Fucking War


Through many monstrous storms, huge volcanic eruptions, gigantic earthquakes and tsunamis of rare violence, everlasting nuclear winters, massive and repeated destructions, numerous attacks of microscopic or giant predators, miraculously the human race has survived.

Could permanent war be the propellant of the human race? Is eternal peace the key to our survival? Is it peace that has allowed our species to survive? Is it war that allowed us to grow and prosper? The longlasting debate is not coming to an end.

This is the war that ended the developed pre-ancientstrange neologism, you can try and find better world, a planetary civilization that lasted so long that I will not tell. This world was beautiful and harmonious. For tens of millennia, it has developed with an emphasis on personal development. The ultimate goal of this civilization seems to have been the awakening, as I have amply demonstrated. The most ancient traditions, which can be expected to come from this very civilized world, give many examples of awakening technologies that have been used once .

Anyway. These wonderful light-thirsty ancestors have unfortunately committed the irreparable: a generalized atomic conflict. Ensuing nuclear winter that lasted a hundred thousand years. Geologists call it the iceage. In Europe, it says Wurm. In America, it says Wisconsin.




Their brilliant civilization did not resist. The survivors were holed up in galleries until the sun came back. After that, they have returned to hunter-gatherers by profound vocation, they enacted laws that prohibit the use of machines, and the inventors of any mechanism were hanged without trial. (source)Barjavel, Le patriarche Sustainable peace settled inviting us to believe that primitive man was peaceful. Pacific? Oh yes he was. But primitive he was not. Just a victim of the Mad Max effect. The Neolithic villages of Western Europe were not fortified. During one hundred and fifty thousand years, the former men lived in peace. 

Quite enough time to develop a civilization ten times brighter than ours. A true golden age comparing to the dark times that followed, this period marked a culmination of the Homo sapiens genotype that has not been equaled since. In fact, better than ‘the man who knows that he knows’, our quasi-divine ancestor could be called ‘the man who knows, who wants and who can.

Like the triskel, the former quasi-god was walking on three legs: they don’t live under the Law of the One, as Edgar Cayce pretends, but under that of the eternal trinity.

The Olmec art shows the comprehension and respect which once existed between human races.so called races! About the mythical island of Atlantis, the tradition says that several races lived together in harmony, some white men of European style and some black men of African style. After the disappearance of their island, representative of the two races came to America. They were “civilizing and pacifying gods, who were against human sacrifices and tribal wars, and who taught us everything.” (source)Popol Vuh, or Pop Vuh, the sacred book of Quiches Mayas.

The Egyptians also say that their were all taught once by flying humans, when they lived far to the west, in the Land of the Dead they call Amenta, aka Atlantis. They have learned the secret of peace, they have tried to preserve as long as possible despite the incessant invasions prosperous Nile has always attracted.




This universal, prosperous and friendly peace continued easily until the Ice Age, first period of deep troubles closed by the great cataclysm in – 9500 or -10500. In the chaos of this ending Ice Age, with a world to rebuild and a few available skills, a huge brawl broke out among the survivors. Pure and genuine Mad Max was back again, wearing brand new deer skin. Local conflicts expanded, warlords gathered more and more powerful clans. Even the former gods, threatened by the rise of a barbarism becoming out of control, had no choice but to use technological weapons to calm the scene.

Then it was the war of everyone vs. everyone. 
Armageddon. The Apocalypse.

And finally came the last race, the iron race, which is ours. Aren’t we dwarfs, on the shoulders of these golden giants? Aren’t we amateurs when comparing with the prodigious achievements of the Atlanteans? Aren’t we wild beasts facing a world peace that lasted one hundred and fifty millenia? Aren’t we larvae facing the gods they were? Bigger the challenge, greater the awakening – we were so small when we thought we were on top of the world. Dinosaurs made the same mistake. They disappeared. Again and again.

Again and again, as Dylan said long ago, the times they are a-changing: considering the inner beauty of new born babies, utopia is not out of reach. Be realistic: demand what’s impossible. And make it happen.


Why taking life seriously, since in any case, we never get out alive? (Alphonse Allais)


The human has this choice: let the light in or keep the shutters closed.
Henry Miller