The Religion of Adam


Judaism, Christianity and Islam are heirs of Abraham, the first patriarch of the Middle East. Before him, what religions could be? Druidism goes back to the heart of protohistory. The animist religions of Africa are very ancient too. Yet if we want to find a basis for our religious practices, we have to go back further. What was Adam’s religion?


The first religion

Ernest Renan, a French philosopher and thinker born in the 19th century, formulated this problem in a way that today may seem shocking. Let my readers see no disrespect on my part. They are able to appreciate the correctness of Renan’s reasoning by forgetting what is no longer admissible in his remarks.

“A man who knows Arabic well enough to write a beautiful book that claims to represent the religion of Adam, could see him adopted from the neighboring tribes of Syria. It would be very easy for these tribes to accept that Muhammad was a great man for having found the religion of Abraham, but that the religion of Adam is much superior, since it applies to all the posterity of Adam, that is to say to all humanity.” (source)Ernest Renan, The Experimental Method in Religion, in New Studies in Religious History

Of course, Syria at the time was very different from the country it became.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Renan believes it would be very possible to make this new religion from nothing, or not much. “Would the new religion need great doctrinal originality? My God, no! A Persian friend of mine, who lived in France for a long time, told me that on his return to Persia, he almost became a founder of religion. His legend ran in some way before him, he tried in vain to stop it; the noise of the miracles he had done sometimes troubled him to such an extent that he wondered if it was not true.

His motto was Liberty, Equality, Fraternity; the people to whom he communicated these three sacramental words were struck with astonishment. They said that it was much more beautiful than the Koran, and that only the divine spirit was able to reveal such sublime things.” (source)Ernest Renan, The Experimental Method in Religion, in New Studies in Religious History

Which doesn’t surprise me. People are so little able to lead themselves and progress by their own secrous, they have such a need for guides, commandments, prophets, life coaches that I fear very much, after my death, to become in spite of myself the founder of a new religion, while I keep warning against all religions. Believing is good. Believing without believing is much better.



Adam’s Creation

The Creation of Adam is a fresco inspired by Genesis, painted by Michelangelo Mickey between 1508 and 1511 on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museums in Rome. The Bible is laconic, it simply says that God created Adam, without further detail. And Genesis has no illustration. The painter had to seek his inspiration to compose what he thought was the divine creation of the first human. After thirty years of temporal investigation, I became convinced that this was not the case at all.

Many confirmations of my assumptions came from other sacred texts, such as the Torah or the Koran. I drank from other sources, the sacred writings of India, China, Japan, the Mayas, the legends of many peoples of Africa, Siberia and Oceania, as well as all the mythologies of the world. Most of them are hardly more explicit than the biblical Genesis. But the fact of bringing them together, the work of the mythologist, allows a new light to spring from them.


Lukas Wars

Fiction helped me too. Literature, cinema, comics including comics and manga, what models do they not offer! When George Lukas comes out, not without difficulty, the three initial parts of his Star Wars, he gives a serious stab in the veil of Isis. The action takes place millions of years ago, in the distant periods that preceded the terraformation of our planet. Thanks to him, the world suddenly understands that the very distant past was technological. And that of the Earth too. At other times, Lukas would have been a prophet.

It seems that not everyone has understood the powerful lesson of this visionary. Science continues to sneer and disbelieve. Scientists don’t like science fiction, preferring science friction by far. Let them wriggle their buns to baldness. The unconsciousness of these ignorant doctes is their trademark.

For nothing that was hidden will remain hidden longer. The time is coming when all will be revealed. (The Bible)


They can fight like rags, I will not lift a finger to bring back some semblance of concord. This will not prevent me from feeling sorry for the sad spectacle of these scientists and their narrow-mindedness.

They display such a lack of sensitivity. Clairvoyance. Lucidity… The little reason they have destroyed in them any pleasure of the senses.




There was no first man, but a first population. Clones straight out of a metal and crystal matrix that produces dozens of units per day. All on the same model, all destined for hard work in mines or elsewhere. Not sexed, they have only a stupidly analytical reactive mind. Humanoid robots without faith but not without laws. Obtuse, stupid beings, just good at performing repetitive tasks requiring neither initiative nor inventiveness.

The first Adams were designed to work on the line. Their matrix was an assembly line. They have no roots, no parents. Their psychology is hardly that of a primate. They are devoid of affects: no feelings, very frustrating emotions, only basic sensations. To be productive, they have no sensitivity to heat, cold, pain, etc. Nothing affects them, nothing touches them, nothing stops them.


The Mold of Man

The matrix that made them, the Latin brujossorcerers remember it perfectly. Carlos Castaneda calls it the mold of man. The description that his benefactor makes of it is distorted by forgetting and dressing, but it remains explicit.

Matus the cunning old fox describes a bandwidth where pass vague humanoid forms, or some other human paste. They follow each other, inanimate, when a mold at the end of a mechanical arm falls on one of them, then on another and another, forming each time a brand new human being.

This is true, even though current sorcerers have replaced technology with magic. This is understandable. Everyone reinterprets the data according to their own personal inventory.


This Famous Religion

At the end of this presentation, the reader will have a more accurate idea of our origins. No god of love has looked at our cradle. Of course, a good fairy has given us intelligence, but what good is it without wisdom? With all due respect to Renan’s kids, if it’s a question of inventing a religion that Adam could have practiced, I’ll give up. Tell me, what religion for Adam? He didn’t practice any. He had reflexes, latent desires, buried deep in his electronic brain. He also had a kind of continual urge, a leitmotiv, a constant: to flee slavery. He failed, locked machine as he was.

He was trapped in his stupidity, like us. He could not free himself from stupid constraints, like us. He has not been able to overcome his insignificant condition, like us. He has not seen a very bright future, like us. He had no illusions about the cruelty of the gods, like us. He could not bear the harshness of his fate, as we do. He was outraged by the crimes of the powerful, like us. He did not have the courage to slaughter them, like us. Something in his program forced him to obey them, like us. To no longer see the vileness of the powerful, he looked elsewhere, as we do. He was stultifying in exhausting repetitive work, like us. When he broke down, the powerful had him fixed, same for us. When he was completely out of service, he was scrapped, just like us.



Poor things!

The man of the future is the one who will have the longest memory. (Friedrich Nietzsche)


I am master of myself as of the universe. I am, I want to be.
Pierre Corneille