Born Of Light


While the little geniuses – genetic or not – imagine us more and more far-fetched origins, it is opportune to go back to the Source, the only one. No need to look for it here or there, it’s everywhere. No need to turn back, it’s springing up right now. Take a deep breath, and dive. The Source is in you .



Who am I? Where did I come from? Where do I go? There is still no answer to these fundamental questions, I mean an absolute answer with no doubt running.  These questions still trotted out, mocked, dragged through the gutters of drunken philosophers – beyond their formulation, still shocked by their unfathomable mystery. Science gives largely insufficient answers. Poets and novelists give their own, often foolish. Religions and sects bombard other, contradictory and intolerant. The pilgrim of knowledge, confused, stop his wandering. What saint should he face?

It is a hundred times easier to swallow a religion rather than go alone on rocky roads in search of light. Because light is the question for you and me. In search of our origins, it would be a shame to omit responses that the tradition has been giving for eons

Few people like to investigate and seek knowledge. It is easier to believe. (Humbatz Men)


 “For you are light, born of light, and by you everything was done.”





Born of light! And anguish falls from the heart like dead skins. Like the shedding of Serpents. Those Reptilians we wouldn’t want to come down from. Not to mention Bonobos or Pigs! Let us be clear: when tradition recognizes us children of light, it does not intend to pronounce on our genetic code or on any other fleshly, physical, material filiation.

We are light, but if we ignore it, it can be extinguished. Only knowledge gives us life. Are we not talking about the lights of knowledge? And those of the Holy Spirit? As the face of initiates radiates a beneficent light, so the light that shines in our eyes expresses the love of our hearts.

Few people like to investigate and seek knowledge. It is easier to believe. (Humbatz Men)


The genetic origin of our physical body has very little importance in relation to the sacred certainty that we all live, we all are light born of light, and by us everything has been done.


Big Bang

Really everything, including the Big Bang. Man lived it. Conceived. Realized. I saw humans watching the Big Bang behind a control screen and a thick transparent surface. Before their eyes, and under mine, a total explosion. Endless. The time that was stopped suddenly started. And space appeared with him.

Cosmic dust condensations are formed in slow motion. As the seconds pass, the movements accelerate. In front of me, the universe takes shape, an archaic, almost fetal form — very far from our telescopes.

And humans were at the controls of the BB!

Yes, BB. The Big Bang is a baby. The universe is a living organism. A biological being. It is born, it grows, it will die. Humanoids have imagined and realized this self-breeding universe. The black holes of our universe overlook other universes. One can see them gushing continuously through the mouth of the white fountains. The black hole is the pile side, the white fountain the face side that enriches another universe with what the black hole devoured from ours.


Big Bazar

A black hole can create other universes that reproduce in turn, creating the multiverse. The cycle is perpetual. A new universe emerges at every moment. And the moment can last a thousand millennia or a nanosecond. It depends. I saw that at the origin of everything, there is a group of researchers who are agitated in a lab. These researchers may be 7,000 km tall, but they are still human.

The creators of the whole Big Bazar look like brothers to us. Maybe they created the multiverse for their graduation. Or like the masterpiece that the companions of the Middle Ages had to make to become masters. Yeah, that’s it: a master’s thesis.

The gods of India and Egypt remind us of a largely forgotten truth: all animals on Earth or elsewhere, at the end of their evolutionary process, reach the humanoid stage. Only their faces recall their origin. The ones I saw in that lab were human beings. Probably a lot bigger than us.

Are these giants driving me, driving us? Thank you to them for considering the ants we are.


Material World?

So we would be in a purely material universe? Are we anything other than electronic avatars? Do not confuse the vehicle with its driver. The traditional source affirms loud and clear the spiritual nature of the human being, which science is not convinced of. When the latter does not confuse the mind and the rational mind, which happens to her too often these days. The difference is enormous. Logic reasones when the spirit creates. Thought copies the world, while the spirit indwells it. 

Rational mind allows us to count, mind gives us being. Carlos Castaneda insists enough on this fundamental distinction which is the basis of the world view of the Yaquis sorcerers: the tonal and the nagual, the right side and the left side, the banal and the magic. But he has not been schooled. Not yet. So serious in the West is the inept mark of cogito, that all-rational diktat that kills.  In a world dominated by gravity and quantity, the Spirit hides, frightened. We have seen the ebb and flow of ruling spheres – financial, economic, political, religious even – which must be content with the mind alone to avoid extinction.

Their chances are small. If you rely on these people, prepare for the worst.  





There has been no pilot on the plane for a long time. The current global system is not consistent at all. Nor the slightest chance of avoiding the worst. It’s a gigantic collage of crazy mechanics turning against the rythm.

Who could claim to improve this mess? Not to mention to lead it! I’m afraid we have to go through a drastic purge. What our species could not learn by meekness, it will have to learn by force.

And it doesn’t make anyone laugh, believe me. But again, it’s all about matter. The mind doesn’t interrupt its adventure for so little. The end of a body or that of seven billion bodies has no bearing on the reign of the spirit. The end of a star or galaxy has no more impact on the reign of light. The amalgam that takes the place of a system will completely deregulate itself, carried away by another, the climatic disruption. The degradation predicted by climatologists is expected to be faster than expected.

We are going to cook in our juice. This summer Brittany exceeded 30°. The drought that raged last winter lasted in spring and summer. Autumn rains are not enough to green the landscape. I pity Corsica or the South. Already Provence is in the process of sahelization. The sea will rise faster and fall lower. While the stock market will rise lower and come down faster.

We’re all going to die, so what? Who still had doubts? One less life, one more death, does it matter as little as it is in our bright adventure? Not even sure. Tradition teaches us that our memories are erased by death. Then, in another life, we must get closer to the stone. This is our eternal memory. Every stone is a mirror of the world that it felt palpitating around. We are light, we inhabit the Earth stone to recover our memory.



What shall we do?

We are light, we are spirit. Our spirit shapes the world, our thoughts make our tomorrow. Think positive or no longer think. The kingdom of mind must give way to the spirit. Since science no longer guides us on a path of truth and light, let us steal its most beautiful Grail, quantum mechanics, which has only the name of mechanics. Quantum physics opens the door to the mind that creates another world. The theory of quanta prepares the reconciliation of tradition and science.

As for you, think this:
I am, so I don’t think.



What has to be will be. And what is now is turning over and over until you stop the world.

Only the fireborn understand blue (Carl Sandburg)


… For the Source is in you 🙂


You have to dance in chains.
Friedrich Nietzsche