It starts with a movie, Limitless. Hollywood blockbusters are sometimes quite inspiring. Some of them come close to genius, others even surpass it. Like Matrix1, Inception, or Limitless. The argument is simple: a new drug, NZT, makes it possible to use 100% of brain abilities instead of being content with 10% — the human average.


A Price To Pay

The effects are spectacular, instantaneous. Whoever takes it remembers everything he saw, read, knew, perceived, heard, felt and understood from his mother’s womb to the present moment. This is exactly the effect of awakening in stage 3 and beyond. But unlike awakening, with NZT, there is a price to pay. First concern: absences. Under the influence of drugs, we forget everything we could have done in the previous hours. Including raping, injuring or killing. Alcohol abuse has similar effects, but never awakening.

The second concern is that with migraines, you have to be hospitalized. The third concern is that medicine is powerless. No known treatment. Pushed to its extreme limit, the body looses. It’s overdose and death in the short term.

Unfortunately, all these blockbuster films have to be mainstream. So spectacular and stupid. If the idea is good, the story is stupid. Useless and dangerous, the drug removes from the film all philosophical scope. The predictable suspense replaces the initiatory wisdom. Too bad.


No worries

The awakening has the same effect, without the worries. No drug intake, the whole process is natural. Imagine that you receive lightning. Miracle, it does not kill you. The electric power surge wakes you instantly. You made no effort to do it, you were in the right place, your body took the shock. You are bathed in clarity, invaded by unsuspected powers.

In one second, at impact, your brain tripled its potential. You are now using 20% of your brain capacity. If your evolution stops at this point, you will be part of the secret elite of the human people. You may become famous through newly acquired gifts. But if your progress does not continue, fame will tire you, its taste will pass, its excitement will fade.

I can’t get no satisfaction. But I tried. I tried. (The Rolling Stones)



Second chance

This is your second chance. You can take it to bounce back and go even further, even higher. Using your new brain abilities, you can remember many forgotten facts and use them to better understand yourself and the mysteries of life and the world. Each new cognition increases your brain capacity and offers you new cognitions.

After about 60 major cognitions, your brain capacity has tripled. You now have 60% of your brain under control. Cognitions keep coming in, effortlessly, without digging your head, without thinking. They’re flashes. Visions. These discoveries do not pass through words, ideas, or mind. But they pass and you change.

There comes a time when you can use 100% of your neurons and synapses. It is stage 3 of awakening, which counts seven. Suffice to say that the progression can continue. And even long. 


The inaccessible star

I guess today there are more than seven degrees of human awakening. I didn’t know that when I wrote this article. I know now that I know nothing. My progress, as spectacular as it is, is minute on the path of total, immediate, ultimate knowledge: the great power of the pre-celtic Druids, the science infused by the adepts, Mirandole Peak, Einstein, Tesla… These giants are only ants facing the Mother Goddess who conceived everything, conquered everything, understood everything. Our Lady of Alcor and other places, the Empress of the Thousand Stars who shaped this part of the universe — Ana, one of the scientists who made the Big Bang.




Stimulated by new cognitions, the progress of your brain may open unsuspected doors for you, but you know it’s nothing. The prodigious increase of your knowledge makes you understand the overwhelming extent of your ignorance. Humility saves you at the right moment. If you are aware that your awakening is not due to your genius, if you do not take yourself for god or goddess, it will be out of humility. Wisdom is nothing without it. Supreme knowledge remains inaccessible to you, but by the grace of unconditional love and sincere humility, it doesn’t matter. The path continues, so do your adventures.

The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of a spectator and calls it self-confidence. The warrior seeks to be impeccable in his own eyes and calls it humility. (Carlos Castaneda)


One Hundred Thousand Doors

Some of your neurons now host twelve synapses. They are the most numerous. Others receive much more: up to two hundred. The countless connections between your neurons open a hundred thousand doors and an infinity of windows. Stage 4 of awakening leads you to create synapses between the many neurons that are lacking: those of your colon, the most numerous, and those of the rest of your body.

