“The Gods Came From Hyperborea”


“The gods came from Hyperborea,” wrote Plato. Hyperborea, the Greek word, is understood as “beyond Borea” which is the wind of the north pole. Literally, it means “Above the North Pole”. This poses a famous problem. If this continent was above the pole, it had to be suspended in the air. At these words, academics turn pale. Their reasons fail. Lining my sail, I drink my ale.


Dwarfs that we are

What is above the North Pole? The sky and nothing else. No specialist, Hellenistic or not, dared draw the necessary conclusions. They swoon, they sign, “Heresy! they cry out in chorus. To the profanator!”  The most furious are carried away with great sleeve effects in a cloud of dust. Rather than a flying machine, they prefer a thousand times the craziest assumptions. They cite the archives of China, India or Japan which mention the Northern Mountain as the origin of the former gods. Because there is no mountain at the North Pole, they cling to the theory of pole shift — a phenomenon that was very much in the past…

When their mental universe falters, historians forget their science. They are ready for all anachronisms. And scientists fall back on ignorance. For years I have been accumulating presumptions and then evidence of this evidence. We are children of a very advanced civilization. It has left many traces, especially in our religions. All the gods, ancient and modern, are representatives of this ancient culture — not so ancient as we think, because it’s still there. And not just in legends or religions. She watches over her flock.

It does not care about individual existences. It protects its global creation, the human species. This same humanity put in danger by the chorus of those who should guide it to the light of knowledge, and who are content to escort it to the abyss of superstition, falsehood and definitive destruction. They think they are scientists, they think they are superior, they have forgotten the essential. We are dwarfs on the shoulders of giants.



Quavering Academics

Do you think it bothers them? Baseless myths, they say. Vain legends! Children’s tales. A mountain on the ice? Impossible to support. So they pinch the translation of Hyperborea. Hyper means above. No, they say. Hyper means beyond. Beyond the North Pole? What does that mean? Coming from Europe, beyond the North Pole is the Bering Strait. Absurd. Let’s go back to Plato. Hyperborea is located above the north pole, it is not a mountain, he explains, but “a temple in the sky”.

All that remains is the hypothesis of a flying machine. Detestable supposition that makes the quavering academics shudder. They resist claws and teeth, not hesitating to ridicule all those who, like me, seriously explore this possibility. And if they can’t, they get drunk to forget. Even drunk, we don’t forget Hyperborea.

For those lucky enough to have escaped academic indoctrination, admitting the evidence will be less of a problem. One day, I hope, they will see the beginning of our history. And the myth of creation will take on a new youth. And the former gods will find their place: the one that suits planetary planners, terraformers. And the one that belongs to highly gifted geneticists, creators of our species.

Austere Plato

Dear Plato! I shot you down in flames, I shot you with red balls, I ironed your many misunderstandings, your myth of the cave, your intelligibles, your logos, but you are the one who describes Atlantis, the one who names Hyperborea. About Atlantis,you’re a bit messy, you must admit. But the truth is so incredible. The most credible of the Greek philosophers, the most educated, is you, certainly. Please don’t take offence to my preference for Heraclitus — not obscure in my eyes. Isn’it a pity we know such a little part of his work.

Dear Plato! In spite of your mistakes, or thanks to them, you have given me a lot. How severe and serious you are! Austere disciple of Socrates, you were anything but a joker. What did you say about Hyperborea? Oh yes! “a temple in the sky”! It is difficult to be more explicit. It seems that scholars have skipped this chapter …


Dear Weysen

Which did not stop Alfred Weysen, an honest and open-minded researcher, from overcoming this incompetence.

The gods came from Hyperborea. So thought the Greeks, the Etruscans, the Pelasgians, the Lydians of Asia Minor. The legend of Pythagoras and Orpheus confirms this. For the Egyptians, it is the Amenti. And the latest archaeological discoveries This text dates from 1986 in Soviet Colchis (Djavakhèti chain) reveal an exceptional civilization (mining, metallurgy, breeding, agriculture, colored glass vases) in -2500.

Not far from there, in the steppes of Nogaisk, west of the Caspian Sea, country of the former Eastern Ligurians, a civilization existed as early as -5000, destroyed by the Mongols in +1500. On the eastern shore, Uzbekistan reveals a civilization as advanced, with extraordinary dams that still exist thanks to a lime more resistant than stone, with aqueducts of 60 kilometers.”  (source)Alfred Weysen, Île des Veilleurs, Robert Laffont 1986

And the list is far from exhaustive. The narrow, overrated, proud vision of our history is undermined by a thousand inconsistencies that, in the long run, reduce it to nothing. It takes a lot of bad faith to resist it. To cling claws and teeth to the umpteenth variable of adjustment that comes to save in extremis their ideal from its inevitable ruin.

The quarrel of the ancients and the moderns will know its ultimate remake. And who will win? Us. I mean, humanity as a whole. Sooner or later, the children who come will put their eyes in front of the holes. The reign of shortsighted is coming to an end. Finally!



Our Dawn

They came over a billion years ago. They started the development. That was the edge. Then they left, letting time do its work and finishing theirs. They came back several times over the eons. They have developed countless forms of life. They have experimented, found mistakes, modified genetic programs. Giant reptiles have taken possession of the planet, their reign lasted between 100 and 165 million years, according to current science. (source)

It may still last, very close to us, a few kilometres under our feet. Our planet is hollow. It is home to an inland ocean of fresh water, beautifully filtered by the kilometres of rock it had to cross. But that’s another story… True or false, dinosaurs have inhabited this planet for much longer than we, so-called superior mammals… Another superiority complex! And insects? Ants, bees, termites? Inferior! exclaims the chorus of proud scientists. Insects, come on! They are tiny beings!! Naïve objection. Are we not in the eyes of the Titans, the giants, the Cyclops?


Hidden Golden Dawn

After the dinosaurs, it was the turn of mammals. Not today’s, far from it. Gradual appearance, slow evolution of reptiles towards proto-mammals. By and large, the first hairy, udder-bearing mammals, our true ancestors, are sixty billion years old. But it will take almost as long for Homo Sapiens to appear.

The theory of evolution is confirmed here. It cannot be questioned, any more than we can throw under the carpet the countless missing links that mark its course. These holes weaken this theory so much that it risks ruin. The evolution is very real, indisputable even. Nevertheless, it took more than a nudge to make him skip steps. Even better, to redirect it in a direction favorable to life.

Golden is our dawn. The gold comes from Alcor. These interventions are those of our tutors, the Bible Watchers. Their vigilance can be understood. When we went to the trouble of terraforming this planet to make it a paradise favorable to life, when we helped this same life so that it was the best developed, when we spent there, excuse me a little, more than a billion years, you can rest assured that we value it. The least that can be done is to guard jealously to ensure that no grain of sand comes to stop the evolutionary mechanics. Hence the many nudges that erased the missing links. Hence the thousand benefits in kind that they gave to nature. Every time we congratulate ourselves, down here, on the wonders of nature, we owe it to them, our beloved golden nature.

Absolutely! We are far from the classic chronology, and it feels good to get out of this straitjacket.


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What about the very beginning of the Great All?


All that is pure is undrinkable.
Paul Claudel