Two Christianities

Elizabeth II’s Druidic Initiation — August 6, 1946


As a French writer, I write my articles in French. To search for the precise English translation of Christianism and Christianity, I consult Reverso. This translator places words in context. The first example makes me waver. “We are dealing with two existing Christianisms in Britain, the British and the Celts.” That’s my subject! Don’t talk to me about chance, I never believed it. Everything that happens is on purpose.



I don’t know the author, but I agree with him. Perky, I started writing this advertised article, Two Christianities. His title is so perfectly illustrated by Reverso’s quote! There are indeed two Christianisms, not only in Britain, but throughout western Europe. Catholics or Anglicans, and Celts. They have something in common, but also a major difference: they work in the opposite direction. The proto-Christianity of the Celts works for the awakening of its followers, the neo-Christian of Jesus endorses his followers.

Proto-Christianity has its origins in the Old Religion of the Druids, which itself comes from Lamaism. The very old religion of Rama — or Lama, another name for the same man. The same former god. The same Christ. As a matter of fact, Christianity has existed since the dawn of this humanity. Many Christs have succeeded each other out of love for men, who are their creatures, better still: those of their creatures that they prefer to all others. This is why Christianity has several faces. That of Jesus and that of Rama, as a first approximation. For there are many more …


Those of Rama

The Celts once constituted the People of the Sea. They accompanied Rama in his conquest of Asia. They heard and adopted his religious convictions. Rama was a charismatic master. A conqueror by seduction as much as by arms. The many abuses of the People of the Sea, the episode of the Trojan War, the story of Saïs’ priest in Solon, reported by Plato, the conquests of the wandering Eskwandering people, all lead us to believe that Rama was a powerful war leader. The Ramayana makes chorus there, when he tells us the war of Rama and the king of monkeys Hanuman against the demon Rakshasa on the island of Sri Lanka, to free Sita that the monster held captive. The missiles Rama uses don’t look like love words.

Yet the man is a seducer. He charms and seduces many women. He fascinates all those who approach him. When he preaches, he can convince even his detractors. So we must distinguish several periods in his long life, the first being that of a druid healer, the second that of a conqueror, the third that of a civilizer, the fourth that of a Christ. In fact, his life was so long and so eventful that it could be divided into more than four periods.



True and False

In truth, Christianity is a religion — or a wisdom? — much older than the alleged Jesus. There were already Christs in the deepest antiquity. Apollo, Prometheus, Orpheus, Mithras, Esaus and others have played the role of saviour among men.  The new church, that of the promoters of Jesus, had to make us forget these precedents, which weakened their invented Christ. It was therefore necessary to dress neo-Christian with ancient adornments. Question old oripeaux, the homophony Ésus/ Jesus is not the least. One letter added to Christ Esus, we get Iesus and the trick is done!

In fact of earlier Christs, there was not only Aesus. Far from it! That is why the Catholic clergy never says Jesus without adding Christ, as if it were his last name. Thus, when a Christian adventure comes upon the word Christ, he immediately thinks that it is Jesus. Admirable machinery of those who believe themselves saints — who are only unhealthy.

Christ means the initiate, literally the one who received the anointing of holy oil. An initiate is a man of knowledge who has received revelations concerning the divine, the sacred, our forgotten history, holiness, awakening, right behavior, the other world, life after death, etc.


With water or oil?

In fact, Jesus had to be content with the water of the Jordan. It was in this river of Israel that the baptism of Jesus was celebrated by John the Baptist, whose name means the baptizer. He did not baptize only Jesus, of course. Did all those whom John baptized become Christs? Of course not. This makes another mistake that adds to the list I mentioned. Stricto sensu, Jesus is not a Christ, since he was not anointed. As sacred as it is to the Hebrews, the water of the Jordan is not a holy oil, the use of which is reserved for the elect. Another mistake in the Gospels, which are definitely full of them!


Son of an archangel?

Let us now consider the hypothesis where Jesus would have really existed, where his life would have unfolded as the holy texts tell us. Gospel Word: Gabriel impregnated the Virgin Mary, and the child who was born from it rightly deserves to be called the Son of the Archangel. His powers over matter are exceptional. Would they come from his Father? But who is his real father? The archangel Gabriel? Joseph? The one God?

Let’s get rid of Joseph. He raised another man’s kid, taught him a trade, that of a carpenter who did not serve him much other than to carry a beam on the mount of the tortured. Gabriel? In this case, Jesus is not the son of God, but the son of a fallen angel, who came down to earth to impregnate humans, as the Bible says.



Son of the Only?

So? Is he really the son of the one God? Come on! The gods are innumerable, as all mythologies claim, as well as the oldest religions, the Egyptian and the Hindu. The ancient Egyptians worshiped a type of humanoid gods headed by animals. Genetic manips? Vedism and Shivism have the same humanoid gods, while claiming that there were 30 million! Even the sacred mythology of the Hebrews, in the Torah, mentions a good dozen different gods, all unique, obviously. 

The concept of one god is based on confusion between the supermen I call the former gods and the impersonal Source. The one god is the decadent invention of the Hebrews tyrannized by an ancient dragon of the reptilian people.

Who are you, Jesus? A pure and simple invention? Impossible to go that far. It can be a minor phenomenon. His critics see him as a prophet whose importance has been inflated. The cabalistic texts call him the Prince of Matter, which is another name for the demon.


