Awakening Energy


Jura. Monday, May 23, 2022, at 2:50 p.m., a thunderstorm hunter captured lightning. The hallucinating photo of lightning hitting La Tour-du-Meix. A rare, frightening image too. The Voice of the Jura reassures us: a lot of material damage, but without injuries.


The Tower Struck Down

I could not dream of a better intro for this article, which will tell us precisely about this: how lightning can awaken the one who receives it in good conditions. If there had been someone in that Tower of Lightning, he would no longer be there to tell us about his awakening. Luckily, the Tower was empty.

Do not look for a tower, there is none. Lightning fell on a tree, perhaps on an oak half hidden by lightning. But in turn, none. That’s the name of the village. Still, when I came across this news, my blood was only one turn.du Meix?

For me, the lightning that falls on a tower is well-known. A real refrain. The initiatory Tarot, commonly called tarot of Marseille, chose this symbol to show the awakening.


Death of the little king

This is the arcanum XVI The Tower. See opposite, a little modified by my graphic designer who respects nothing. Jean Dodal must turn in his grave, poor! Imagier and master cartier, Dodal is the author of this tarot, beautifully restored by J-Cl. Flornoy, master cartier in Sainte-Suzanne in Mayenne.

He too must turn in the tomb that his son François carved for him in the cemetery of Sainte-Suzanne. Wherever he is, I know he reads me.

The original image of Dodal does not have this blue-roy background, nor these lightning too realistic. There is indeed a flash, or rather blue gray sparks, kind of flames that fall from the sun on the tower and break the crenellated terrace. Forgive Iks, my new graphic designer. The addition of these flashes is justified. We have always known that lightning can give awakening: I-Ching confirms.

A crowned terrace. The crown of the little king, the name then given to the ego. He is king until the queen takes his place. The queen of awakening, lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning of conscience, flight towards the white light, the gift of Isis… and descent.

The ego is the only part of human being which will not know awakening (Lamaist proverb)


Your double is in you

Two men find themselves on the ground after the rise of energy: your double and you. In front of the tower, you who have just awakened. Behind the half-hidden tower, your twin brother, your astral double.

Now the awakening is consummated, the double or soul or aura is in you. An inner voice, a kind of physical instinct, will guide him on a daily basis, in all decisions, through all the trials of his life.

The image opposite is too modern, too. The two characters are going to get very hurt by picking themselves up — especially the double who chooses in the precipice. Descent into hell for him!  It’s strange, inappropriate, very disconcerting, and it doesn’t really speak to me. Like what does not draw arcana who wants. You have to understand first.

The original image is just perfect. An addition impoverishes it, remove a detail the remains too. The classical masters were careful not to hide any secrets. Significant details are present. Only the colors and spelling of the arcana vary.

At that time the spelling was not fixed. All the same, Jean Dodal goes very hard with his Papesse who becomes the Pancès, L’ÉtoileThe Star Le-Toille, and the Chariot Le-Charior.

I do not believe in chance. Dodal has an idea behind his head and he lets us guess. The first meaning of divinatory tarot is the need for everyone to guess what is hiding. Nothing is trivial, nothing is useless.




Everlasting vril

But this intro is long. By the way! When it comes to awakening energy, tarot is useful, but much less than vril.

One of the great wonders of Atlantean science is undoubtedly vril energy. I have already shown in detail how this atmospheric electricity was used in ancient times. You will find at the end of the article the list of topics that deal with this issue.

The most curious in the trivial function of vril energy. Almost that of ordinary electricity, it remained in use through the centuries until recently. It seems that no researcher has been moved so far. Everything happens as if the fairy electricity had never been forgotten for a very long time…

But beside this trivial use, I gained the certainty that the Vril energy had a sacred function, that of transforming man into god in restoring the lost powers that result from the synchronous use of the two cerebral hemispheres.  The carefully dosed vril increased the electrical tension of the central nervous system and triggered a rise of kundalini. 


The awakening in a box

The technique was probably very complex, which explains why after having been perfectly mastered by the Atlantean and Hyperborean Gods, the exact knowledge, transmitted only to the initiates, was gradually lost.

Thus the Bible teaches us that the Levites alone were empowered to wield the Ark of the Covenant. The reason for this was very simple: the divine Ark could awaken as well as kill. Such is the power of the vril energy. Nietsche is right to say this: What does not kill you makes you stronger. The opposite, alas, is equally true: What does not make you stronger, kills you.



Whatever the time, latitude and circumstances, it seems that our ancestors always sought awakening, enlightenment and inner fullness. It seems that our masters, the terraformers from Alcor, were our initiators in this field as in many others.


