Awakening Energy



One of the great wonders of the Atlantean science is undoubtedly the Vril energy. We have seen how this was used atmospheric electricity in remote Antiquity.

The Vril worked perfectly two thousand years before the invention -hum – electricity! The curious thing is that its trivial function, which is almost that of ordinary electricity, remained in use through the centuries until recently. Everything happens as if the magic of electricity had never been forgotten a long time …

But besides this trivial use, I ascertained that the Vril energy had a sacred function, that of turning the man into a god, by restoring the lost powers resulting from the synchronous use of the two cerebral hemispheres.

Vril carefully measured increased the voltage of the central nervous system and triggered a rise of kundalini.




The technique was quite complex and hazardous, so after being perfectly mastered by the Atlanteans, accurate knowledge was gradually lost – transmitted only to the initiated as the Levites only entitled to handle the Ark of the Covenant.

What matter the time, the continent and the circumstances, it seems that our ancestors have always sought awakening, enlightenment and inner wholeness.

Other techniques have been used for this same purpose. The bas-relief above shows the use of Vril chambers  where insiders received a heavenly baptism very effective. I figure out these vril chambres on the model of the hyperbaric chambers for divers or the sensory deprivation boxes of the 80s. 

Note the presence of electrical cables connecting the boxes to generators. Lying naked in this box, the applicant received his baptism in pril. The properly adjusted discharge assured enlightenment without major risks.

Note also that the cables are connected to the boxes by a large lotus flower, symbol of enlightenment: the flower of the blue lotus was consumed for its psychic powers, such as the stimulation of kundalini that causes awakening. On the box stretches a serpent, symbol of the kundalini that unfolds. You can see also the filament in a light bulb. Both interpretations are very compatible.




This relief shows two giants handling kind of equipment – including the djed pillar – as well as much smaller people, involved in the current activity whatsoever. As can be expected, unanimous Egyptologists regard the djed pillar as some sort of allegory that they are the only ones who know. As I’m not an Egyptologist, I see what everyone sees, appliance, electrical machine that was used for something useful, like causing a surge of energy, for example. Certainly you can attain the same aim using sexual ways that the Egyptians knew certainly.
The djed pillar is often depicted with arms, here to support a coffered. This way of creating the contact clearly reminds vril, ie electricity principles.

If Garzia did not understand this sacred aspect of the antique electricity, he was nevertheless convinced of the electrical use of the pyramids: “The U.S. and Egyptian pyramids were placed on a layer of mica, a natural electrical insulator still used nowadays” (source)Garzia, loc. cit.

This layer of mica was obviously used to isolate a building subjected to strong electrical voltages, so that the load is not grounded. The Ancients wanted obviously to recover this valuable energy.




The conical “pyramid” of Silbury, near Avebury in Wiltshire(UK)shows clearly the different uses of atmospheric electricity in the distant past. This type of pyramid abounds in our regions. Most of them are not listed, nor even noticed: they are part of the landscape. If available in your area, please send me a picture!

These hills are of two types: some with leveled top, forming a wide flat surface, are called the Thrones of Solomon, ie pre-ancient flying crafts airstrips. Others, such as Silbury Hill, are former lightning sensors and vibrates very low on the Bovis scale. Needless to climb, dangerous to extend your presence at the top, unless you know how to take lightning with your bare hands …


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