Heaven Decides


No matter where you are, when you pray to your god, you’ve always look at the sky. Why? This is a very surprising reality, which is explained in a hundred juvenile or idiotic ways. The symbol comes out a big winner. Scientists can soap the washing board, but they haven’t cleaned anything. Whatever we do, the dirt sticks to the neurons. Symbolism? Come on! The gods of heaven are written in our genes because they come from the gods.



Stalking prejudice, breaking old clichés, how many preconceived ideas have fallen on me? I feel like an ant at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, a poor insect crushed in front of the huge metal mass. All I can say, all I can explain, all I can do is connect the dots, but the people’s long hibernation is killing minds and innovation. One day, the Saga under my arm, I’ll go pitch my tent in Valhalla.

I woke up and I saw that everyone was still asleep. So I went back to sleep. (Leonardo Da Vinci)


I have explained a hundred times how the superhumans of space came to transform this wild planet into a domestic one. In the holds of their big ship, they brought everything they needed for this big job. These people are pros. Their toil bears a name: terraforming. From star to star, they scrutinize the space around them, the Great Bear, Ursa Major. As soon as they find a promising planet, they act. Their brighter ship than a star hovers over Earth. The hardest part remains to be done. They are going to do it.


Creator’s Map

I’ve given many examples of extremely old terrestrial modelling. Here’s a stronger example. At first glance. It is in the Urals, the beloved place of the former gods. The Dachka Stone, that Pr. Chuvyrov baptized Map of the Creator, tells us about a very ancient civilization, master of water, indispensable to agriculture, mining, nuclear industry. If this stone slab is what the prof claims. The sensationalist site ldi5 is being enthusiastic: “A fantastic discovery by the academics of Vachkirieou Bachkirie, but with the Russian accent… comes to throw a new pavement in the pond “very quiet”of the History of Humanity: a stone tablet representing a map in relief of the Urals, estimated at 120 million years!!” ( source: http://www.ldi5.com/ )



Okay, Dachka stone is very old, now is this a map? The author of the quoted website can always add a hundred exclamation points, I still have to ask…

One hundred and twenty million! A surprising number of years. But in terms of land development, there is a possibility that uranium mining has started…billions of years ago. When Professor Chuvyrov talks about the nuclear industry, Gabon’s reactors agree.

Do you think that terraforming does not happen in a few centuries, regardless of NASA’s Martian claims. It took millennia to tame the Earth. Eons to tame it. What are the hundred million years of this stone? This figure is not unrealistic. What is, however, is to see a map of the Urals, in relief, please! A complete feat. Back to Earth.

When Terra was drained, carved, seeded, they populated it with varieties from their genetic bank. And the Adam is a whole race, not a single individual came to inhabit this new Eden. The human being was conceived with alien genes. The material of the gods of heaven. Native of Alcor or Sirius, they came from the Great Bear.

Therefore, from wherever we are, who wants to pray to the gods turns to the heavens. Whether we kneel or bow down, we look up to the land of the gods. Our unconscious remembers them. Our eyes rise and our hearts pray to heaven. And it’s the same everywhere. The former gods have come down to Earth. For millennia, their gigantic mother ship has been suspended in the sky above the North Pole.


The Celestial Empire

Since the dawn of time — about 10,000 years old — the emperors of China carry the title of Son of Heaven — which is written: 天 子 and says: Tiānzė. (source)wikipedia It is not just an honorary title. It is a contract with Heaven. The sovereign derives his legitimate power from a Heaven’s mandate. His throne and authority have been inherited from a supernatural plan. Would the present People’s Republic of China, daughter of the Celestial Empire, still derive its legitimacy from a Heaven it seems to ignore?



Chinese culture covers an immense and complex set of achievements in the most diverse fields, the oldest of which date back to 10’000 years. Certified planetary record — if we accept the fanciful dating of Olmec civilization, to name a few. Many dates concerning America, Africa and even Europe seem far too close to be credible.

The whole memory of old China is inscribed in the ideograms — the very many characters of a unique writing, which contains its history, morals and thought. Today’s China, with its impressive continuity, is the oldest geopolitical entity in the modern world. This seniority is both its best asset and a real handicap, faced with the challenges of a technological, IT, nuclear and bio-energetic modernity.

In the last twenty years, this handicap has become relativized, since China has emerged as a big winner, to the point of leaving far behind its Russian rival, which largely dominated it in the 2000s. And China’s spectacular breakthrough in space shows how responsive its adaptive capabilities are.


Mandate from heaven

But let us return to its traditional aspect and to this famous mandate issued by the former godsThe Son of Heaven can only reign if he has received a mandate from Heaven, or heavenly mandate (天 命: Tiānmìng).  This Chinese concept appeared under the Zhou dynasty that ruled for more than eight centuries, from -1046 to -256.  This heavenly mandate is based on Heaven’s approval of virtuous leaders, which Heaven ceases to grant if they are corrupt. It made it possible to affirm the legitimacy of the power of the Emperors of China. (source)Wikipedia

By Heaven, we must mean the gods whose Heaven is the place.


