In the beginning you were O Goddess. You ruled over the sky and its suns, its spirals and its lands. You carry within you all the living, beasts and plants, the giants as well as the invisible. Their immense crowd sings your praises. You gave us more than life, a part of your soul, a part of your art, everything came from you on whom we grew up. When our body returns to the earth, it rests in your arms. And our spirit remains in heaven near you.


Our Mother who are in Heaven

The worship of the Mother Goddess was for a long time the only known religion. This cult is still practiced by most of the first peoples. It took the form of respect for what lives, peace with the elements, empathy with the cosmos. This very ancient religion comes from a long period practically unknown, and very little studied as machismo is rooted in our current mentalities. It is the golden age of humanity, the dawn of matriarchy. It lasted six hundred thousand years, covering the entire period of the golden age, also called the era of love.

Human beings have received from her an ultimate grace: immortality. As the body disappears, the soul flies away. Taking her memory with her, the human soul reaches the summit of the astral, Gwenwed, the Plerôme. This perfect place where the spiritual beings reside, this place where the embodied spirits have a chance to surrender after the death of the body, this place of serene eternity where go the angels with the Queen, where go the souls far from the sorrows, far from the vain fears, out of the human chains.


This is my prayer

First are you, Goddess Ana, I greet you and praise you for your gifts, for your grace and the love you give. You are blessed among all women, you are first among all souls, and your children, born of you, are blessed. Coming down from the sky where you dwell, you entered Terra to vivify it. Also the peoples named you Gaia

Great Ana, Mother Ama, Most Holy Queen of Terra, Gaia who loves us as much as we love him, Ama who protects us and guides our steps, Ana the One, the Ultimate and the First, who reigns in the depths of heaven as in the heart of the Earth, it is to you that the Kingdom belongs, the Power and Glory in the centuries of centuries and the flight of millennia, love us as we love you, cherish the immense people of your children, protect it for a long time, and when my time comes, open your arms to me, welcome my spirit into your heart so that it will remain there forever.



What about tomorrow?

Now I love you and tomorrow, will you be near me? Will you support with me the weight of the years, what is it for you who lived so long, you have lost so many spouses, so many children, is there in infinity a single being as old as you, always virgin, always new, always ready for the pleasure of the spring.

O my beloved, you the Serpente, you the Vouivre speed in your thousand torrents, our lady of the Sources and the Wind, Our Lady of welcome and rest, welcome me on your bed, love me and through me love the people of Terra, the living and the dead, the inside of the outside, the weak in the heart of the fort, the smallest first.

You created me bud, you made me germinate, you wanted me promise of future, desire for infinite growth, look moved on the strength and life, well of intention, flow of energy, how could I give you a quarter of your benefits, if not by giving my heart, my soul and the energy you lent me to sing your endless praise of glory. Let it be so to the end.

A Mother in Three Persons

Ana, Ama and Gaia, so were named the first three Goddesses, our eternal mothers, at the dawn of the world, in uncertain times when space closed on itself, when time sailed in spiral and endless retraced its steps. You are our first Mothers, our beloved wives, our sisters and our daughters. You are the greatness and honor of the reptilian race, you are the perigee as you are the apogee, the term as the beginning, the dawn as the setting. With you three begins the golden age, with its end begins the decline.

There are only two ways to live your life: acting as if nothing was a miracle, or doing as if everything was. (Albert Einstein)


Here is the holy work of the Great Goddesses of origin, all three Reptilians. We can also say that these three goddesses make only one. Thus Ana is little mentioned in the sacred literature of Asia, which loves her more willingly under the name of Ama. Gaia designates, not a person different from the other two goddesses, but an aspect of it, which is the One and will remain so. Gaia is the great goddess incarnate in Terra.



Black Virgins

For the Gnosis of the first centuries of our era, the Goddess is called Sophia, Wisdom. The Gnostic manuscripts of Nag Hammadi explain that Sophia incarnated in the energy of our planet. Thus Terra the inanimate becomes Gaia the Serpente, the Vouivre, the telluric energy that sanctifies all the Romanesque churches, all the Gothic cathedrals, all the religious buildings raised in Europe between 1100 and 1400. A brief period where the sacred construction shone. The masterpieces of sacred architecture she produced are admirable in their aesthetics, and even more impressive is the energy they distribute to the faithful.

