Passage In A Bottle


This passage is not fit for a tourist. The passenger is not even human. It belongs to the invisible category. Nothing invisible to a seer! I sensed him at the first Neo reiki session. He was hovering over Cristal, an intern I know well. I felt something, and when I got out, I finally saw. A dull white silhouette, no internal light, no darkness either. Weird as well as strange …

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. (Helen Keller)


Sensitive crystal

Cristal is a regular of Eden Saga. She was active in all the adventures of the Flying Wolves. She came to me last year for an initiation course. She’s coming back now. I’m glad to see her back. Even if she is not aware of it, she is a subtle sensitive. She perceives subtle waves. The warrior remains for a long time incredulous in front of his emerging gifts.

Normal doubt. Salutary. He who receives all the gifts at once, taking lightning or electric shock for example, runs the risk of taking the merits of this awakening. He won’t even be aware of one before and one after in his life — yet it’s obvious to those around him. Cristal is a magnificent warrior. Gifted. Modest. She has exceptional gifts that she makes grow with perseverance. Still too much mind, a desire to understand everything with his head — in terms of bio-energy, the head is not qualified. The brain and its buggy programs are to be left aside.

But how hard it is to make the big leap into the void! Only a crazy woman would not hesitate. Crystal is too wise for that. Crazy wisdom. Madness of the wise…

We stink of the head. (Lao Surlam)


As soon as it arrived the night before, the 2022 Cristal was no longer the 2021 one. Very different from the person I had four memorable days with. Our agreement was perfect. This time I feel the difference. Shut up, clumsy, little listening, she chatters in the air, always justifying herself. The ego is not in place, to say the least. I’m a little frustrated that I have no real contact with her, that I feel walled in an ivory tower. I blame it on an excess of ego. But from Cristal, it surprises me. And it questions me.

Does she have any personal problems? Possible. We write to each other often, she said nothing about it. Are these troubles so disturbing that they manifest themselves by this astral presence above her? This passenger is a subtle vampire who sucks his energy and masks his joie de vivre. What did she do with her dynamism? I admit that it rubs off on me.

I do not like this astral vampirism hypothesis. The thing would be darker. Black, or it is white. Without light, but still white. What is it exactly?



See the invisible

There are three kinds of beings, according to Lewis Trondheim.picture above The living, the dead and the invisible. Here is a passenger of the third category. It takes a nagual to see it. Does he know? Why is he coming? What is he doing there? Does he want to be seen? Does he understand who is watching him? Is he waiting for something? Funny thing. Is it at least alive, if not conscious? Ghostly, spectral, but safe.

I’m calm. The thing too. Indifferent, motionless, silent, she hovers over Cristal, my intern. Never seen a thing like that — and yet I’ve seen some impossible stuff. If they’re black, mistrust. Violently dangerous. Rattlesnakes, black mambas, minute snakes. If they are bright, pale yellow or bright white, they are beneficial. Benevolent. They can give you gifts. The dangerous ones do too, but it’s to fuck your face better. 

This one doesn’t look like one or the other. The Cristal passenger is white like the brilliants, but not the right type of white. Too dull, it is extinguished like the small ship. The name of this passenger comes to me: it is a poltergeist.

Poltergeist — from the German Poltergeist; poltern, making noise and geist, spirit. Paranormal phenomenon of various noises, displacements, apparitions or disappearances of objects such as trinkets, furniture, vehicles. (source)

This shape is strictly silent. It doesn’t move either. It doesn’t move anything in the room, it just sits there. Well there. Besides, he’s got an eye on me which tickles my belly.



If it’s motionless and silent, it’s not a poltergeist. This thing would belong to the ectoplasm family. Some are quite visible, others are only seen by those who have the gift. Those whose third eye is open. Even better if it’s wide open like mine.

And precisely, Cristal does not have this gift. Given her progress, I think she will get quickly, but now — niet! Ectoplasm or other, Cristal does not see it. She felt its effects in a confused way, on the fringes of consciousness. I know she is disrupted in close contact with unknown phenomena. She has just plunged into the non-ordinary reality described by Castaneda.



An ectoplasm is a substance, of undetermined nature, taking a more or less precise form, externalized by a medium in trance. Although reported by many alleged witnesses, the existence of ectoplasms has never been scientifically proven. (source)

Ectoplasm would be produced by a trance medium? Come on! Could I have produced this thing? Why not? I am a medium, even if I dislike the word. I do not practice spiritualism. And I was not in a trance. Although… The practice of neo reiki has amazing effects, both on the trainee and on me. So nothing can be ruled out.

I have no ouija widget, I don’t draw any pentacle on the ground, I invoke no one — the only weirdness I practice is the pendulum. Legacy of my benefactor. And a nod to Professor Calculus.See Tintin by Hergé I’m not a shaman or a sorcerer, even I sometimes miss it. I belong to the Wolf clan. A discreet belonging. Since the departure of my benefactor and my alter ego, I know no other member of this clan. I have never attended a meeting — secret or not. I know nothing about it, but I take it with my gut. I’m a Wolf, that’s how it is. I finally admitted it.


That said, I know some of my magical powers. Nothing magical about it, nothing but energy on a certain frequency.


I am perfectly capable of emitting shapes, silhouettes, some witnesses will say entities, beings. A sort of grimacing demon came out of my head several times. Only the seers can see it. The others feel a dangerous presence, or just a discomfort, or nothing at all, according to their degree of subtle consciousness.

There, no discomfort. Nothing dangerous in this ectoplasm or whatever you want to call it. Nothing worrying. No threat to Cristal or me or anyone else. It’s more like a protective screen. As if Cristal wanted to hide behind a screen. Supposed to be invisible, he protects her discreetly. Except that I unmasked her.




The next day, before the second session of neoreki, I’m going to get that sticky stuff out of Cristal. Whatever. Wherever. We talked about it at length, she feels the same way. The room was completely dark: just the diffuse glow of a candle. It stretches over the massage table. The trick is there, clearly visible in the shifting darkness.

I take pictures. One type. By clicking, I look at the screen: the ectoplasm is visible! Yupie!! There was very little chance of that. I was wrong to rejoice so quickly. After examination, the photos reveal nothing abnormal. What I saw on the screen didn’t mark — which seems impossible. I have to get a Kirlian camera.

This process allows to photograph auras. Imperfectly in my opinion. I see them much more clearly. And not always of the same colors. But at least invisible realities leave a mark to close the mouths of skeptics. They only believe in science, but they don’t know that the magic of yesterday is the science of today. And the science of tomorrow will explain many of the phenomena that we think of today as magical — so fake, impossible, superstition, delusion, rigging, rigging, make-up, and scheming.


The Genius of the Lamp

I hold a small oval bottle with its well-sealed cap. I got it in my head to grab this thing to get it into the bottle. I thought about it a hundred times last night, during my micro-insomnia. I have multiple awakenings where I think I can never go back to sleep, my head is clear, too lucid, my mind is alert, I am quite awake… and I sink into sleep the next moment.

So I know what I want: this thing to fit in my bottle. but I have no idea how to do it. I open my little bottle. The cork in one hand, the bottle in the other. I direct the neck towards this thing. Does it read my thoughts? Does it grasp my intention? Immediately he plunges into the bottle. I see him coming in and hop! I close the cap. Crystal is free of its white umbrella. It is in my bottle. In her memory, she writes that she did not feel anything particular at that time. She is mistaken.

At the time, I saw the color of her aura change to become brighter, while the features of her face were lit up. Her eyes seemed to wake up from a long sleep. Afterwards, she didn’t remember it. But I know what I saw. I know she felt a sudden lightness. As if she was free of a lot of weight. She said no, relief came later. After completing the mission I gave him.




The mission was simple. Going down to port — which she does on the tread — and shove the bottle into the water in the back of the harbour, as far as possible so that the genie sinks into the mud without the glass bursting on the rocks — which she did brilliantly. Cristal confirmed it by going up again, barely breathless, but radiant. The genie of the bottle will be trapped in there for a good portion of eternity.

Everything is changing right now. The ice is broken, laughter is invited, the mood is cordial, the adrenaline-charged atmosphere fills us with joyful excitement. The kashmiri masalahot curry i like to cook of the lunch is sublime. Our minds sparkle, the suppositions go well. Is it someone who resents Cristal? A dishonoured lover? It would take an enemy capable of this kind of feat: emitting an ectoplasm at a great distance — Cristal comes from far away. But we won’t be able to find a lead that satisfies us.

The afternoon reki is a treat for both of us. The energy circulates, beautiful and frank. The light is everywhere in this room made for her. And we’re having a wonderful evening. The main topic of our exchange, you guessed it.

Cristal testifies

Back home, Cristal wrote me this:

“When I arrived at your house, I saw that something was wrong. I was incomprehensible because I did not think badly. I thought, “pissed off, Xavier!” I tried to keep a low profile so as not to upset you.

I was doing everything wrong. The more I wanted to be careful, the less natural I was and the more you took me back. I even ended up not listening to you to prepare a correct answer.

After you mentioned this veil above me, you suggested that someone could have thrown it at me. I fell from the clouds. The next day at the time of the ritual, I did not feel liberation. Nor anything else. I was in a hurry to get rid of this bottle. At the time of the meal, I felt a great lightness, a great tiredness too — as if the reki of the day before had a delayed effect.

The return trip was disrupted but I remained really calm and calm.”

Before I published this testimony, I had Cristal read it. Here’s what she said: “Great, your rendering of the adventure is very much in line with the articles I love to read in Eden Saga. Thank you Xavier.”

Apparently she agrees. It happened as I told. Exciting!



Frankly, as I write these lines, I don’t know what to think of this passenger. If any. Maybe the whole thing came from me, which is why it’s so easy to capture it in my bottle. But I can’t forget Cristal’s relief after throwing the bottle overboard. Rid of the stowaway, she regained her lightness. It is true that my mood had also changed. I was relieved. This may explain her newfound lightness.

Bye, Cristal. See you soon for more adventures.