The Inner Fortress

We have seen how important subtle protections can be. They allow you to avoid unwanted intrusions during scalar practice, or under any circumstances where you risk being invaded by negative entities, invisibles, spells, spells, or other remote manipulation by dark wizards or evil spirits.

They are of vital importance to most of you. For each and every one, may I say. There is no point for you in relieving the pain of others, there is no point in healing if you have to undergo the same pain that you remove or to catch the illnesses that you cure. I have written several articles that address this crucial issue, now that many people feel this thrill in their hands that means the blossoming of a new talent.

Little hands of love

There are more and more healers popping up around. They are eager to share their power, which makes sense only through practice. This is where the first difficulty arises. How to protect oneself from the harm that is removed? How not to pick up the dirt? My articles, obviously, are not enough. So I started the idea of ​​an internship on the subject. Immediate success.

We were ten sensitive persons to share this subtle matter experience in mid-September of this year. Twenty little hands of love to relieve the human earth.

What relationship with the protections to put in place? do you wonder. I’m coming to that. During the summer months, I hosted several individual courses on the theme of protections. We have been able to test the most effective way to protect ourselves –in both direct contact and remote healing— while remaining as open as possible, because without this openness to others, without this unconditional love and respect, there is no possible cure.

Closed open

I had imagined several practical exercises to get my trainees to become aware of their subtle body. All were too complicated to implement. The results were inconclusive. Until one day I realized that the shortest way to the fortress of love is Erquy’s reki. It alone allows a real and rapid awareness of the subtle envelopes that protect us naturally.

In September, the collective internship made spectacular progress on the subtle feeling. We have been able to determine the presence of 5 to 7 subtle envelopes, some of which have the polarity of the subtle body, and others that of the aura. I’ll come back very soon in a detailed article, Our Invisible Envelopes.

Once you perceive your own envelopes, you become unassailable. We are closed-open. Our inner fortress is an inviolable sanctuary, our bodies are safe in the sacred enclosure. We know it, we have lived it, thus we have acquired certainty. The intention is in place. It will protect us now in all circumstances. The fortress is sheltered from the surrounding wall, yet it is ready to welcome anyone who wants to take refuge there. It is a fortress of love.

About my reki

Erquy’s reki is practiced on both subtle envelopes and physical body. The subtle part begins with the optimal restoration of the energy scheme. This is the primary purpose of the reki I practice. For me, the path of kundalini is not limited to the seven usual chakras. It integrates the fourteen chakras, and even the eighteen chakras, taking into account the quaternary chakras. This subject will be discussed in a future article.

The physical part has two axes of work. The first axis consists of integrating the coordinated points, a set of points distributed over the entire physical body. They allow an association and a bodily unification which gives a feeling of lightness and well-being.

Do not think that it is a matter of memorizing the precise positions of these points, as in acupuncture, for example. Empty your head. Be intuitive and spontaneous. Let your hands guide you. From one person to another, from one day to another, from one season to another, the network of these points can change. Just like vitality, which you will learn to measure with the help of the pendulum.

This technique I developed during thirty years of practice was originally inspired by a healing training used in Scientology, the touch assist. It is itself derived from Japanese Reiki, while Erquy’s reki is without any physical contact. Everything is played at the level of the first subtle body.

But Scientology’s touch assist is practiced without plan, without subtlety. The improvised therapist puts his fingers luckily, the main thing being to draw the patient’s attention to his body. This total gratuity bothered me. I knew that you had to put your fingers on the sick body, but not anywhere. In specific places that are appropriate for each disease, each case, each patient.

Pythagoras Theorima

My practice became more consistent thanks to the memories of a previous life, that of Theorima, a teacher in ancient Greece who practiced a touch of her invention. She had Pythagoras among her pupils. I was this woman a long time ago, I lived in her body, her memories are mine. So, patiently, I was able to reconstruct a puzzle that is thousands of years old. And I am delighted to share it with you today.

The inner enemy

Practical acquisitions on the reki give real assurance in terms of personal protection against malicious intrusions. Knowing and experiencing the reality of our protective envelopes is the surest way to put in place the intent that makes you invulnerable. One exception: the inner enemy. When you close your subtle envelopes on you, it is imperative to make sure that you do not imprison the enemy inside yourself.

How can you be sure that no intruder has taken possession of your body envelope? Unfortunately you are not the best judge in this matter, since you are both judge and party. An assessment by a sensitive third person is therefore necessary. No other way to be completely sure. How can you trust yourself if it amounts to crediting the demon or the invisible inside you?

During fifteen years of practice of the mysteries of Isis, I met more than one case of this type, and I have today the delicate technique of the unmasking and the spacing of the undesirables – what one improperly calls an exorcism.

No devil –in the Christian sense of the word– can possess the soul of a human being, unless the latter has asked him to enter. Your inner fortress is inviolable if you give yourself the trouble to test your fortifications. You can be tested by means of scalar waves, and receive by e-mail a complete report of your subtle security. If potential invaders are detected, we will study together how to get rid of them. Please contact me using the contact link at the bottom of each page.

Never forget that everything is ephemeral, so you will never be too happy in happiness, nor too sad in sorrow.