Gaia thus possesses the Spirit, the Wisdom of Sophia, this feminine figure of the trinity that the Hebrews had the bad taste to change, once again, into a male principle. The Holy Spirit thus closes a trinity sadly homoparental and male even in the offspring. While the Celtic trinity honored the Strength of the Father, the Wisdom of the Mother, and the Love of the Child.

Relics from before

The representations of the Black Virgin do not show Mary and the child Jesus as one might think, but a much older virgin mother, Black Isis. This is the Great Goddess Gaia Sophia wearing a human with an adult face, most often standing on the knees of the goddess. This mammal Adam, the first human, represents all of humanity. If Gaia is black, it is the color of her skin. The first Goddesses are black skin, as well as the first generations of gods.

These are relics of the old druid religion. When the religion of Jesus gained importance with the Roman colonization, these relics were buried so as not to be destroyed by the monks. That is why most of these black virgins were found in the fields by a brave farmer who ploughed.


Matriarchs of the Golden Age

Ana, a reptilian, born without male, mother goddess of Terra, queen of Ur in Alcor, pagan virgin, mother of all holiness, reigned three hundred thousand years.
Ama, a reptilian, born without male, daughter of Ana, mother goddess of Terra, reigned two hundred thousand years.
Gaia, a reptilian, daughter of Ama, mother goddess of Terra, reigned a hundred thousand years. The Bible calls her Lilith.
Thus ends the golden age that lasted six hundred thousand years.
End of the era of love, end of the founding matriarchy.




The first Trinity consisted of three goddesses, Ana, Ama, and Gaia. The second Trinity consists of three other goddesses, or perhaps the same? Are the six Trinitarian Goddesses just avatars of the Mother Goddess? The three persons of the holy trinity make only one, as the ancient Hebrews, heirs of the Dragon, fire of heaven and salt of the earth, reminded us. On this one, they were right.

Alas, three times alas, the Hebrews committed the same fault as the Celts. The latter changed the Triple Goddess by a small family, Father or Body, Mother or Spirit, Son or Heart. There is some coherence. The heavenly trinity is seen in the earthly trinity, both parents and child. Or children.

I see another sign that touches me much more. The Celtic woman was privileged over the Germanic or Mediterranean woman. We know from historical testimonies and codes of law that the Gauloise, the Bretonne and the Irish have sometimes played a very important role in Celtic society. (source)

Jean Markale, in one of his most beautiful books, The Celtic Woman, draws us a surprising portrait of this muse, a powerful woman mistress as well as an initiator, the mistress of her lovers. The link seems natural with the masterful study of Denis de Rougemont, Love and the West. One cannot help but see a great modernity, which clearly connects to a much older cult, the first of all, that of the great goddess.

Here is an overview of this essential book that everyone must have read. Far from satiating you, the following summary aims to open your appetite.

The Celtic Woman

of Jean Markale

If the Celts, like other Indo-Europeans, lived in a patriarchal system, the in-depth study of myths of Celtic origin reveals both ancient survivals (perhaps of an earlier society), with gynecratic tendencies – but also a very surprising ideal conception of women. For Markale, it is about finding the true face of the Woman, as seen by the Celts.

Thus emerge from the shadow Dahud, “the good witch”, Rhiannon, “the Great Queen”, Guinevere and many others, all holders of Sovereignty. Thus is revealed Blodeuwedd, the “Born of Flowers” which, like the mysterious Lilith, represents the revolt of the Woman in the face of “the oppression of the males” – and which is therefore the mythical ancestor of the founders of women’s liberation movements.

But the Celtic man, after submitting the woman to his authority, constantly sought the image of it at the time when she was the all-powerful protector, the all-powerful initiator: this is the meaning of the mysterious “Quest for the Grail“, stripped of its medieval coloration.

As for the role of the Woman in love, it appears with very new data in the exploration of the myth of Tristan and Yseult confronted with its Irish archetypes. And as this book is written to help those who seek to redefine the true personality of women and rethink the balance of the couple, it leads to theoretical options integrating myths into contemporary concerns, so that past data can be used for current problems.


Compared Trinities

The trinity of Jesus is stranger. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father conceived the Son without the help of the Holy Spirit. The Son having arrived after the Father, this Trinity was first only duality. Why three males? Why did the disciples of Jesus ignore the Goddess? Why did they trample on the pure and spotless tradition inherited from their Great Mother?

