The End of Atlantis


On the orders of Poseidon, the almighty master of the seas, the Emperor of Atlantis, his son the giant Atlas unfolded under the sea the shackles of the cargo hold, so that the great vessel could regain its spherical shape. When what is below was like what is above, Atlantis Island was torn from the Atlantean Ocean. In the memory of Europeans and Africans, this was the day when the sun rose in the west.


The law of the males

The island ship Atlantis had once landed in the middle of the great ocean that will keep its name. Two thousand years it remained moored at the bottom, like a great dream bridge between two continents.

At that time the power was male. A divine trio reigned on the planet Terra. First of all, Zeus was the god of the gods, ruling the mother ship Hyperborea, also named Nibiru, the temple in the sky, the flying island, the heavenly paradise. Nibiru is a spherical vessel divided into four continent islands. Zeus had built a sumptuous palace on the central mount called Olympus. But Zeus’s power was limited to land, leaving the liquid element and the underworld to two other supergods. Hades was the supreme god of the world below, whom the Latins and the Hellenes called the Underworld. Other names have been given to the depths of the earth: the hollow earth, the abyss, the infra-world, the world below, the underground kingdom. These names describe a vast world under our feet, inhabited by superior beings.

A third Titan, Poseidon, reigned as absolute master over the liquid element: seas and oceans, lakes, puddles, rivers and streams. His estate was so vast that he needed assistance. The Nymphs performed this function with the elegance and efficiency of the Fairies. Poseidon had taken up residence on Atlantis, the island of the four continents made in the image of Hyperborea. The humans called it the paradise on earth, or the paradise island. It was so beautiful and so pleasant that no praise could describe it. No comparison can do it justice.

Also, in his heaven of heaven, the mighty Zeus was jealous of Atlantis. He ended up hating the island of treasures and countless pleasures. The earthly paradise cast too much shadow on his heavenly paradise. Eden floating on the Atlantean ocean, Atlantis has become his pet peeve.



Atlantis Island

Circular Island, it is moored by eight heavy chains. Its vast holds fold to improve its flotation. Large hoops folded to port and starboard to the surface, fitting so well with the floating island hull that they were barely noticed. These hoops are made of orichalque, an unknown metal on earth, which the Atlanteans obtain by sublimating the gold with liquid hydrogen. The extruded gold becomes luminous: thus we obtain the orichalque. The incredible strength of this metal goes hand in hand with its extreme lightness. 

Round and beautiful, the island of four quarters is like no other. With a diameter of 3000km, it occupies almost all of the North Atlantean Ocean. An inlet separates it from the European coasts, another from the American coasts, as Plato had written. So Atlantis Island allows humans an easy passage to the opposite continent.


Four Quarters

The floating island is a circular archipelago. Four islands take place, sharing the mother ship in four quarters, four pieces of cake. Green and pink, these islands are calm and light, four divine oases where the splendour of the landscape gives way only to the extreme softness of the climate. There grow beautiful trees, unknown on earth, which give wonderful fruits.

These islands are as beautiful as each other, yet very different. One is home to druidesses, fairies and witches. We learn magic, bewitchment, how to drive out demons, purify a body or place. The wonderful fairies teach the beautiful art of loving, being loved, satisfying and being satisfied.

An other island is populated by fierce giants who keep on fighting. They pull out huge trees and throw them in the face. No wounds on their bodies, no scars. Invulnerable as their island, they play to die, but stay alive. The trees that they pull out of their bare hands immediately grow back and multiply. Their marvelous fruits are always ripe at the right time. As soon as they are picked, other fruits wait for the hand to pick them.




The flowers are as succulent as their wonderful scents. Here we feed mainly on flavors and fragrances. You can also eat fruits, vegetables, seeds. None ever disappears, everyone is replaced in the moment you pick them. Hunters bring back game that is reborn like the phoenix as soon as it falls. The best cooks, the most expert cooks cook meals that are not served on earth even at a king’s wedding.

Nature is so different, so perfect, the arts so moving, the games so funny, captivating, the days pass like minutes and the years like a week. Unfortunate humans when their stay ends! They cannot leave Atlantis without a terrible tear. Sometimes, because the pain is so great, their hearts burst. What can they not, as soon as they leave, be reborn there like the fruits, like the game or like the trees of the giants?


Ready to take off

There is nothing eternal about staying in paradise. Time has stopped on the island. But is it? I think it’s going by. Such a hero spent three centuries there, who thought leaving to have arrived the day before. When the earth clock starts to turn again, you have to leave the edge. Row again. To find the pain of the body and the life down here that looks like death.

Upon leaving Eden, everyone knows that he will not come back. Adam and his like are mortal. Their emotions are counted. Sooner or later, they are driven away. The Adams family may run the earth and cross the seas, but Terra will never have the aura and sweetness of the land of giants and goddesses. No country here resembles the fabulous island, sweet as a hanging garden, sacred as a magical temple.

Sooner or later they will have to go home … Because the island will soon fly away.

Only Hyperboreans are at home there. Their right to stay is unlimited. I had the pleasure of meeting some of them. Prometheus confided to me that eternity, too, seems too soon past… Are the gods mortal? Prometheus confesses to me, some evening in August. We had drunk a lot. He was quite drunk. What was he doing on the island? Zeus’ nephew was fleeing the wrath of his uncle Zeus.



