Mindfulness is in fashion, it’s all about it. It doesn’t surprise me. The less we have, the more we talk about it. See these divers above: they are forced to mindfulness. Now you, in the subway, you don’t care. You’re wrong, mindfulness is everywhere. It’s all the time. A leap forward that makes you feel good. I’ve been practicing since childhood. Act, play the game, it’s worth it.


March in Lent

Mindfulness is an empty fashion or a lifestyle. Choose. Lifestyle? Bravo! It’s for you. Just realize. Your life goes by, your work wears you out and you, always faster, you go more empty. What does your well-being matter? Your masters send you away. React.

Being empty is not awkward, it all depends on what emptiness. The empty head your winning ticket. Mindfulness is body awareness. More than your mind, your belly is aware of what is imposed on you: always stress and promises, always deny yourself for three deniers, always drool over unwashed cobblestones.

A pressure cooker, if there is not a valve that lets out the steam, it explodes. (Guy Savoy)



Reverse your priorities. Your need for change is extreme. You can imagine it: as charity, changing begins with yourself. Without this evidence, no awareness. No change in meaning. No rebirth. No pending packages.

In such a case, how is it done? By loving oneself. By rising. By exposing oneself. By immersing oneself. By investing oneself.

The warrior acts. Always. But he never expects results from his action. (Carlos Castaneda)



Mindfulness refers to an attitude of attention, presence and awareness that can be internal (sensations, thoughts, emotions, actions, motivations, etc.) or external (to the surrounding world, noises, objects, events, etc.).

It is an ancient Indian notion, samma-sati in pali, samyak-smriti in Sanskrit, the right attention. Associated with the teaching of the historical Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, it plays an important role in Buddhism where mindfulness is a necessary step towards liberation (bodhi or spiritual awakening); it is one of the members of the noble eightfold path.

Without giving it that name, without worrying about ephemeral fashions, I practice self-awareness since my youngest age, very surprised to discover that it is fashion while if we see the facts, very few people do like me. It is true that very few people behave like warriors.

He who conquers himself is the most valiant of warriors. (Boudica)


Reach Your Top

Self-awareness should allow you to climb within yourself to the top. The climax of your vertigo. From there, you look at the world, it looks like nothing. There are two of you. One of you already knows all this, but it’s a discovery for you. This you, perched on the roof of you, does not know that another you lives under the same roof as you. Your inner world does not look like much.

You cannot learn and progress without your contradictions. (Diwan Shams Tabrîzî)


Console yourself, that’s it. It’s been so long since the outside world looked like nothing.




The humility of the warrior of light is not that of Tartuffe. This character that Molière painted with vitriol is never sincere. Of humility, Tartuffe has little. What he displays in the eyes of others is only simulacrum and pretence. Tartuffe strives to appear what he is not, while the warrior mocks to appear. To be humble and sincere, he does not need to make any effort. The other reality is enough to fill him with humility.

The shock of constant contact with the vastness out there has emptied him of all manners, good and bad. When you empty water from a jug, you can put better nectar in it, said Boethius. It is by emptying one’s pride that one can acquire true humility, that of the heart, not that of words.

Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius, commonly known as Boethius, was born around 480 in Rome and sentenced to death in 524 in Pavia by Theodoric the Great. He was privileged witness of the last fires of the Roman Empire. A politician and philosopher, Boethius occupies a fundamental place in the transmission of ancient philosophy in the West. His translation into Latin of the logical work of Aristotle, as well as his commentary by Porphyry of Tyre, had a decisive influence on medieval philosophy. (Wikipedia)

Make the effort to improve yourself, always listen to your inner self. When awakening comes, beautiful humility is given you in addition.

The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of a spectator and calls it self-confidence. The warrior seeks to be impeccable in his own eyes and calls it humility. (Carlos Castaneda)


Remember to observe

It is a question of succeeding in emptying the head always overcrowded by becoming aware of the body through our different senses. Mindfulness allows, through meditation, to reach the supra-consciousness that keeps the mind in the present moment. Mindfulness is not new: it is derived from sati, a central point of Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It is based on Zen, vipassanā and Tibetan meditation techniques.

