What is Awakening?


Do you know that you have a double coaching you? It speaks to you in your dreams, every night, even if you forget it in the morning, the lesson of the night stays with you. Or it doesn’t. For an awakened person, the double is within. Embodied at the moment of awakening, it guides you at all times. And you’ll get better and better. Before you’re lost. Then you have your compass. And afterwards, you don’t need a compass, you know the way. You are your rule.




Your double and you

And when I say a double! If you’re like me, you’ve got one. Your double is your astral double. With awakening, it becomes incarnate. He’s still aware of the astral plane, but he’s in your head and in your body. Big difference, big benefit.

Your guide is inside you. Call him Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Elijah, Allah, Elohim, Rishi, Vichnu, Shiva, Buddha or astral twin, whatever name you give him, he’s your double, he’s you. You pray to him in a church, a temple, a synagogue, a mosque. You pray to him in your home, at night, in the morning, whenever you feel the need. Or you don’t, it’s kif-kif.

Do you know that he’s always at your service? The awakened are aware of this, hence the smile that adorns their face, the light in their eyes, the good mood that is permanently installed.


You and your double

Grumpy? Pessimistic? Depressed? Worried? Fearful? Fearful? Panicked? Stressed? These are all signs that the awakening isn’t there. When the awakening is there, you know it, you can see it. Your inner double will bring you breakfast in bed. He’ll sing you to sleep like a baby. It’ll shower you with gifts, give you a nice car, a new comfortable and spacious apartment that won’t cost you a thing, a dream companion or an ideal partner, in short, it’ll always be there to take care of you. No, I’m just kidding, it’s the archons who do it. Those ass-kissers. Don’t get me wrong!

Beware of those who tell you such nonsense. Awakening is not a bed of roses. Your double is not Santa Claus. Material things don’t concern him. Well, not always. His specialty is offering you what’s best for you. But if you’re not wide awake, you’ll miss out.

*Understand that your double doesn’t decide for you. Your free will remains intact. Even when you’re awake, you can still drive your car into a ditch, or worse. Awakening is characterized by great clarity. The choices are laid out before you. Don’t make the wrong choice.



Here the awakening

Thinking about it is useful, but between you and me, it’s not very useful. Awakening has nothing to do with the mind, reflection, cogitation, calculation, school, studies, diplomas or know-how. On the contrary, it’s a springboard for knowing without thinking, loving without analyzing, being without calculating. Awakening is a gift, the most beautiful gift a living person could wish for. It comes as it pleases, when it pleases, to whomever it pleases. Some awakened people received their awakening in a surprise package. They were totally unprepared for this big shock, and more often than not, it doesn’t work out for them.

Talking about it is good. Reading this article is better. But that’s not enough. The best thing is to try it. Take advantage of the opportunity. Come and see me. Take the first steps in the company of your double. Don’t come with your head full of worries, hopes and misconceptions. That’s setting yourself up for failure, and you’ll have made the trip for nothing. An expensive lesson.

If you can make an informed assessment of yourself, you’ll know whether this course is right for you, here and now. Just in case you feel ready for this landmark initiation, there’s one more step you need to take before contacting me. I ask you to read all the articles I’ve devoted to it. This is imperative. Otherwise, your application will not be considered.

After reading these texts, all without exception, a deep feeling will develop in you towards me. If it is positive, it is good, write to me. If it’s negative… to the point that you can’t finish reading it… if you start hating me like I’m going to kill you… or if you think it’s all bullshit… or if you just don’t care, just go your way.

Your lucky centimeter will come later. Otherwise. With someone else. Don’t worry, I prefer that. At least things are clear.

It ain’t me babe, it ain’t me your’e looking for, babe.
I wasn’t the one you needed, believe me.

Read before the internship



Did I say internship?

No mistake: I’m talking about an internship because it’s a well-known word for a fashionable activity. But it’s not an internship. I have nothing of a master of internship, I am nagual. A passer-by in both senses of the term: first I do not linger anywhere, second we can pass through me to access the astral.

What I am proposing is not an internship. It is an initiation. That is why the few interns I receive are handpicked. I am a channel, I transmit. You receive a gift. Unconditional love descends on you and gives you a gift of subtle energy. Gift without price, the initiation can not be exchanged. You only pay the room, the table and my time.

The signs are there, or not. The light decides. Negative or positive, its decision is law. For one, it will be fine. For the other, no way. It’s like that. With for the applicant disappointed the humility to accept the opinion of the living. And for the applicant received the humility not to fart.

As for me, I always keep myself behind my shield.