Mortal Gods

The gods of heaven are mortal like all the living. However they know how to make their life as long as splendid. For them, every morning is alike, the night does not exist, every moment shines with the same brilliance in the eternal day. Thus shines forth the strong and beautiful light that makes us live naked on the Unbeaten Sun. The brightness of this divine star eclipses a thousand stars. He shines so brightly that his blessed Sons, when they venture down to earth, carry with them a little of his light. And their faces illuminate the subterranean tunnels and palaces of shadow found here below. The brilliance of the Victorious Sun, which never goes out, makes the night disappear on all the earth it touches. It shines and its rays stream over the north as it turns into paradise.

In the sky or on the sea, the island is always the same. Laughing, clear and beautiful. But under the sea, its bottom is flat. Large holds are deployed when it takes off for space, the hull is made up of hoops that fold back in floating position. The half floating sphere becomes an aerial globe. And humans will be able to see a new wandering planet crossing the sky, with its cargo of gods and goddesses, nymphs and satyrs, elected and hero


A jealous god

Zeus has not said his last word. He has amazing powers. He controls lightning and appears nimble with deadly lightning. He has weapons straight out of science fiction: laser guns, flamethrowers, atomic bombs… Thanks to his close alliance with the gigantic cyclops, he possesses their deadly technology and their fiercest warriors to support his army of giants. This unrivalled power of destruction earned him his title of god of gods. We know less about its inner qualities: intrusive will, inflexible intention, vision of the future as elsewhere and of what is no longer. Like his weapons and armies, he uses these qualities for his pleasure and always succeeds in his ends.

It is not good to provoke him, because like the god of the Bible and the Torah, Zeus is a jealous god. For now, all his jealousy is focused on Atlantis, whose splendor and abundance have competed with the assets of his above-ground paradise, on the mother ship Hyperborea, certainly much larger than Atlantis, since Zeus’ ship can accommodate four Atlantis-type island ships in its holds. Only three have landed on the oceans of the blue planet: Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, the Land of Punt or Lemuria in the Indian Ocean and Mu in the Pacific Ocean.



Divine Cunning

Thanks to a skillful maneuver brilliantly executed, the mother ship of the great Zeus positioned itself above Atlantis without the Atlanteans noticing. It was enough to turn off the powerful light sources that made Hyperborea a Sun that was much more powerful than our solar star, reduced by the Great Unbeaten Sun to the pale glow of a night light. Hyperborea took on the very color of the American sky, making herself invisible to the Atlanteans just below her.

And when Atlas had activated the anti-gravity of the island ship, Atlantis was ready for takeoff…


Atlantis in danger

On the orders of Poseidon, the all-powerful master of the seas and the Emperor of Atlantis, his son, the giant Atlas, unfolded the shackles of the cargo hold, so that the great vessel could regain its spherical shape. When the underwater part was as round as the surface part, what is below was like what is above. Then, very gently, Atlantis Island was torn from the Atlantean Ocean.

But Zeus was watching. He gave the order to operate his own anti-grav system. Maximum power!! he shouted out fire. This was immediately done. And as the Hyperborean vessel regained its unbearable luster, the flying island was violently torn from the ocean. Its massive mass dug a huge chasm in the waves, which turned into a tsunami four kilometres high.

Atlantis was violently shaken, and without the reflex control of the giant Atlas, it would have been thrown into the ocean that bears his name. This catastrophe was avoided for the flying island, but not the destructive ravages that reduced to mush its four quarters, the magical gardens, the plants like animals, the temples like the mountains, while the four rivers, coming out of their course, complete the disaster.


The Sunken Island

On board Atlantis, everything was chaos and desolation. The four continents had lost their capacity. The shadow had killed the light. And while the Hyperborea sparkled with a thousand fires, while it threw its brutal rays on the furious sea, the tsunami had devastated the American coasts. Crushing everything, submerging dunes and mountains on its way, it arasa human constructions of wood as of stone. And his twin, the mighty giant wave that ran across the ocean, was already reaching the shores of Europe. The damage on this coast and in this land was even greater.

Hyperborea was shining stronger than ever. Lightning came out of it, gigantic lightning that reduced the tried Atlantis to smoldering ashes. Helpless, she lost her plate and fell into the sea in fury. The wave her fall raised was even higher than the first tsunami. And the few humans left untouched on both coasts died, crushed by the enormous mass of furious water.

Zeus was avenged. What did he care about the millions of dead? What did he care about the destruction, the ravages, the extinction of all life on this vast part of the world? Was not everything here below his? Did he not have the right of life and death over all visible or invisible creatures? Only the absolute perfection of his vengeance counted. And while at the summit of Olympus was preparing a fabulous banquet, on the mountains of the east, chilly and distraught, the last European and African survivors contemplated dazed the unprecedented spectacle of a hyper-luminous Hyperborea rising up in the western sky. 


For ever, in the memory of Eurafricans and Asians, this fateful day remained the day when the sun rose in the west.

Coming soon : Zeus’ Trial


Patience and length of time are more than strength or rage.
La Fontaine