Golden tongue

In order to decipher what we must hear from heaven, 天 tiân, it is time to resort to the language of origin. In this language which was that of the former gods, and to which German owes much, we find ahn, ancient, the Ancients, and ti, ty, which means at, home, in Breton. In golden language, the Chinese Sky therefore means: Home of the Ancients. It is difficult to be more explicit. Heaven is the land of the former gods, once and for all, in any culture.


As a direct consequence of mandate from Heaven, natural manifestations were interpreted as signs of Heaven. Natural disasters bore witness to the reprobation of Heaven. Thus popular rebellion became legitimate. An emperor may very well be overthrown so that a more virtuous dynasty may then be entrusted with the Mandate of Heaven.

The Mandate of Heaven has played a major role in China to compel the Emperor to keep pace in the use of his power. No article 49.3 for the Chinese emperors! No constitution either, to tell the truth. Great advantage of the Mandate: you don’t have to be noble to become emperor. Brilliant dynasties like the Han or Ming were founded by men of modest extraction. on the other hand, serious floods, large fires triggered by lightning or lasting famines were all evidence that Heaven was withdrawing its mandate from the ruling dynasty. (source)Wikipedia


Suitcase word

The heavenly mandate or mandate of the ancients, Chinese ancestral practice, would benefit from being generalized. I am speaking here to those who, like me, are lucky. As soon as my luck changes, I begin to think that divine punishment is inflicted on me. Or to speak like the Chinese, I tell myself that a mandate from heaven has been withdrawn from me. Superstition or realism? Where does luck come from? How does it turn into bad luck? Are we blessed by the gods? Is there someone above our heads who watches over us? Yes, I believe so. I explained how we are driven by an entity that wants to do us good.

An entity is not necessarily a being, whether it is superior or not. I don’t what it could be. Gigantic gods may play with us. Moebius did. He showed our fellows as pawns on the divine chessboard.


We no longer present this comic book genius, but I do it anyway. Sorry, it’s not the image I’m talking about, but what a splendour!


I shared Moebius’ point of view at a time when SciFi was not what it had become. I was obsessed with her vision of pawn men for several weeks, several months I think. It haunted my dreams. I no longer see things that way. This entity is part of me. It is not in those who have not yet experienced awakening. It hovers above them. Christians call it soul. It is a suitcase word that contains a lot of preconceived ideas, sometimes naive or even ridiculous. I also use it, probably too much. Like the notion of God, the notion of soul has passed through the centuries by changing costumes many times. Today, not two people agree on its definition.

I no longer feel that way. This entity is part of me. It is not in those who have not yet experienced awakening. It hovers above them. Christians call it soul. It is a suitcase word that contains a lot of preconceived ideas, sometimes naive, even ridiculous. I also use it, probably too much. Like the notion of God, the notion of soul has passed through the centuries by changing costumes many times. Today, not two people agree on its definition.

Common language confuses it with the centre or the heart, of which it seems to make a perfect synonym. This is false. If the heart is inside, the soul is elsewhere. Outside anyway, and never where one expects to find it. The reason is simple. The soul is another name for the aura, which is the outermost of our subtle bodies. The other subtle bodies, closer to the physical body, ensure its interface with the soul. Subtle bodies are both material and immaterial, while the soul is totally immaterial. Is it part of this world? No, as long as it’s just matter…



The goddess Ama is worshipped from the ancient West to China and Japan, as we will see later. For me, no doubt: the Mother Goddess is her, it is Ama. In Greek mythology, Zeus must be replaced by his wife who is also his sister, Hera for the Greeks or Juno for the Romans. This substitution is indeed late. It dates from the rise of patriarchy, when chauvinistic males hastily replaced archaic goddesses with gods.

In their haste, the scribes of the patriarchate have not erased traits of character and behavior that betray their scheme. Apart from running around, Zeus doesn’t do one. He flirts with anything that moves while Hera does all the work. Matriarchy is the first form of power on our planet. It lasted for tens of millennia, while the patriarchy is only 4000 years old. But in such a short time, that work the males accomplished. For a while, if we don’t look too closely, we’ll be convinced that this has always been the case.

Very soon I realized that what we were taught in textbooks had a provincial side – unimaginative, lacking air. (Hubert Reeves)

Recent discoveries reverse the steam. Reversion is still shy, and archaeologists –generally males– present these unearthings as exceptions. Thus testifies their stupor when they discovered the graves of female warriors. Heads, indisputably, considering the luxury and the apparat of the remains. I mentioned it in an article that deserves to be read.