Inner gait

Of course, that excludes the presence of a third person, an escort, a companion, a bodyguard, a twin. That’s your approach. You have to come alone to do the job: an encounter with a you you do not know yet. Any distraction, any reminder of your external life would be such a parasitization that I would have to row every morning like a galley to make you reintegrate the psychic bubble in which you will evolve. That’s what kills me the most, hold. hold you.

Solitary walks outside the property will be useful and enjoyable. Avoid contact. This is a retreat. You find yourself in front of you. Voluntary confinement is effective, therefore desirable.

Take a notebook and pen. After each session, write down what happened. As quickly and accurately as possible. Without adding anything, without inventing anything. Long afterwards, when you reread these notes, you’ll congratulate yourself on having taken them, believe me.

There’s WIFI and a TV in your room, lots of books and comics, DVDs – which is also where you work. You don’t need to bring any books, there are enough books and comics here to make for great evenings. Try to resist anything that takes you back to your usual surroundings, your habits, your routine… Instead, enjoy the good vibes of the place, the houses and the garden. Enjoy the view over the bay of Erquy, the ancient town of Celtic reki. Reki also reads reéqui-librage.

Stay in constant dialogue with yourself. I’ll answer your questions – often with other questions. The answers are yours.

Nice sky, true sky, look at me changing (Paul Valéry)




The calendar is invariable. Arrival on Tuesday evening, departure on Friday during the day.

I receive very few candidates. One per month max, often even less.

For the lucky ones the waiting times are sometimes long.

 But once you’re here, you’ll only have to take care of yourself.

Accommodation, meals, training, travel, everything is included.



The atmosphere is studious. Attentive. Internalized. But funny too. Humor is a path of awakening that is worth others. In between sessions, you will note what happened and try not to omit anything and add a lot of details. It will be useful later. Prodigiously.

The days are busy, sometimes trying, always beneficial. The evenings and nights, you will spend them at home. Meals are taken at home, another house in the same garden. Walks on the cliffs of Cap d’Erquy, the 10 beaches, fishing ports and marinas are useful, but in silence, with the appropriate internalization. Precious talisman.


No program can be done, because the program is you. I’m giving you the short ladder to climb a step that you can’t climb alone. By listening, by my stories, by Reiki, by the gift of energy, by the vibratory rate of my place of power, by that of the meals I prepare for you, by the sea in front of us, by the sun and the wind, by your firm and determined intention, by your unwavering commitment, You will know the awakening.

Or what comes close. It all depends on who you are, level, fitness, physical condition, mental state, accumulated fatigue, etc. How to make a general program when there are only special cases? That’s why I mentioned the atmosphere that remains the same when the content changes.




It just so happens that I’m going to change your place of consciousness. You’ll find yourself in another part of yourself where things are different: less confusion, more clarity, more availability to welcome the intensity of your emotions. You’ll be able to do your memory work in peace, guided day by day by a tarot reading, using the Energy Tarot method developed by my benefactor J.Cl. Flornoy.

You’ll receive two reki sessions. The first will cleanse your energy pattern – central kundalini channel, side channels, primary and secondary chakras. The second will rebalance your tertiary chakras. These are outside your energy body, above and below it. Noémie will assist me in this step, which requires two of us. While one stretches the upper chakras, the other stretches the lower ones. Then we reverse roles.

Everything will be done to enable you to fix this new you for good. To make it last. So that it becomes a given. That’s the goal.


Vibrational top

The vibratory levels in both houses and in the garden are excellent. On the Devil’s Stone, near the guardian pine, there are several vibrating points that can serve as places of power. The sloping garden facing the sea is magical. For seven decades, I’ve been adding my grain of sail to ensure that its magic is fully expressed. Over time, people and winds have shaped the place into what it is today.

Nothing here is trivial. Everything is useful. Seeking a utility that escapes ordinary people. No one comes to see me by chance. If you don’t know why you’re coming, someone knows who’s waking up in you. Already getting impatient.


External contacts

Avoid making too many calls. Just the minimum to say: well arrived, everything goes well. No enthusiasm or worry, your interlocutor will amplify your reaction. Remain neutral, benevolent. Be discreet about what is happening, you will later choose in what terms it is appropriate to talk about it, and to whom. Leave room for mysteries, because it is: The Mysteries of Isis. As this is an initiation, the secret is important. Talking too much about it is harmful. It trivializes your experience and ruins the benefit. I would never say anything about myself — you’ll do what you want.



Innumerable are our ways and our uncertain residences.
St John Perse