The mind has long become an outdated tool. It allows limited investigations, subject to physical constraints. Your whole body is no longer enough for you. You are using your double that descended into you during Arcana XVI. Your body has become the Temple of Divinity, you become the House of God.French name of The Tower This is what a awakened person can produce in stage 7. Sounds nice and safe.

No side effects. No headaches. No hospital. No overdose.


No Satisfaction

On the contrary! I have become convinced that we are here to use ALL OUR POTENTIAL. Not doing it means depriving yourself of 90% fun. With the 10% that you have left, it’s impossible to be satisfied with yourself. So it’s impossible to be happy. Develop your powers, acquire awakening, you will understand that paradise is in you, without dangerous substance, without unnecessary excitement, in the calm and serenity of an unfathomable lake that you have explored.

I can’t get no satisfaction. But I tried. I tried. (The Rolling Stones)


Know yourself and you will know men and gods.



Candid Secret

Thinkers of old have found it useless to push themselves to grow, to seek to gain the summit of themselves. They preached contemplation, meditation, recollection, the acceptance of our limits, the lowering of self. If humility is essential, self-evaluation is criminal. You become the victim of yourself.

You have to cultivate your garden, said Voltaire in Candide. I did it, it pissed me off. It’s beautiful, it’s comforting, it’s exhilarating — but at the end of the day, it’s not enough. Love of nature embellished by your care is certainly a noble task, but you are in the wrong garden. Instead cultivate the uncultivated garden that you are. This is Candide’s secret.


3-digit IQ

I strolled, I contemplated, I stopped thinking, I walked a long way on the middle path. I blindly followed the wise precepts of the east. They’re jokes. Naive advice that you can read everywhere — even here! Yet it is wind. A plaster on a wooden leg. I discovered the wisdom of the former gods. A funny toy for the great ones. So I returned to Castaneda, who experienced the same things as I did. Slowly, I got back the spirit of the child. The little one is not fooled. It works optimally, right side and left side are coordinated. But its brain is not developed. Not yet. 

By the end of the first phase of learning, the child’s brain capacity tripled. That’s it. He will cap his entire life using only 10% of his cognitive potential. Three-digit Intellectual Quotients go a little further. The geniuses go even further. Only the awakened will conquer their entire brain potential. Only the awakened know that great power is over oneself.



From The Magician to the High Priestess

The first phase of learning ends around the age of 3. It began at conception, either in her mother’s womb or in a test tube. In the initiatory language of the Tarot, it is arcana I and II, the Magician and the High Priestess.

It is a decisive phase of innumerable acquisitions, incessant cognitions, stimulation of neurons and connection of synapses. To store data, the virgin brain must produce its first programs, which it will keep all life… in principle. If there is no subsequent cleaning.

As the brain learns, it is limited and misused. Knowledge acquisition and classification is accelerated. This is only possible by developing programs.

The brain is a computer. No computer works without programs. For a long time I wondered who was the author. Are they in us from conception? In this case, where do they come from? Who compels us? Who’s flying us?

We do, I guess. The fetus and the infant create their programs as they learn. The young brain learns modes of thought, it accepts arbitrary and illogical habits dictated by its milieu.

They are castrating, reductive, inhibitory. Yet they are indispensable for survival in an alienated society. Polluted by errors, bounded by stupidity erected in dogma. If you think otherwise, you are dangerous. If you do not think, if you free yourself from all alienation, you are executed.



These buggy programs make so many definitive limitations. They are the foundation of the ego. In the first half of your life, you build a strong ego. An ego capable of producing new programs to acquire data. All these programs are infected. Limited by the limitations imposed by the environment.

No one else has created the programs that turn your brain. You designed them all from the database of your time, your background, your beliefs and your gender. The normal individual accepts all this without flinching, the fatalist does with it, the realist aligns himself with the large number — only the revolted refuses en bloc.

We spend the first half of our life forging a strong ego, and the second half to get rid of it. (Carl Gustav Jung)



The Mysteries

Sooner or later, he finds a way to change the buggy plan from his first three years of existence. In the initiatory tarot, it is called the arcane XIII. In the Middle Ages, we spoke of the Little Mysteries. These are the mysteries centered on your person. The Great Mysteries concern the rest of the world. This is what the mystery religions of ancient times worked on. They were called the mysteries of Isis. Once the great mysteries were cleared, the impetrant received the gift of Isis — it’s awakening.

In the language of the medieval Tarot, here comes the Devil, arcane XV. The ultimate prelude to awakening. We must reach the stage where all the chakras are wide open, with the exception of the fontanel, the crown chakra. In this work, the role of the initiate is more active than for arcane XIII. Arcane XV requires active participation in the impetrant. It is his work, his work, the master passing from duty only opens the door, but emotional blockages remain at the charge of the awakened future.

Awakening is won by hard struggle over yourself. You must not overestimate or underestimate yourself. Know yourself. Use all your cognitive, sensory, and subtle abilities for one thing: to grow. To break the ceiling. Pierce the bar that locks the Devil’s Fountain. Use the antlers that serve as antennas.

Rama’s antler, Bel’s antlers, Hathor’s horns.


The Four Enemies

You still have to defeat the warrior’s enemies if you want to have your lucky centimetre. First fear. You will have to be able to remain calm in the face of danger, physical or psychic aggression, etc. You will have to bear with an equal soul the paroxysmal emotions.

Don’t be afraid of the world, my friend. The world should be afraid of you. (Lao Surlam)


Then clarity. You will not know it until after awakening. The one you feel before is a delusion. A false impression. A dead end from the conditioning received before the age of three. You’re supposed to have twisted his neck in your Arcane XIII, but engrams have a hard time. This is not the light of awakening but an emotional discovery. Loosen a notch your meditation belt, would you say the lama Guendune Rimpoche.Very Precious One

The same goes for powers. At this point, they are not there yet. You will have to overcome the illusion of power, because you have few. To help you do this, the passing master will try to show you your weaknesses. If it scares you, you’re not ready. If you see clearly that the master is mistaken, it is too early for you. If you have only the power to flee, this evasion is happy. Don’t come back until you’ve passed all three.

You just have to wonder how to use correctly the power you have. (Carlos Castaneda)


Whatever you do, the fourth enemy will eventually defeat you: it is old age. Time is limited. You certainly have your whole life ahead of you, but who tells you when it will end? Hurry slowly. Don’t try to buy time, it’s the best way to lose time. Cultivate humility, you know nothing. Have faith in yourself, believe in your master, but don’t worship him.



Towards the End

The end of the film is disappointing. The golden word becomes mercantile gibberish. The action scenes, the gory images, the economic and financial arguments have worn me out, but I held out until the end. Towards the end, the hero’s first wife confesses that she took NZT, but that it’s over for her.
“Why did you stop?”
– You can’t push the machine to that level without putting your life in danger, she says.

This is true for drugs, not for awakening. It is true of all excesses: competition, high level, extreme, but it is false for awakening. The tarot teaches us how to avoid the traps of excess with the arcane XIIII Temperance. The woman holds two horizontal jugs, between which flows a stream of water. She makes the left side and the right side communicate.

Step by step, the path of the tarot follows its course. Your viaticum is given to you as you go. Each arcane teaches you what to do to reach the next arcane. Don’t forget this rule of the game: the little one goes to the end. And the Magician will become the Fool. The fool thinks himself wise, the wise man knows himself fool, William Shakespeare said.

A warrior treats the world as an infinite mystery,and what people do as an unlimited folly. (Carlos Castaneda)


Audacity brings with it genius, power and magic.