Perpetual lamps

However, perpetual lamps still shine without a source of energy known since ancient times. Several Jewish, Greek, Roman, Arab, ancient or medieval authors report the discoveries of these lamps that never go out.

The Bible Exodus 27-20, describes the tabernacle of the Hebrews decorated with an eternal lamp. Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome six centuries before our era, besides his legendary ability to control lightning, passed to possess an eternal lamp in the dome of his temple. Plutarch wrote that a lamp was constantly lit at the entrance of the sanctuary of Jupiter-Amon. The priests had told her that she had been burning like this for years and that neither wind nor water could do anything against her flame.



The Greek historian Pausanias (70 CE) saw in the temple of Minerva a golden lamp that illuminated for a year without the need to fill it with oil. The Greek author Lucien (120-180 CE) in a temple in Hierapolis, saw a hyper-luminous jewel. It was embedded in a golden head of the great goddess Hera “and the entire temple radiates as if it were lit by myriads of candles”. (inmysteriam website, insecure)

Countless techniques have been used for the same purpose. The Egyptian bas-relief that follows shows the use of what I believe to be caissons in Vril, on the model of hyperbaric caissons of divers or sensory deprivation caissons used for introspective purposes in the 80s.

Note that these sensory isolation boxes developed by John Lilly do not use vril energy. You are totally isolated from the outside world, almost recreating the sensations of a fetus in the matrix. Roughly, because the fetus is in a noisy environment: my intrauterine memories attest to this.

Locking someone in a box is very often to give him awakening. This box is as well a sarcophagus like that of the King in the room of Horus, a box of sensory insulation like that of John Lilly, or the Egyptian box that we see.


The awakening chamber

Note the presence of electrical cables connecting the Egyptian boxes to what appear to be generators. Lying naked in this chamber, the postulant received his baptism in vril. The discharge properly regulated ensured the awakening without major risks.

It should also be noted that the cables are connected to the caissons by a large lotus flower, symbol of awakening: the blue lotus flower was consumed for its psychic powers, like the stimulation of the kundalini that causes awakening. On the caisson is a snake, symbol of the unfolding kundalini. You can also see the filament in an oversized electric bulb. The two interpretations are very compatible.

On the bas-relief, giants handle an apparatus where we find the djed pillar with two hands and boxes connected to the box by an electric cable, probably generators. We also see smaller beings, probably human, who participate in the current activity, whatever it is. As can be expected, Egyptologists unanimously see in the djed pillar I do not know what allegory they are the only ones to know.




I am not an Egyptologist, I see what common sense shows me, a device supplying vril, an electric machine that is used to cause a rise in energy, for example. Of course, there are a host of other naughty ways that the Egyptians had to know too.  

Rejuvenation chamber

The djed pillar is often represented with arms, which here support one of the caissons. This way of creating contact reminds of vril. In ancient Egyptian, djed means stability, duration. A hint that leads me to think that the djed could serve to prolong the existence of mortal gods, such as soma for Hindu gods, ambrosia for Olympian gods and mead for Celtic gods. A little boost, and hop, the DNA was rectified, the subject rejuvenated.

That’s what this image tells me. All the images speak, even though few people understand their language. The different scenes of the bas-reliefs or Egyptian frescoes are so precise that one can think that each detail is significant, as on the arcana of the initiatory Tarot. We have no right to neglect a single one.

The djed is not a symbol, it is a precious device, of major utility, hence its omnipresence in Egyptian iconography. This fascinating country would have gathered only goatherds in rags if it had not received the Atlantean heritage.

Several Egyptologists have grasped the electrical use of pyramids: “American and Egyptian pyramids were laid on a layer of mica, natural electrical insulation still used today” (inmysteriam, not secured website) This mica layer was clearly used to isolate a building subjected to high electrical voltages, so that the load was not grounded. The ancients wanted to recover this precious energy for three sacred or profane uses.


Avebury, Wiltshire, UK

The conical “pyramid” of Silbury, near Avebury in Wiltshire (UK) perfectly shows the different uses of atmospheric electricity in the distant past. This type of pyramid abounds in our regions. Most of them are not listed or even noticed as they are part of the landscape.   If there are any near you, please send me a photo!

These collinettes are of two types: some have the leveled top, so as to form a large flat surface, they are Thrones of Solomon, ie airstrips of very ancient flying machines. Others, like Silbury Hill, are old lightning sensors and vibrate very low on the Bovis scale. No need to climb, dangerous to prolong your presence at its summit, unless you know how to take lightning with your bare hands…







Ancient Awakening






Unconditional love

It alone opens all the doors.



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