Children Of The Beast


The Snake created us, he was our instructor and our ally, he learned everything, we were his people, and by the magic of a new religion the Snake became the Beast, the devil who wants us to lose. Here is the funny fake (hi)story that the Bible tells us. Once again there is a complete reversal of values. The Kali Yuga has struck again!

We remember this episode of the Garden of Eden when the Serpent, vile tempter, incites Eve and Adam to taste the forbidden fruit. Let us see what the Gnostic version look like, which is very close to the original Sumerian version

“Then came the Wise among all, the one who has been called the Beast, he told them: “God told you not to eat the tree of knowledge?” Eve replied: “He told us: Not only don’t eat it, but don’t even touch it, otherwise you will die.” The Beast said: “Don’t worry, not only you will not die, but you will have the knowledge. God knows that if you eat it, your mind will become clear and you will be like him, you will distinguish those who are evil from those who are good. It is out of jealousy that God wants to prevent you from eating it.” Indeed, when they had eaten it, the light of knowledge illuminated them.  Enlightened, they realized that their shame was moot. Naked, they desired each other, and in the light they became lovers. Thus their creators were men like them. They conceived a great contempt of that. They had understood everything.” (source)Nag Hammadi, NHC 119.15



In fact, it is an awakening process that is described here. Big difference with the biblical version, which suggests the exact opposite! What is this tree which fruit gives enlightenment? The primitive societies had a penchant for awakening: by trepanning, the absorption of drugs, through musical trance, or even by an electric shock, the Vril, from a condenser as the Ankh or the Ark of the Covenant, or the Vril of lightning. Would the awakening be also edible?

In the epic of Gilgamesh, when the giant king discovers that the gods are only men, he is very disappointed too. Their longevity and rejuvenation come from a magic potion. A plant decoction gives them centuries of youth. But it does not make them better so far. Is it possible that food can give enlightenment? According to the text, it would be a fruit or another tree product, a seed, a flower, or something else? From what plant? We wonder.

Why is the Snake the symbol of Tiamata? There is the homophony between Beast, Serpent and Instructor. Would there be other reasons? Antony West gives a good one: the serpent is the double helix of DNA, on which worked the Great Goddess Tiamata. It is also the double helix of some galaxies and it is the waving tail of comets, according to Velikovsky. We all come from a large serpent in the sky, every one of us, gods like men.



There is another snake than DNA or comet. It is in us like DNA, and it is also in the sky like a comet, but it is neither one nor the other. It has a close relationship with enlightenment, so much that it is the cause, or the event itself. In the sky, is the quicksilver serpent of lightning the cause of the manifestation of the storm? A snake sleeps in us like lightning sleeps before the storm. Where is it hiding? At the top of the cumulonimbus, or down, in the parched earth, who calls it? The serpent of the sky is pure energy.

The one sleeping in us is too. It sleeps until awakening. Its wake will be ours. Nestled at the base of our vertebral spine, in the last vertebra, the coccyx, it sleeps. They said in the Middle Ages that all the bones can burn except this last vertebra. The coccyx was deemed non-combustible, so the kundalini of the burnt to death  witches was indestructible.

Nowadays, employees of crematorium do not confirm this belief. I guess their ovens are much too hot …

When the Snake of the kundalini spreads, its powerful energy nourishes our chakras, their rotation transmutes it from threshold to threshold, and through the narrow door of the fontanel we are connected to the Universal Energy, the divine lightning. When the snake of lightning embraces the serpent of kundalini, our mind embraces the Holy Spirit, the light illuminates us, the almightiness is given back to us. The Serpent People was this people of awake guys that primitive men took for gods because of their almightiness.




The sun rises. The crowd is lonely. And tomorrow? Solidary? Thousands of awake people make spin the chakras of the Earth. And now, the animals also have an individual soul. Some of us have noticed it. And soon, millions of awake people, women, children, men, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, swallows. Their crowd is the new prophet. United on Earth, they are the leaven that raises the dough. When the global snake will spread in the biosphere, it will be the end of the circular time. The real beginning.


It is given to all humans to know themselves and control themselves.