The Star of David


A few years ago, I mentioned the Seal of Solomon, where we recognize the six-pointed star called the star of David. It does not belong to him, it comes from his god, a terrible former god whom the Jews call Hashem. He is awfully jealous and he admits it without the slightest gene. Intolerant and egotic, he sows death in humans. He flies in a firestorm and his mouth spits out a devouring fire.


When Truth Is Forgotten

This famous star does not belong only to David. It is not the exclusive domain of the Jews, as we shall see. It is believed to be widespread because it is a magical talisman. Mistake. No magic in there, in my opinion, but a technological clue, like the Undefeated Sun, like Chrism, Yin Yang, Merkaba, Tetramorph and Jesus Cross.

Historians are often serious. They only agree with archaeologists on one point: no ancient technology. Never technology in the past. Never! They shout it too loud for it to be sincere, but the crowd of followers falls into the trap. Through their fault, ignorance, stupidity and the bad times make the bed of symbolism.

Why am I so vehemently against symbolism? Because it is abused. Symbolism is so practical! We can make images we don’t understand say what we want. And the Symbolists do not deprive themselves of it, who repel at length books their smoky theories and their explanations that explain nothing but their narrowness of mind. The symbol is what’s left when truth is forgotten. 


Ignorance Triumphs

The antiques have transmitted to us not ignorance, but knowledge. Chrism depicts a concrete reality: the form and location of Hyperborea. Same for Merkaba. The Yin-Yang design is a technical scheme of capital importance. It describes the operation of a sonic motor by Atlantis’ technology.

No one will believe it for ages. It’s hard to put ideas too far ahead of the times. Nikola Tesla realized that. While his former boss, the powerful Edison, was stuffing his pockets, Tesla died in a jam. Today this powerful visionary is just a brand of cars for the upper classes. Elon Musk bought himself this name with his money. Sad world where money trumps all inner values.

But I’m dealing with ignorance. I can’t resist the pleasure of giving you a sample of the nonsense that symbolism makes the ignorant utter? The more stupid their speeches, the more serious they are!


A Universal Star

The following text is taken from a site whose sole purpose is to sell jewellery, including this famous star. The following topo has no other objective than to make buyers want. It was probably borrowed from a rabbinic or other Jewish exegesis site, which is even more delectable to me. But not only, as you will judge. Here is the statement:

The meaning of the star of David would be to represent the world through the way it was created by God. In Hinduism, the symbol of the 6-pointed star is called Shatkona: the top triangle represents the male side of the deity (Shiva) and the bottom one represents the female side (Shakti).

The hexagram thus generally represents the fusion of the male and the female, or of the elements fire and water. The Star of David is also found in the architecture of Mormon places of worship, where it represents the union of heaven and earth, with God and Man coming together. The Da Vinci Code mentions that the symbol is engraved on the ground of the Holy Chapel of Rosslyn located in Scotland.

This symbol actually encompasses all religions and races, since it dates from ancient times, long before it became a Jewish badge. (source)

Note at the beginning the use of the conditional, whose use is to induce a doubt on the truth that is announced. Here the verb would be: The meaning of the star of David would be to represent the world through the way it was created by God.

An interesting clarification follows: this “symbol” is not limited to Jews alone. The author of the text has the honesty to conclude on his own: This symbol actually encompasses all religions and races, since it dates from antiquity, long before it became a Jewish badge. 

But this universalist conclusion is intended to broaden its potential audience, by not limiting this cross to Jews alone. Still, we find it everywhere and all the time, this famous star.


The Star is Only David’s

The next text is rabbinic. He does not insist on the universality of the six-pointed star, because his purpose is religious, so he will seek to increase the Jewishness of the symbol.

Several rabbinic legends speak of its origins: it would be the coat of arms of the shield of King David, the seal of King Solomon, or an invention of Bar Kokhba, the leader of a Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire in 132 ap. J.-C. The earliest archaeological finding showing this sign is a tombstone in Taranto, Italy, dating back to the 3rd century, and the wall of a 6th century synagogue within the boundaries of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. (source)

There have been other archaeological discoveries even older, such as those of the Shaktona in India mentioned above or in Japan. But the rabbinic text does not mention it.

Thus, according to his mood and according to the goal he proposes, each one draws to himself this unfortunate star. I wanted to forget it, or rather to pass it to be interested in the seal of Solomon. We know that the great king travelled through Europe, Africa and Asia aboard a spaceship. Very little is known about this flying machine, except that it was powered by lightning, and it could not land on the ground, but on elevated platforms. An arase mountain did very well, which is why we find taft-el-suleiman, thrones of Solomon, in all Asia, starting, of course, with the Middle East.



A Ten-Pointed Star

Hashem, the god of Moses and David, is not the only one of his kind: other Hashem appeared in several places on earth. Wherever dragons dot legends and mythologies, the Hashem have plagued. And wherever they have been, they have been dictators of divine right. I will return to this one day or another. For the time being, I cannot help but note the phonetic resemblance between Hashem and Sachem, the war chief of the Sioux and other tribes of North America. Maybe I’ll come back to that as well.

As dragons, the Hashem can fly on their own. But to transport themselves over great distances, in space for example, they need a spaceship. This is precisely what the star of David represents: a spaceship of the former gods. David may have used it, but I still don’t have the evidence to prove it. Still, his distant successor, the mighty King Solomon, used it often.

It has to be seen, as Moebius perfectly showed in his Incal, the embodiment of two pyramids head-spade. The triangle, physicists tell us, is the most stable form, the one that best resists any deformation. Its 3D version, the pyramid, represents a very durable form, as evidenced by the Egyptian pyramids, especially those of the Giza plateau.

We understand that two pyramids embossed in this way can constitute the most resistant reinforcement. To support what? A crystal globe, or even crystal, made of a more technological material, more solid and perfectly transparent. Like the globe that encloses the four islands of Hyperborea. Too bad Moebius didn’t add the crystal globe on the ten ends of the double pyramids. Nevertheless this great artist got the idea of the spaceship. A ten-pointed artificial star.

This double-pyramidal form could be the signature of the former gods.  It supports the hyper-luminous globe of the wandering planet as it constitutes the framework of the atmospheric spaceships, including that of Solomon.


Thus the famous seal of Solomon would be neither a symbol nor a good luck charm, but a faithful representation of the spaceships of the former gods.



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