Open, attentive, lucid


Open, attentive, lucid. Perceiving, feeling, seeing. Knowing how to see yourself without disappointing yourself. Open to the inexplicable. Stop the device filtering messages from the senses. It’s not our senses that fool us, it’s our brain and its damn programs. Attentive to anomalies too. They reveal the supernatural. The unreal. The surreal. Lucid beautiful dreams, filter the lie, skip the extension, practice the dive of the sponge fisherman that remorse gnaws at Pons en Saintonge.

Let’s go

Open, attentive, lucid. Nothing escapes you. No one is avoiding you. Nothing fools you. No one accuses you. Your mirror is everywhere you look. Your story is everywhere that concerns you. You walk alone. You don’t know where your footsteps are leading you, but you’re going straight ahead. Without failing. Without weakening. Without firing a shot. Without running away. Let’s go companions, let’s take a good step towards the heart of ourselves, towards the crux of the problem, towards the meaning of the mytheme, the taboo of the totem.

Open to everyone, attentive to detail, lucid at close range. At the end, however. Water boils for so long. A moment. Lucid is biding your time. Attentive to the pond. Open on Sunday. And your hands on her hips. Out of the water makes the board. And her pink and white skin where your prose flows in a bouquet of periwinkles out of the watertight partitions of your plank hut.

Lucid and even translucent. Lucid to the point of seeing the invisible.

Open wide open kind. Kind 7×7 and 24×24. Like all the time. No way to average. We take everything. The run of the mill. Anyone. Everybody. We don’t sort, says the striking postman. He’s a faction. In the evening, he acts as the invoicing factotum for dummy companies. Everything is bogus. He invents as he breathes. It’s a tic. He takes whatever comes. Another tic. As he says: Must not sort. Not sorting out tics. That’s all him.


Brain programs? Evident! Any computer without a program is just a heap of inert matter. Our mental computer, too, needs programs to function. Tricky, the programs. You can’t go where you want with these damn pre-buggy programs. Who made them? What vicious splendid spawned these wonders of productive Machiavellianism? I stick with it. And no answer! A great curly silence runs through the disassembly. A little jerk can’t help but tease me. He yells: It’s nature, hey, asshole!

Nature!! Fuck off! When it’s left to work, one can see the dreadful damage. Ravages, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, typhoons, blizzards, ice, lava, nature goes for it! And if we let it do, it doesn’t know how to stop. It cultivates disproportion and disharmony. How come? In detail, it is magnificent. Overall, it lacks consistency. One has to help. When admiring the sublime composition of certain panoramas, I say that one helped.

Belly + Spirit

Attentive first to yourself. Open to your own body. Lucid about it. You know your internal organs, you know how to heal yourself by the power of the Spirit – I am not saying the mind, it can do nothing against the efficiency of the belly and the power of the spirit. Pay attention to the messages that your organs broadcast to you. Read them all. Learn to recognize them, to decipher them. Respond to their content. Many of the organic functions hitherto managed by your body without your help or consent are now under your conscious responsibility.

Be lucid about what is going on in you. Learn to recognize the warning signs of dysfunction before they even turn into ailments or infections. Now you are responsible for your matter, your thoughts or your non-thoughts, your actions or your non-actions. The consequences of any negligence would be damaging, even fatal. Assume. Accepted. Take action. Whoever polishes his inner healer is protected against diseases.

Inner Healer

Restarting your inner healer is quite simple. You got to find someone able to restore your energetic scheme – kundalini canal and side canals – at its optimal level. If not, I can do this for you. I can unlock any chakra blockage in order to make energy stronger and more helpful for you. You have to comme here and spend 4-day internship. Click on CONTACT at the bottom of the page. Please mention on the form : internship appliance.


Thank you for the beautiful trust you place in me. It will be necessary, believe me. And trust yourself first: you will always be your best guide. Take care of your body, take care of yourself, of the superb material and spiritual machine which constitutes the three people in you : your body of glory, your body of awakening, your forgotten physical body.

Your body is your responsibility. Its care depends of you. His health rests on your shoulders alone. It’s about sharpening your inner healer. Furbishing your first attention, aiming your second attention, please do not let a single bit slip out of the net of your heightened consciousness. Do you know? It is for you this great show. For you alone, abalone. Enjoy and let it go.

Ooooh! How beautiful! …



The 26 states of the warrior

Alert. Awake. Ready. In shape. Lively. Fast. Slow. Complete. Attentive. Committed. Voluntary. Offensive. Bold. Intrepid. Courageous. Solid. Stable. Calm. Collected. Sensitive. Visionary. Prophet. Hermit. Wanderer. Beggar. Fool.

No one is more enslaved than the one who falsely thinks he is free. (Goethe)

These 26 states combine, complement and oppose. They unite to weave your new entity. The warrior of light who sleeps deep inside you has just awakened. Everything changes, but yes, even you. You can feel it in you. Your body speaks to you. Head empty, without thinking, suddenly you know. Your body tells you. This is how the ego that reigns over all your thoughts is bypassed. So stop thinking. Control will come back to you and your body will use it.

These are incomprehensible things until you have experienced them. You too will meet that, you will recognize yourself, you will know how to do it, you will be able to even talk about it … but you will still not understand. Welcome to the world of mystery where the body guides you and the Spirit acts, beyond the mind, behind the back of the ego.

What awaits you

Maybe tomorrow you’ll have to manage your heartbeat. The health of your liver. The beauty of your skin. The colour of your eyes. Perhaps tomorrow, when human life will last 300 years, after the milk teeth will come three other tooth growths instead of just one: one at 130 years old, the last at 200. Our damaged organs will be able to regenerate, our limbs cut off. will grow back, our size will exceed 3 meters. Lucidity, attention, openness will be the new motto of the nation, under the aegis of the clem, free community of europe and the Mediterranean.

Tomorrow it will be fine, tomorrow it will be light, tomorrow it will be mild, tomorrow winter is dead, tomorrow no more seasons, tomorrow love, joy, life. Why not today ?

What awaits you, you wait for it. What you want, you already have it. But you don’t know. What you want is already there. You don’t accept it. No one can give you anything that you don’t already have. No one can take anything from you that you haven’t already given up. Nobody can do anything against you, you can do a lot for a lot.

What you give comes back to you a hundredfold. Give happiness, you will receive the honey of the earth, the joy of the body and the sun of the heart.


Imagine a moment that never ends. Except on a day like any other, the moment stops dead in its tracks, and it’s as if it never existed. Is this endless moment your life? A brief moment. It seems infinite to you when you are small, interminable when you are young, durable when you are mature, fragile when you are old, nothing when you are dead.

Unless ? Yeah, unless it continues on the other side? Who can look you straight in the eye and say: Rest assured, death is nothing. Who can be sure?

Before the big departure, don’t be smart. If you don’t believe in the other world, if you deny life after life, take Woody’s good advice: take some bread, some wine and a good book anyway.

Eternity is a long time. Especially towards the end. (Woody Allen)





Two men looked through the bars of their prison. One saw mud, the other stars.
Idries Shah