Ram and the Druidesses


The odyssey of Rama profoundly marked the dawn of our history. If the West has forgotten everything, some peoples have cherished its memory. Here is another tradition that reflects the fabulous saga of Ram: the tradition of the Druidesses of Sein and the priestesses of Avalon. In the era of the Lion, in the West, the twilight of the traditional matriarchal society was played out, which became corrupt, which allowed the emergence of the patriarchal model under the authority of Rama or Ra, prince who was not always charming.


He who knows

At that time, the Druidesses were the undisputed masters of mystery and magic. They took precedence over the Druids because they belonged to the dominant caste, the women’s caste. Matriarchy obliges. Druidesses possessed clavicles and arcanes, they knew how to read the great book, they directed humanity on the dizzying paths of magic and war. Great was their authority, harsh and dangerous.

Dominated by pride, they gradually lost all contact with the Invisible, which at the same time became the prerogative of the Druids. This sacred function cannot remain vacant, it is a secret law of the living. Incredulous and fierce, the Druidesses wanted to regain their authority by violence.

Strange diseases concocted by these devils decimated humans, preferably males. The black plague fell on the people. Another version of the gesture claims it was a lung disease, but both symptoms may have been present. A young druid had shown a singular gift for remedies and potions. His name was Ramos aka Ram, which can be translated as “the one who knows” or “spirit of peace“. 

It is also called Rama, Lama or Ra, and according to the latitudes it has many other names. His knowledge of herbs and mushrooms was amazing from an early age. As Setanta aka Cuchulainn, Ram came from Hyperborea, for he was a son of god and a demigod himself.


Wandering planet

Hyperborea, the enchanted island in the northern sky, is also called Nibiru, the wandering planet. The Greeks called it the Garden of Hesperides, because it grew golden apples, that is to say oranges, fruit that did not yet exist on earth. Actually it is not a magical land floating in the sky, but a mother ship of the type Black Star of Star Wars, containing four islands / continents arranged in paradise. There lived gods and goddesses with their servant angels. Among them were a few humans, the elect, who amused and entertained them, but who also learned very quickly.

In the Bible, it is the Garden of Eden, where the first men lived in the company of the gods until they displeased them and were emptied. We recognized Adam and Eve. Adam, fallen from paradise, settled in Middle Earth, the New Atlantis, whose capital was Minas Tiriththe name was reused by Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings on the sunken plateau of Dogger Bank.



From shepherd to druid

It is also the land of Rama, who came from Hyperborea like Adam. Is it one man? This is not excluded, according to Indian tradition: an isthmus is named Rama Bridge or Adam Bridge. This becomes very likely, considering the name of the Muslim fast: Ram Adam.

Very young shepherd, Rama visits the northern countries, initiated by the sorcerers of the great cold. Then he went to the blacks of Central Europe to study the arcana of their powerful sorcerers. It is even said that he went to marabout school in Africa. If he went to black school so much, one would think that he was too. After all, isn’t it said that the first Vikings and Celts were black?

Everywhere his modesty and great wisdom worked miracles. Priests and shamans willingly introduced him to their magic. Back home in Middle Earth, the young Ram has the qualities of a great Druid healer. This allows him to concoct a remedy based on oak mistletoe. Leprosy silicosis is eradicated in no time, to the great stupor of all, to the great satisfaction of the healed, to the great spite of the Druidesses.

Easily elected chief of the Druid healers – that is also military chief, because it is one of the roles of the Druid – the young Ram enacts a measure that makes him even more popular, thus increasing the rage of the Druidesses: it prohibits human sacrifices and any other bloody sacrifice.

Furious, the Druidesses pronounced a death sentence against him. From then on, the white peoples split into two clans, the first version of the quarrel between the ancients and the modern. Ram’s followers, under the sign of Aries, inaugurate the new astrological era. While the Druid clan led by Ha-Thor under the sign of Taurus, illustrate the end era.


Thor Ram

More conquerors than emigrants, several million men follow their war leader Rama at the dawn of the era of Aries. Sowing settlers on his way, gathering volunteers for his troops, Rama crossed Europe, reached the Caucasus and then the Taratha at the gates of Asia. He found strong allies among the Celts, former settlers from the black peoples who had taken root in these distant regions. These peoples followed the law of Ha-Thor, the law of the Taurus era. Their meeting with Ram took place in a country which took the name of THOR-RAM or Touran. 




I Ram

Thus was born the first empire of Aries, called I-RAM or Iran. He established his provisional border in Afghanistan: it follows the route of the Ram or Jam River. 