The temple of the goddess A-Ma, in Macau, China. This city where I lived takes its name from this temple: Macau was called Ama Gao, the port of Ama, so named by the Portuguese who received the city as a gift for having chased the pirates of the China Sea. 

Ama l’âmethe soul

Strongly influenced by the language of goslings which for me takes precedence over the etymology,see further my thesis is the following. The Bible, despite episcopal or papal censorship (that of males!) cannot hide the fact that Lilith came before Adam. Similarly, Ama came before the male gods. If Ama is Hera, it is not Zeus who made us, it is she. It was Ama who ordered her niece, a brilliant geneticist, to create us.

That’s why all mythologies speak of the Mother Goddess. And that’s why I think the French word soul comes right from the name of our Mother who is in heaven on her mother ship. Vessel is a male name in French, so why don’t we call it a father ship?

In astrophysics, the term cluster refers to a large concentration of stars of fairly similar composition and age. If we question this discipline, what does it teach us? That the open cluster closest to the Earth is in the Big Dipper, or to be more exact, it is the Big Dipper and its current of stars. Indeed, most of the stars of the Big Dipper are members of an old mobile open cluster almost entirely scattered. Sirius is a former member of this cluster and the Sun is currently in the current of the Great Bear, but is not a real member, it just passes through. (source)

Gee! Ama is native of the Big Dipper precisely! What a surprise! And astrology tells us that Sirius was part of its cluster. This star is often cited in the legends of ancient countries as the origin of our creators and masters. And the Earth is part of the bride’s tail! There is a whole article herein, what’d I say? A whole new chapter in the Saga of Eden. Astronomy domines …


Âme + OurSoul + Ur = Love

This mandate from the sky is found in other Asian countries, such as Korea and Vietnam. But not in Japan, which does not need it, having even better: the Imperial House of Japan claims to descend into an unbroken lineage of the Japanese goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu.

Amaterasu O mi kami is the name and title of the Great Goddess of Shintoism, the legendary ancestor of the Japanese imperial lineage. In Japanese, O means great and kami, divinity. Now the wolf is called Okami. Omikami means wolf as well as great goddess.

Decidedly the Wolf Clan is the oldest of the clans, which draws its source from the very origin of this humanity, the fifth.



Amaterasu the Wolf is therefore the Great Goddess of the Sun. Not the star that shines in the daytime sky, but the great Sun that wildly illuminates the northern hemisphere, day and night. This great sun disappeared which generations of lonely humans have vainly waited for the return, according to the vedas. But there is something even more extraordinary.

Her name is not unexpected: Ama, again and again! The Great Mother. Ama as Soul or as Love. Ama is the heiress of Ana, the first Great Goddess. Goddess of the Undefeated Sun. This great Sun that shines without ceasing, without being concealed by clouds, without knowing the night since it is fixed above the north pole. Goddess of the Sun because she came to this wandering, hyper-luminous planet, which has settled in northern China.

In the North of all countries, moreover, as is the North Pole. Only the countries of the southern hemisphere were in semi-darkness when this artificial light shone — the mother ship Hyperborea straight from the Ursa Major.


The meaning behind the sounds

Amaterasu, Amaterasu… I kept repeating these four syllables that sounded so familiar to my ear. It must be said that the assiduous practice of the language of the goslings — and not the language of the birds too often heard — has accustomed me to hearing the hidden meaning behind the sounds. For me, first of all, words are sounds. Neither the way they are written, eroded by the centuries, nor their often phony etymology interests me in the first place. But the game of detecting the deep meaning behind the sounds, yes, that’s my favorite pastime.

Freud’s best book, the only one I recommend to read, is entitled Der Witz und seine Beziehung zum Unbewußten — The Joke and its Connexion with Unconscious. Of course, he looks for the little beast, Freud is Freud. But he also tackles an exercise that is not without evoking the language of the goslings. He does not name it, but it burns his tongue. I’m going to do it outright. I’ll explain it and give you an example. And what an example!

The name of this great goddess reads beautifully in the French language of the Goslings. Let’s cut it in three. We get Ama Terra Sous.under Terra under Ama. Our planet under the Great Goddess. Su can be written sous, ie under in French, but also zu like in Abzu, the inner world for Sumer.

In detail: Under the Great Goddess our virgin mother Ana or Ama, there is Terra, the Earth — The Latin word was formed from TER, which means three, or third. And RA, the sun. This great unbeaten sun, mother ship of the Alcorians … or Mother’s ship.

Another reading is possible, it was inspired by the study of Gnosis according to which Sophia, the Knowledge, another name of the Great Goddess, would have taken up residence in the depths of our planet. This is how the powerful telluric energies manifest themselves to all the lioving creatures as blessings of our mother Ama. In this case, Amaterasu decomposes as follows: AMA + TER + A(B)SU = Ama in the abzu of the third planet.



The world is a potential Eden, we must ensure it bears fruit.
Alejandro Jodorowsky