New with the old

Apart from the New Testament and the non-canonical gospels in the manuscripts of the Dead Sea and Nag Hammadi, there is no text that speaks of Jesus. So his followers embroidered. Here and there they have swiped anecdotes belonging to other prophets, other Christs, other gods, supposing that there would only be fire. (source) Improbable Jesus

The little Jesus and his childhood were largely borrowed from Krishna and Hinduism. The teachings that the child Jesus gives to the Sanhedrin are not based on anything palpable. Esus Christus is the real model from which this golden legend was forged, too beautiful to be true. The previous Christian model was called Sol Invictus. His Christ was Mithra. This Unbeaten Sun is none other than the mother ship Hyperborea, the Solar Ark of the former gods, terraformers of this planet. That’s what I believe — without believing, of course.

Let us draw the ladder: the religion of Jesus is that of falsehood and fake. Neo-Christians worship a ghost, son of the wind, a bastard of nothingness born not of a virgin but of the brain of a desperate penitent. He had to save a civilization that was sinking into the violence of despair. He had to use all these buildings of a Roman religion that no longer existed. It was necessary to recycle the ancient truths before they sink into total oblivion. But above all, it was necessary to avoid resurrecting the various religions of awakening, because the awakened are a dangerous calamity within a people of sleepers, so easy to handle.



The old and the new

Through the opaque screen of inventions, erasures, additions and substitutions, it is essential to differentiate between the two Christianism, the Celtic and the Roman.  They are like the two biblical testaments, the old and the new. Proto-Christianity and New Christianity. While the New Testament is the foundation of Jesus’ New Christianity, the Old Testament is not the foundation of Proto-Christianity. It would be too simple. You have to add the Ramayana and quite a few other sacred mythologies.

Everything is in the Old Testament. Including horrors. It is the mythological account of our distant past, as told by the Assyrian tablets, the precious archives of Sumer and Mesopotamia. These precious tablets contain the laws of Assyria, treatises on science and mathematics, but also some of the events that once marked this part of the world. Once: a long time ago. Anton Parks used it in The Girku Chronicles to tell his fictional version of the gods of Sumer.

I myself have recourse to it when it comes to verifying a protohistoric fact of which I was the astral witness. These tablets, as precious as they are, do not give us enough information about the old religion. When they were engraved by the calame of the scribe, this religion was still valid, it was the only one known. The Assyrian laws are one of the reflections. Yet they are of no help to our subject, the two Christianism. It is impossible to count on them to recognize the true of the false.

The calame or calamus is a pointed reed used for writing: dry on clay tablets. It gave its characteristic shape to the cuneiform writing: small triangles, fruits of the sinking of the calame in the soft clay. (source)


The passerby

As true as the Old Testament is profoundly different from the Gospels, the two Christianisms have nothing to do with each other. The first, which goes back well before the so-called antiquity period, I named it the old Druid religion, but it would be better named the first religion. The Druids taught it, but Druidism covers such a long period of time that it has taken many faces. A distinction should then be made between Rama’s Christianity, that of Ana, that of Ama, that of Apollo, that of Prometheus, that of Orpheus, that of Athena, that of Thot, that of Gilgamesh, that of Ganesh, that of Shiva, that of Mithras, that of Esaus, that of Isis, that of Lug, that of Cuchulainn… And the list goes on!

There were not only males in this initiatory function. That is why I mentioned Christesses. The holy anointing of Isis, true initiation through awakening, was made neither of water nor of oil. It was lightning that gave it. And my benefactor, the late Jean-Claude Flornoy, received this baptism by lightning at the Mayenne in 1989. This initiate is therefore an authentic son of Isis.

Christianism is not two, it is ten, it is one hundred. Proto-Christianism has a point in common that the new does not have: they are mystery religions, whose only assumed purpose is the awakening of practitioners. We find this awakening religion in the mysteries of the Middle Ages. The tradition of sacred construction emerges around the year 1000, from ancient memories vivified by some initiates.

The brotherhood of the medieval Masters and Companions had a precious title, awarded only to the masters of mystery. This title was a passing companion of duty. By the way, because the companion does not linger on a sacred site, there remains the time it takes, neither more, nor less. Passing also because through it passes the apprentice. The passing companion is a passage, a door to the other world, that of awakening. The passing companion is an initiate, a living Christ, who initiates in his turn, for this is his duty.



Dead end

Nowadays, the companionship of the brotherhoods of builders has forgotten what concerns awakening. The current companions are skilled craftsmen, the most skilled in their art. But they threw the baby with the bath water. Wanting to rejuvenate medieval practices, they gave up the sacred, without knowing or caring. And the priests who guide the neo-Christians have also forgotten everything. Starting with respect for the child. Verily I say unto you, that which ye do to the least of mine ye do unto me.” Word of Jesus.

How could they be passing companions of duty? They are quite the opposite. When I think that they have become incapable of such a simple gesture as the consecration of wine! This church of lies must be forgotten. It is high time it fell into oblivion. It is urgent.

Proto-Christianity was a path of awakening opened by initiates, the Passers-by, while neo-Christian is a dead end where the faithful blessed by an ignorant, impassant, fall asleep.


When you think you get all the answers, the universe comes and changes all the questions.
Jorge F. Pinto