Sati, literally “memory” or “retention“, translated as mindfulness, is an essential part of Buddhist practice. It is summed up by the adage of remembering to observe. At every moment, whoever we are, wherever we are and whatever we do, kill the automatisms, get out of its mechanical torpor and remember to observe. (source)https://www.css.ch/fr/clients-prives/ma-sante/sante-psychique/relaxation/entrainement-pleine-conscience.html

These recommendations can be found everywhere these days. They are aimed at the ordinary man as well as the trendy woman. Always on the lookout for what is being done, what will distinguish her, stand out from the crowd, give her a rewarding image of herself. Mindfulness is not for this fool. Achieving your full cognitive, creative, active, meditative potential requires a higher level of requirement.

Change quickly or get a replacement on short notice.

The bird of freedom flies in a straight line and never stops. (Carlos Castaneda)




Mindfulness is focused on the present moment – here and now – while having an attitude of acceptance and openness without passing judgment. This practice helps to be more focused/e and more relaxed/e. It is not rocket science: you can learn it, train and easily integrate it into your daily life. This is perhaps the most magical! (source)https://www.css.ch/fr/clients-prives/ma-sante/sante-psychique/relaxation/entrainement-pleine-conscience.html

This practice as it is described seems pointless or absurd. Will it help at any time of the day? With regular practice, will you quickly notice the changes that mindfulness brings you? I have a healthy doubt… Under the guise of an innocuous practice, would it in fact be a sneaky plan hatched by vicious people?

Learn to distinguish between legitimate mistrust and paranoia. The archons are our masters, they have been in charge of this planet for eons, long before our appearance on stage they already played major operas. They have no scruples, they interfere in our consciousness to indoctrinate us, they make the reign of matter flourish and lead us to glorify money, comfort, material goods. Understand that they do so for the good of our species, at least they believe it.


For A Change

But they are not responsible for all our mistakes. Many are blamed for our negligence, laziness or lack of attention. We can remedy this; each of us has the necessary resources to develop and eventually achieve the realization of his full potential. I can show you how: come see me.

Anyone can decide to change. To change any habit, to give up this or that defect. All you have to do is want it very hard and give yourself the means. No method replaces the will and the intention. The courses I organize are intended to help you turn to your deep essence.

You will not be so easily able to stop. I know you’re stubborn, but it does not matter. The more you’re stubborn, the better you become when you’ll finally manage to change.  (Carlos Castaneda)


The reki sessions of Erquy will have a first result, the elevation of your vibratory rate. From this first threshold, your feelings will change. You’re going to feel different. It’s the other you that comes out. Say hello and celebrate. To really be yourself, you’re not too two.


Reki School

The second kiss cool effect is awakening. The rise of energy, the ultimate prelude to awakening, rarely occurs during reki, but it has been seen. After the internship, when you find yourself in your living environment, you will measure the importance of change. The internship makes you a new being, it was hidden behind your ego. The delayed effect: you are you only when leaving. And your awakening will take some time. It all depends on your awareness and your current level.

Rest assured, these questions will be raised during the internship. Each of these points will be addressed. I anticipate the arrival of each trainee through scalar waves or in astral presence.

For my reki d’Erquy, there are no contraindications to my knowledge. I have never met one after 25 years of practice. However, we are never careful enough with energy issues, energy surges, body exits and other phenomena quite normal, which can however confuse the neophyte. Also, when registering, I can ask several questions to better understand the expectation, the personality of the intern, his potential difficulties and his background.




Awaken your consciousness, your awakening will be all the more conscious. But always the empty head. Thought is not consciousness. Its crazy smoke misleads you. Forget to think, if you think about it. Think about forgetting just before. Who thinks lies. Dispense.

This game is called I’m worth the candle. It makes you dizzy, your brain smokes, puts oil on the fire, that all your thoughts burn, and you too, you burn with impatience, is not science that wants, it is a whole nard. Very nice painting. Words are sounds, singing lessons without the senses. Add the meaning, the music of Saint Saëns is intense, dance, which dance thinks, that the only senses that count are the five senses, the sensual sensation of the blood circulating in your veins, deep bodies make more than meaning.

Sound precedes meaning: it is metaconsciousness. It does not judge, it dances. It does not think, it cures. It makes your belly full. Its game frees you from thinking about foiling your thought.

Is it intense? Is it huge? Who starts? The basket or its handle? Where do you go to swim? In the cove or in the cove?

“Metaconsciousness is having a thought about your thoughts, what you feel, what you do, what you are,” says the idiot from the neuron village. Of course not! Metaconsciousness laughs at the brain, neurons and thoughts spent thinking thoughts. The game of crazy words belies the I mode.