Is this fault a defect? Masculinization probably comes from misogynistic mores of the Hebrew era. But the essential was transmitted: the Father alone could not have created Jesus, who represents all humanity, daughter of the Father and the Spirit, that is, according to the Gnosis, of Sophia the great goddess, Sophia the wisdom.

So the Celtic trinity is the closest to Gnostic knowledge. For there is Father Archon, Mother Sophia and the result of their union, we Sons. Finally, the trinity of the Old Religion of the Druids is a thousand times better than that of the new religion, this Christianity which is no longer one. For all the previous Christianisms aimed at the awakening of their faithful, while the neo-Christianism of Jesus keeps its own asleep.


Jewels of Jesuism

Even if his wrongs are innumerable, the religion of Jesus has not lost all of the teaching of the origins. This religion, I refuse to call it Christianity because it flouts all the sacred values of Christianity that existed long before the invention of Jesus. The first Christianity is the original religion transmitted to us by the former gods. The worship of the Three Goddesses in one sacred person, divinity par excellence, mother by nature, not only of a man, but of all humanity past, present and future.

The religion of Jesus should be called Jesuism, or Neo-Christianism. This would avoid any ambiguity, and this new religion could not adorn itself with peacock feathers. Despite all its flaws that it cultivates at will, Jesuitism has allowed certain sacred values to slip into its creed.

First the Holy Trinity. It is not that of the Three Males, it is not that of the small family, it is the eternal trinity of the Three Goddesses, three twin sisters who have watched over their creation since the dawn of time.

Then the Immaculate Conception. It does not designate Mary, imaginary mother of an invented Christ. A mechanism like immaculate conception does not exist in mammals. But the great goddess is reptilian. She can reproduce without the help of a male. She has done it billions of times, it is still pristine.

The nickname Marie only did it once. In the probable hypothesis that Mary would have other children, the archangel Gabriel strikes only once. The brothers and sisters of Jesus would not have been born of a virgin since Mary was no longer immaculate when she conceived them. Its usual title, the Virgin Mary, is therefore usurped.

The Goddess Forgives

By the grace of these preserved diamonds, the Goddess forgave the Jesuits. Because they did not have the blood of the savior on their hands, the Goddess forgave the Jews. But did the humans? Is the innocence of the Jews admitted? Their imaginary fault still causes them so much humiliation, so much suffering in the body and in the heart. When the Goddess forgives, it is sin to continue. The Hebrews suffered a thousand deaths, the martyrdom of the Jews still lasts. No being, whatever his beliefs, deserves an eternal reproach. Terra must be worthy of the star Alcor and the planet Ur, the generous, benevolent. Terra will have to forgive all the people so that the Virgin Ana can come out of her reptilian dormancy.

The Child who forgives in imitation of his Mother of Heaven, it is the unanimous human people who erase the fault and banish sexism and racism. The Black Virgin allows humans to worship these two outcasts: Black victims of racism and Women victims of sexism. Two glaring injustices that have lasted only too long. They deserve to end in a surge of love from the Child God. And the child of the Black Virgin, the son of the Goddess, is the entire human people, standing on the knees of the Great Bear.

The true Divine Trinity is the one I have named, the double trinity that makes it perhaps only one. Two times three primordial Goddesses succeeded each other to make rise the human dough. They shaped the earth from a soft clay, they lit the fire in the bowels of the globe so that the force was there, they irrigated with a thousand rus and a billion streams the depths of the globe, so that the energy circulates there and fills us, more necessary food for life than bread or pure water. We are a sheaf of light at the junction of three sacred energies, that of the Earth, that of Water and that of the Air which carries the Fire of Heaven.


Matriarchs of the Silver Age

Hathor, humanoid, mother goddess of Terra, daughter of Gaia, born without a male, reigned thirty thousand years.
Isis, humanoid, mother goddess of Terra, daughter of Hathor, born without a male, reigned twenty thousand years.
Hera, humanoid, mother goddess of Terra, daughter of Isis, born without male, reigned ten thousand years.
Thus ends the Silver Age which lasted 60 thousand years.
End of the era of effort, end of the protective matriarchy.




What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson