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The third and final session of the Flying Wolves will start on March 4th. It will happen quickly given the rush that I already record. This year, the enthusiasm is at its peak and I am pleased. In January, we inaugurate the formula of 4 packs, eight Wolves per pack. In February, five packs of 4 to 6 Wolves, not to mention the non-attached. The Louves impose themselves, thanks to them. And in March? Will we see the triumph of the Louves? I sincerely hope so.


Flying She-Wolves

The She-Wolves are direct, tactile, ruffled. All hungry for wonder, curious, laughing and loving. Envy creates the astral intention that realizes and materializes it in this plane. No diktat, no exclusive. Horde, pack or clan, everyone may speak freely. The group decides. The clan takes precedence over its hordes. The horde takes precedence over its packs. The pack takes precedence over its wolves.

Wolves are nature, naive, breathtaking. Wolf and She-Wolf, the lieutenants are connected. They are one with the nagual in charge of the pack. Any nagual is a door. I am a door open to elsewhere. You are free to cross my threshold. No one comes back unscathed. Some will think they’re loosing their reason: it won’t be. Howerver please keep in mind the nagual is neither a confessor nor a psychotherapist. Subtle architect, he creates fields of force in the astral that are as many security barriers. Illusory, probably…


A rare experience

Some will not remember anything. For them, this caution is unnecessary. Their astral journey remains unknown to them, like almost all their usual dreams … However, the experience is not useless, far from it. It will bring new vitality, new energy. They will be positive. Bye depression, bye the anguish: during the astral journey they will be connected with their deep self. Peace will settle inside. Inner harmony will cleanse their subtle nerves, so to speak, the channels of kundalini. You will be fine ready for new adventures.

Why talk about losing your mind? It turns out that conscious astral travel is likely to seriously undermine the most entrenched convictions. To discover, point by point, that reality is not in the camp we thought it was, to realize without doubt possible that there is another reality more real than the one we think, to evolve in infinite space and turn back time, to fly as easily as we walk, all these evidences of the astral are surprising. But the surprise is not overwhelming, quite the contrary. No chance of being trapped in nothingness or in other horror.



Open minds will welcome such an opportunity. So I am speaking to them here. They will know what few have experienced. However, they will not think they are Harry Potter. Astral flight has nothing to do with a part of quidditch. To enter the magical world, there is no need to fill a wall between two station platforms, even if they were Victorians. To understand what it is, practice is essential. After which no one sees magic in the same eye.


The dressing of perceptions

It is a mechanism whose understanding can facilitate the ordering of astral memories. As we move freely in a parallel world, the brain has not left the sleeping body. When he wakes up, he takes over. The memories of the dream undergo an alteration that comes from the brain, it is the dressing of perceptions. The brain of the dreamer replaces the protagonists of his dream by friends, acquaintances or family members. Don’t take it for granted. The truth is elsewhere. The illusion comes from a brain program that wants at all costs to avoid trauma to the dreamer. So the brain systematically replaces people and circumstances with others, which it borrows from the personal register of the dreamer.

The people, scenery and events of the dream are altered. Thus, in the sessions of January and February, many dreamers thought they were evolving in a climate of war, some even citing Russia, the countries of the east, Russian music, mujiks or other characters straight out of Michael Strogoff. Again, we have to blame the dressing. Thus the secrets of the other world are protected, trivialized, made incomprehensible by bugs and distortions from the brain and its constraining programs.

That is why, when you send me emails in such disguise, I will try to translate them by comparing them with my own memories or those of the other Wolves. Little by little, bits after bits, the Collective Dream will lose its inconsistency. Your true memories will then emerge by reading the Pack’s reports. That is why it is useful to inform me of your memories, as inconsistent as they seem to you. Unity is strength. Each piece of the puzzle reconstructs the Dream.


More information

You will find in my pages what to complete your knowledge of the astral world. Even if the best way to achieve knowing is to register…

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Third session from 4 to 19 March 2023

Please make yourself known by using the contact form. As soon as you receive the confirmation email, you can send me back your photo of the day. It serves me to read your aura in case a subtle impossibility prevents you from joining the flying pack. Then make a donation through the form on each page.

To make the astral journey accessible to all, the participation remains fixed at 20€. I ask those who can give more to make a generous gesture and help me during this particularly difficult time. Thank you in advance, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.



A warrior treats the world as an infinite mystery,and what people do as an unlimited folly.
Carlos Castaneda