Reread this sentence, reread the paragraph, reread the entire article, reread Eden Saga the entire site, 1600 posts as accurate as this one, it will calm you, Gentlemen Axles of Heaven. You useless fiddle. I ideal futile. Both crazy badass.


Sleepy Awakening

If you still wonder what enlightenment is, know that it is the most natural thing in the world. Although enlightenment is not of the world. He brings you into another world. The astral plane, the Castaneda‘s separate reality, the way of the Dream. There is the ordinary dream and the lucid dream. Waking transforms it into a controlled dream, ie the Castanedian Dream or Nagual Dream, more real than our simulated reality.

Controlling the lucid dream ensures that the dreamer avoids unpleasant, distressing or simply painful situations. The dreamer in consciousness can thus move in “this immensity out there” without fear of aggressions. Archons ladies and gentlemen will not bother you.


Your Awaiting Double

Why is awakening the most natural thing? Because it is our goal at all. In consciousness or not, we are immersed in this material life to realize all our possibilities, develop all our virtualities. Our complete fulfillment is not limited to matter. Oh no. Cultivating your body is good. Meeting your double is infinitely better.

With awakening, the double that accompanies us in our sleep becomes incarnate in us. He becomes our inner god. His guidance keeps us in a world of light and serenity. We finally have the courage and strength that we lacked to complete our achievement. To flourish to bear beautiful fruits. Become the one you are deeply. Wake up. While remaining in the world, no longer be only in the world.

A warrior treats the world as an infinite mystery,and what people do as an unlimited folly. (Carlos Castaneda)



No judgment

Mindfulness consists of attention focused on the present moment, while having an attitude of acceptance and openness without passing judgment.

At first, mindfulness practice is the perfect prelude to awakening. It begins by expanding the morning routine. We get up in peace. We have a peaceful meal. We always eat when we wake up, always. A juice is not enough.

If you can’t do it, don’t be mad. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t condemn yourself. Don’t doubt for a second. Focused on your goal, deliverance is near. You know the efforts to make, what to improve. Your past mistakes dance around your eyes to taunt you. Don’t blame yourself. No judgment, it’s the most important.


Become aware of your body. Enjoy your breakfast. Start the day in full consciousness. Cool relax. Your room is a barge that takes you to the end of the horizon, where the river meets the sea. The ocean of your life dies on the shore for you to live. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t blame yourself. You’re an impeccable warrior.

Take your time, don’t let time take you. Hurry slowly. Mindfulness is the right remedy for your eternal distraction. You walk four times from the living room to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the garage, from your bedroom to the living room. Four times in a row, or more. Because every time you forget what you came for.

Mindfulness addresses it. You know what you want, where you are, where you’re going, and why you’re going. You remember yourself. You remember everything. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t hurry. Don’t bother.



Bare head. Enjoy the lunch break to enjoy mindfulness with your meal. You discover the taste you had forgotten. You come back from stress with a fierce, invincible desire. The desire to be yourself. The desire to love yourself as you are, as your mother would. Become your own mother. Serve yourself the soup. As she did for you, with all the love of the world.

Breathe deeply. When you walk, be aware of your every step. Synchronize walking and breathing. Recognize the scents of the garden, the square, the trees and the singing of the birds. Be aware of the slightest noise, twig cracking, sound of water stirred in the pond, a fish has plunged, you would like to imitate it.

Bare-headed. Who’s stopping you? Dive, swim, take a deep breath and go underwater. That’s good. The sensations on your skin take you back to childhood. The quiet joy of simply existing. All the joys of children are simple. Thanks to their simplicity, they last a lifetime.

Sensations, feelings, emotions do not need thoughts. Your head will remain empty and peaceful as long as you cultivate your feelings. Stay in your body, feel your skin, play your muscles, move, move gently. Act. The self-aware warrior always acts, never stops acting. Do like him. Act. Without waiting for the result of your action, act. Bare-headed, with no crown.



Remember the Self

Cultivating mindfulness leads to remembering oneself. Finding oneself again. To marry oneself, without idolatry, without excess, without effusion, without imbecility. Just to say “I love you”. The good it does, even if it’s not true. Try to love yourself for real. If you do, you’ll stay in full consciousness forever.

And the memory that will come to you is not of you, not of yourself, but of the Self.   “Tat Twam Asi, You Are That.”   Innumerable are we, there is only one Self.


If reality interested people, they would turn off the TV to look out the window.
Jean Yanne