“One of the great wonders of the medieval world is, a heavily ornamented, very large minaret nestled in a green valley on the banks of the Jam River in what is now Afghanistan. Often called the Jam Minaret, the monument was almost a millennium ago lit by a torch at its peak, and surrounded by a prosperous city with small industries and surrounding farms. Some archaeologists believe that the area around the Jam minaret was formerly called Firuzkoh and was the summer capital of the Ghurids, a Muslim empire in the 11th and 12th centuries, which has generated everything we now know about Afghanistan and parts of eastern Iran and northern India.” (source)


The sun of Ra

Then Ra seized Egypt where there was an old Atlantean colony to which he gave the constitution known as RAM MON or HAM MON, Ram Law. The black pharaohs obeyed his law. While Ra pursued his conquests, the Druidesses did not waste their time. They had restored the death penalty and human sacrifices, only perpetrated on males, men or rams. Feeling the end of their immemorial reign approaching, they throw their last assets into the battle. The great druidess gives full power to Scáthach, mistress of fencing and martial arts, queen of the army of women . In Greece, we have known long after another queen of the Amazons, Thalestris.

The people, terrified, were much less afraid of the Druidesses and their magic than of the formidable army of the Amazons. These carefully selected warriors had to be 4.20m tall to be admitted. They did not take prisoners. The captives, male only, were roasted alive before being devoured by the monstrous Amazons. The consequences of these massacres are not long in coming. Their bundles on their shoulders, the males form bands of prowlers who make their way south. The local men mingle with these disfigured bands, and all this beautiful people hasten to join Ra in his army of Egypt.


The priestesses of Kerridwen

On the magical island of Avalon, the priestesses of Kerridwen cannot bear so much ignominy. Their primary role is to protect the divine order established by the former gods, of which they are part. Avalon is one of the four northern islands in the world. One of the four districts of Hyperborea, four continents islands around a central mountain where the great gods reign. It is the Olympus of the Greeks, the Mount Mero of the Hindus, the Northern Mountain of the ancient Chinese.

The Avalon priestesses want to oppose this destructive rage that blinds their sisters. Scáthach is summoned to Avallon. She refuses to go there, claiming seasickness — a ridiculous pretext, first because Scáthach lives on an island in Scotland, and seasickness is unknown to the Islanders. And then, because Scáthach knows the real situation of Avallon, the island in the sky. The witch should have invoked the evil of the air. But she didn’t care about the likelihood, on the contrary. She was looking for the insult.

The sectarians of Kerridwen were not humiliated, even great druidesses. Yet, on Avalon, no agitation. The priestesses were content to remove the powers of Scáthatch to the last. Only one spell was enough. A geis, a curse that pursues a family for generations. In Armor, this spell still falls. I know someone who was the victim.




The Long Race of Rama

Meanwhile another army of Aries was marching on India. There she defeated the local armies by winning a long and painful siege at Ayodhya which opened the doors of India. Rama pacified the entire subcontinent, extending the influence of his immense empire to Tibet, to Ceylon, to the borders of the Naacal Empire, where the floating island Mu sat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But the empire doesn’t end that fast. Much of China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and even Australia were part of its global domain.

The rest is in the RAMAYANA, which means Rama’s Race.  But the different episodes of Rama’s odyssey were relocated to India, where the young Rama would have been born, which is not correct, as we have shown. 

The very name of Ram which means ram in English attests enough to its Celtic origin. To tell the truth, Rama is neither Indian nor European. It comes from the mother ship of the gods Ases, Hyperborea or Walhallah, the Valley of Allah. It is also the Seventh Heaven dear to Muslims.  When the Greek poet Nonnus tells us the epic story of Bacchus the Indian, he makes us relive Ra’s race. 

So many myths and legends deal with this dominant figure of the unknown past that it would be hard to believe. Now that you have been warned, you will meet him everywhere. Ra, it is said, reached the extreme limits of life, reigning in his states the pure doctrine of the Atlanteans. Thus Ra disappeared from the world leaving behind a universal reputation of justice and greatness.

And the ancient Druid with evil powers turned into Sleeping Beauty: her life during it will wait for her prince charming, the beautiful Rama who will not come. Upon awakening she will know that her powers are not of Rama or Adam or Yahveh or God or Allah but of herself. Then she will understand that the era of the Druidesses is coming to an end. Henceforth, power will be male …




… For life is a lost good when one has not lived as one would have liked.
Mihai Eminescu