine roots and needles. At the end of its 3 years the body must have lost some of its bodily fluids.

Further operations were to bring a poisoning of the body to protect it from attacks of insects and other necrophagous animals. For this, the monk began to drink a beverage made of the sap of the urushi tree (toxicodendron verniciflum, sort of sumac). This very toxic sap, particularly used as a lacquer in cabinetmaking, completed the dehydration process.

Finally, the monk was trapped alive, in a lotus position in a cavity just large enough to accommodate him. Every day he had to ring a bell connected to him and when this little daily air ceased, we knew that he had finally left his body and the grave was permanently sealed.

The other condisciples then, after another 1000 days, opened the burial in order to note that the mummification was effective. Many monks tried to become Sokushinbutsu but very few succeeded.” (source)



My assiduous practice of the language of the goslings made me immediately tilt. Sahou Khou are of the same root as So Ku, the first two syllables of Sokushinbutsu. Just as the Sahu and Khu states were only reached by great initiates, the So and Ku states were reserved for the same category of human beings. This explains the last sentence of the text quoted above: “Many monks tried to become Sokushinbutsu but very few succeeded.” Only those who had previously achieved the required level were successful.



Thirteen Living Dead

A recent National Geographic article provides more information about this Japanese incredible custom of the Shokoshinbutsu, mummies of meditating monks. The sacred mountains of Yamagata shelter thirteen sokushinbustu in a state of deep meditation, between life and death.

Enclosed in a sanctuary, a man’s skeletal structure is in a meditative position, his legs crossed under a religious robe on which his bony hands rest. A thin, leather-like skin extends over the visible parts of his body. “Mummy” is the first word that comes to mind.

Yet followers of ascetic Buddhist practices in Japan will tell you that it is much more than a mummified human being. This skeleton is that of a sokushinbutsu (即 身 仏), a Buddha called ‘alive’ or ‘frozen’, who has reached a state of deep meditation placing him beyond the limits of life and death.

To achieve this, he engaged in a series of rigorous ascetic practices, culminating in self-pammification. Throughout Japan there are shrines housing other sokushinbutsu. More than half of the known sokushinbutsu are in the sacred mountains of Yamagata Prefecture. How did this practice come about and why did so many monks choose to become sokushinbutsu? This is the true story of Japan’s mummified monks. (National Geographic 2024)


Another Human History

Do not expect to read the real reason for these mummification in National Geographic: the end of the story is here and not elsewhere. The truths I reveal in this site belong to another human history. They are not among those that science approves. Our sad scientists are devoid of all spirituality, which was not the case with the greatest geniuses of the past. Einstein was one of them.

It is imperative that humanity form a new way of thinking to survive and reach a higher plane. (Albert Einstein)

I’ve never done one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking. (Albert Einstein)

What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter. (Albert Einstein)

Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal. (Al Einstein)

It’s easier to blow up an atom than a prejudice. (Albert Einstein)



Mummies Everywhere

It seems that this ancient Japanese tradition still finds followers among Buddhist monks. Of course, the original sacredness is no longer. Only the indisputable attraction of enjoying eternal life at a good price remains.

So it is with the recent Egyptian mummies, buried in the mastabas of the new empire of Egypt. The adventures of Tintin have shown us others, in South America this time.

Accompanied by Captain Haddock and the young guide Zorrino, Tintin explores an underground on the trail of Prof Sunflower kidnapped by followers of the ancient Inca religion. He discovers with amazement three Inca mummies with a face sheltered under a death mask. (source)The Temple of the Sun

This fact is proven, the ancient Peruvian mummies exist, they are in museums…

They were recently found in Portugal, as you will read later. In my opinion, three or four millennia ago, when this unified planet was still celebrating the former gods and the height of their teaching, the sacramental mummification was practiced throughout the world.


Live Mummy

Some of you have heard the surprising news from Asia: we found a Buddhist monk mummy, not very old: 200 years anyway. Buddhists assume that this dried-up mummy shows signs of a vegetative life, extremely slowed. Immediately I tilted: living mummies! Or rather not. it is not the mummies that are alive, but the being that once animated this parched body, sometimes deprived of its organs. This ghostly being leads an almost eternal psychic existence, using his parched body as a support of consciousness and anchor point of the astral body.

Mummies are guardians of lives! As such, they are sacred, because their integrity and the secrecy of their location are guarantees of survival. For the psychic entity of the sorcerer to continue its infinitely lengthened conscious life, it is vital that the fleshly support, that is, its mummified body, remains in the initial state of conservation and is not disturbed by any visit.

Thus would be explained the curses of which are victims the rapists of graves, if these graves contain these bewildering receptacles called mummies.  The words are getting clearer. That’s how Howard Carter got all worked up rummaging through Tutankhamun’s mummy.



It will be objected that I quickly assimilate two very different cases: the dried up body of the monk had not been eviscerated. It is not the same for Egyptian mummies. For the latter, deprived of organs, survival seems impossible. Well, I claim otherwise. I maintain that the most ancient Egyptian mummies are guarantors of survival, even if their heart is absent, even if all their organs were carefully removed and slipped into the canopic vases.

They guarantee the survival of a whole bunch of ancient seers los viejos videntes dear to Castaneda. They have abandoned their body, they no longer use it, but without the preservation of this body, their soul would have continued its journey to the black hole of the galactic center, to melt and dissolve in the universal consciousness. This is what the ancient Toltec seers refuse.


Former Visionaries

Juan Matus, the benefactor of Carlos Castaneda, frequently evokes the ancient seers, whom they call the death defiers. “These ancient seers were terrible men, Don Juan said. I should not use the past mode – they are terrible men, even today. Their goal is to dominate, to possess everything and everyone.” (source)Carlos Castaneda, The fire from within 

These sad sires give me the same thrill as the archons. The ancient seers are of the same dirty race. Are they the same?

It is them that the spiritists, voodoo and consort invoke in their weird rituals, them and others of the same ilk, which made me cry: Poor fool! Summon no one! Do not draw upon yourself the intention of the invisible, they are dangerous, often harmful, always psychopompes. Life-pumping. Syrups of lively consciousness.

We named them vampires, it’s their true status, the worst of all. They drag themselves, lamentable wrecks, to the last level of the living, to the thirty-sixth below the inorganic mire. Believe me, they are more to be pitied than to be blamed. Just like the ignorant who take pleasure in invoking them, and who rely on these vicelards.


New Visionaries

They belong to the previous cycle, while the current cycle is that of the new seers, los nuevos videntes. The new seers have an ultimate goal, after physical death, which is to escape the Eagle, this great devourer of consciences, and thus to continue the cosmic adventure. 

Like it or not, the new visionaries are part of that cycle. They subscribe to that goal, often without their knowledge. The gift of clairvoyance has for counterpart the total commitment of the seer in the way traced to him by his clan for millennia, and this whatever his country, his language, his race or his continent.

The old fortune-tellers didn’t trust a port-mortem bet. They liked to hold better than run. They wouldn’t let go of the prey for the shadow. Working hard on their physical body and their aura, they managed to keep their mummified physical body in a pseudo-life indefinitely, so that their spirit could continue to beat the campaign, Warp plans, hunt down the living and wreak havoc.

The previous cycle, to which Ancient Egypt also belongs, is that of the ancient seers, defiers of death, who have survived to this day in the form of psychic larvae, unseen entities with little gossip, totally unscrupulous, ready for all the lies to suck the energy of the living.

When reading Castaneda, we understand that the new visionaries are rather ashamed of the egocentric and petty behavior of their ancestors. Therefore, we all have at heart to put our gift of clairvoyance and healing at the service of the large number, whatever the risks. In our dumb and ignorant democracies, these risks are high. And in dictatorships, it’s much worse…



Respect the Rest of Mummies

Researchers from the University of Cairo have published their work in a specialized journal, in which their findings on the mummy of the pharaoh Amenhotep I are found. These scientists used a method to scan the body without touching the strips that protect it.

This mummysee next pix is Amenhotep I, second king of the 18th dynasty, who reigned between 1525 and 1504 BC. The younger son of Ahmôsis and Ahmès-Néfertary was exhumed in 1881 in Luxor, Egypt. It represents the only mummy whose strips, wrapped on the body of the deceased, have never been unrolled by the researchers, in order to preserve the appearance of it at best. The body was kept in the Cairo Museum. (source)

Frankly, does a corpse belong in a museum? Are mummies just corpses? Do they deserve our respect, or are they just objects of curiosity for jaded tourists? They are fed up with all this bullshit. A little fresh air would do us so much good. I’d like the Earth to stop so I go outSerge Gainsbourg, for his beloved Jane Birkin Our old world is too worn out. It can only walk on its head. Backwards, what’s worse.


Amenhotep I

In order to identify the causes of the former king’s death, scientists opted for a particularly modern and cutting-edge method: tomography. Thanks to this 3D analysis, they were able to see that Amenhotep 1 took a gold belt and thirty amulets in his last locker room, which he measured 1m69 and was circumcised. It would also have the remains of a very good dentition.

Another important and unprecedented find: the sovereign’s brain was still present and intact. Indeed, he is the last mummy to have had this chance. Or this peculiarity. “It seems that Amenhotep 1 resembled his father… He had a small chin, a fine nose, curly hair and the same maxillary prognathism,” says the expert. (source)


Black Magic

The question arises as to why his brain hasn’t been removed. But right now, that’s the least of my concerns. I think of all these mummies raped in the name of stupid science. It’s time to leave them alone once and for all. Besides, they were raped by donkeys.

If mummies are archons still alive but more very valiant, or semi-dead shadows like the ancient seers of Nagualism, or post-mortem zombified robots like the undead I saw in Haiti, why worry? It is disgusting. Let us forget them in their unhealthy delirium and respect the pain of families.  

Because the oldest mummies still have family, relationship, kinship. Black magic is eternal. It has followers in all parts of the world. The most important personalities can indulge in it without restraint or scruple. The more famous we are, the less human we are. The richer we are, the less we give. The more respectable we are, the less we deserve respect.

What do you want? This world is ruled by narcissistic perverts who would be better off in a lunatic asylum, in a psychiatric hospital, anywhere rather than at the helm of the ships we inhabit with trembling.




We’re in the middle of the Dark Ages, the sinister kali yuga. It started four millennia ago and we’re not done with it. It could go on for several centuries before a new golden age. Some visionaries speak of four hundred years of patience! Four hundred years of announced decline, already well underway. In this long corridor of darkness, will there still be room for light, love, joy?

Friendship, warmth, empathy, open contact … Cultivate these indispensable qualities now. Follow the path that has heart. Your example will bear witness. The good people are so fearful, ready to swallow all the horrors. They peddle the most fanciful predictions, as long as they are atrocious, inevitable, terrifying and irremediable. Poison merchants have a lot of fun. The worse the potion is, the more the fool buys.

Yet nothing is done. It is still possible to reverse this process. If the warriors of light accept to grow and rise, their clear light will spread with unconditional love. If everyone who believes in the future of humans takes a step forward, the rotten will tremble. If the righteous reveal themselves, the scoundrels will flee. If unconditional love replaces ordinary hatred, the archons will disappear without a trace. All garbage will be incinerated cleanly. Without further pollution.


Heart Duty

It’s never too late to do the right thing. If you feel too weary, too weak and fragile, if you consider your insignificance with despair, I know the way to galvanize you. It was taught and transmitted in all ancient cults and even long before our antiquity. It is an impenetrable mystery for people today who have forgotten everything. Over the eons, this mystery has been transmitted orally in several clans. I belong to one of these clans, that of the Wolf.

My clan’s vocation is that which the Naguals exercise, to be an open door to the other world, that of awakening. Between them, the Wolves are called passing companions, because they offer a way to enlightenment. Fear must be overcome. Avoid the pitfall of clarity and the power trap. Then face old age, which sooner or later will win… These are the four enemies of the warrior, who must dominate them to climb the seven degrees of awakening. Then the warrior will be ready for his last fight.

Be passers-by, Jesus said. I have been a passer-by apprentice for ten years, a passing companion for twenty years, and now I’m a passing master of the Heart Duty — a very pleasant duty that I don’t want to shirk for anything in the world. Contact me.




There is only one thing bad in you: you think you have eternity before you.
Carlos Castaneda