Avalon Magic Island


It is a mythical island dear to the heart of the Welsh people. It is called Avalon. An island, a garden, a paradise… a hell too. This place closes, far from men, is populated only by priestesses. These elect are the disciples of Cerridwen the black goddess, primordial ancestor to whom they address offerings and prayers. They are also magicians and fairies, subject to their queen, the fairy Morgana.


Where is it?

In Arthurian legend, Avalon is an island. Does it exist? Where? Has Arthur himself lived? So many unanswered questions. Or with too many answers… believe without believing, such is the warrior’s motto.

If one wants to place it somewhere on earth, the location of the island of Avalon is uncertain. Avalon represents the last refuge of the Celtic tradition, for this reason the island corresponds more to Ireland, but also to all legendary finis terrae: Ys, Hesperides, Eden, the islands in the North of the World, Atlantis, Mu, Punt, Lemuria, Hyperborea

English tradition does not make it an island: it places Avalon on the site of Glastonbury, in the Sommerset, around the sacred hill of the Tor. For the English, it was also in Glastonbury that King Arthur and his wife Guinevere would be buried in the ruins of the abbey. No need to look for their graves, they will remain untraceable forever, like that of Merlin.

Of course, the Breton tradition repatriates Avalon to Brittany, identifying it with another island of witches or fairies, the island of Sein. But other Breton regions share this treasure, eager to own the magical island. The Morbihan identifies it with the Île aux Moines and its monastery which serves as a place of retreat. Finistère, besides the island of Sein, located Avalon in the bay of Audierne, or even off Concarneau, like the city of Ys.

The Côtes d’Armor designates the sunken island of Nazado, at the foot of the Minquiers plateau where for all recognition and respect, cursed disbelievers erect a lot of wind turbines. During my walks on the customs road above the wild beaches of Erquy, I can see their bloody silhouettes tearing the sea horizon. 

When I was 19, I was a singer. I didn’t see the future in pink, not knowing that I would witness it in my lifetime:

When they’ve bled all four veins
When they’ve spoiled soil and sea
They will reach the distant stars
Thru universe peddling their plague.
(source)Excerpt from a song I wrote in 1988


World map of Gilles Robert de Vaugondy (1752) showing the Hesperides islands in the West Indies.


The island of Cerridwen

On Avalon, the sacred island of the Celtic tradition, the Druidesses honor a former goddess wise among the wise, queen of magicians, popess of druids. Queen of the West, Water and Autumn, Cerridwen is the initiator of all magic. Queen of witches in Welsh mythology, beautiful as day, strong as four men, she has the guard of the cauldron of knowledge. Moving and metamorphic goddess, she can change appearance and inhabit various forms. She gives men fertility, regeneration, inspiration. Goddess of the Underworld and mistress of death, she can also grant them rebirth and cure all their ills thanks to her magical caduceus which she will give to Hermes.

Cerridwen has been revered since the earliest times of Celtic civilizations. Some authors even think that it was already honoured in pre-celtic times. This detail may shock some: it is a reptilian humanoid, like Lilith in the biblical tradition. As you can imagine, his animal is the snake. She had a son, the most beautiful child in the world, who was raised as a prince and became the famous Taliesin bard, often mistaken for Merlin.

The apple orchard

In Celtic thought, an island is not necessarily surrounded by water. It is more generally a place isolated, or separated from the rest of the world. Thus in my department, the Côtes d’Armor, is a pretty village named Belle Île en Terre,Nice Island on Earth to differentiate it from Belle Île en Mer.Nice Island on Sea Its name shows that Belle Île en Terre is not an island. Neither is Avalon. Like the Garden of the Hesperides which is not an island, nor even a garden.

In Gaul, Avalon means the apple orchard. An orchard that accentuates its resemblance to the Garden of Hesperides, where golden apples grew. One of the twelve works of Hercules aka Herakles is to bring back three. It’s not as easy as it seems. This garden is inaccessible. And the apples are kept by a dragon.

Avalon? Hesperides? I have every reason to believe that the two are one. If you find the fabulous garden, you will find the mythical island. One can only go there after having received a form of initiation: one must know how to call the boat that leads there, but also know how to get there on foot, through a boggy maze. 


The Snake Magician — right, the caduceus in its original form


The Ancient Underworld

There is another place that requires the same initiation: the Greco-Latin Underworld. To get in, you have to be able to call a smuggler who takes you in his boat. His name is Charon.  The Greek Underworld, whether damned or not, is surrounded by five rivers, the Styx, the Lethe, the Archer, the Phelegethon and the Cocytus. The abode of the dead is not Christian hell, populated by demons who skewer the damned and cast them into the furnace. No fire in the Greek Underworld. No demons either. A smuggler on his black boat, a river to cross and the impossibility of getting out forever. Orpheus tried to bring out his beloved Eurydice, his attempt ended in the failure that we know.

The island of Avalon is not the land of the dead, but the gateway to another world. Arthur’s stay in his womb is indeed not definitive, the world awaiting the return of the king who must intervene sooner or later. So it has no real-world location. Like Hyperborea, the great island in the North of the world, divided into four districts by four rivers — the four islands forming only one.

In fact, Arthur is led on a boat by three sisters, and the reference to apples in the name of Avalon recalls his dimension of immortality, which is eternal life only by default: Arthur’s wounds are not curable. The Greek mythological tradition gives parallel elements with the barque of Charon the gatekeeper of the Underworld and the golden apples of the garden of the Hesperides, which are also at the end of the world in a garden, that is to say a closed place.

This garden is that of Eden, or Atlantis. Golden apples are simply tomatoes, as the Italians still call them: pomodoro, golden apple. Fruit or vegetable, the tomato has the shape of an apple. Unknown in Europe, it only grows in America, like the potato. The central mount is none other than Olympus, the abode of the former gods, which is also the central mount of the wandering planet Hyperborea Nibiru.


The North of the World

The four islands in the North of the World are the origin of the Tuatha De Danaan, or Dana Ann — those of the Goddess Dana. They master Druidism in all these aspects: healing, science, divination, magic. Their great knowledge was taught to them by the so-called primordial druids: Failias, Goirias, Findias, Muirias. Before their departure, the primordial druids left the People of Dana four objects of power: Peter of Fàl, Irresistible Lance, Sword of Victory, Cauldron of plenty. These objects are often called magical, I hold them for pure technology.


Avalon has four gates, four accesses like Atlantis and like Hyperborea. No coincidence in that. Each gate is guarded by an elected one: two fairies, two elves. Ceridwen guards the western gate with Ana for the North, Lug for the East, Rama for the South.

Rama is called Nuada in the Irish tradition. He is the god of war, so he was compared to Mars. For me, Mars and Rama are one. Ana is the great primordial goddess, who is also called Dana or Dana Ahn, that is, Dana the ancestor — Ahn means ancestor in German, a language that my friend Alain Aillet holds for a faithful mirror of the language of the origins, the language of the former gods.

In the Bible, Ana becomes Anna or Anne, mother of Samuel and wife of Elkana.(source)1Sa 1 Guess where this Elkana was born? Elk Ana was born in Rama, city of the tribe of Benjamin.(source) It is not invented!

In turn, before leaving this plan, the people of Dana passed on knowledge and wisdom to the first Celts and Vikings. Very large, they belonged to the Black People, the first conqueror of this planet under the orders of Rama.


The large island floating above the North Pole.


The Domain of the Gods

Here it is, the domain of the gods. It is a large island in space, a giant ark, a mother ship. That is why we will search in vain for its trace on earth. The Christian paradise is called Eden. I was taught as a child that heaven is in the sky. If the friend Anton Parks still reads me, he who insists on looking for Eden on earth, I suggest him to study cathechism.

The Great Ark is divided into four quarters, each the size of a continent. One of these was the island of Avalon. Yes, an island, because the four divine continents were separated by four rivers, the four rivers of the Garden of Eden mentioned in the Bible. Arthur’s legend says it’s impossible to get there on foot. Swamps with quicksand make the rescue of a smuggler essential.

In the center of the big island is a steep mountain topped by the divine domain. Yes, like the Olympus of the Greeks, like Mount Meru of the Hindus, like the paradise of the Chinese… The legends follow and complement each other. As a good climber, couldn’t Arthur climb the mountain? He could if he had been Hermes. The messenger of the gods had pretty little wings on his heels, which allowed him to cross the sky to Olympus.

Singularly, while the Greeks relocated Olympus to their home, they dared not do so for Hyperborea.  They admit that it was in the northern sky. Like the Hindus and like the Chinese, who made it a high mountain. At the North Pole? What mountain? This is what Hyperborea means: above the north pole. Hence the Great Ark.


Antique technology

The other story that I teach involves revisiting all our assumptions. How can we explain our origin without referring to innumerable mythologies, to all religions, to all legends that cannot be understood without admitting a technicality, an engineering, a technological development not compatible with the age of the caves?

Since 2008, I have written many articles on this topic. For a little, I could repeat the famous formula: I am the voice that cries in the desert. That’s exactly how I feel on the evening of my life. Rather than repeat myself for the umpteenth time, I refer my reader to these investigations. You can find the list here:  

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If Christianity had been arrested in its growth by some mortal disease, the world would have been mithraic.
Ernest Renan