Archons in Questions


The subject of the Archons fascinates you and worries you too. Normal. These fellows are not reassuring. Masters of this world, these half-animal half-robot beings do everything they can to keep us under their control. The awakened are their favorite prey: they want to prevent them from freeing themselves from the matter where they treat us like cattle. Write me, I will answer your questions.

Reptilian Breeds

M.: I am boiling over reading these last texts about our origins. There would be at least two races of reptilians, I identified those with a cobra head (Hyperborea? Those we saw during the Flying Wolves) and those with a lizard head (which looks like clones and I saw when I was at your house)… It’s really good to read you, it needs good.

No more astral tourism, I agree with you. At the same time, some of the Wolves have found subtle weapons. During a waking dream, I was given one, lightning type of Zeus. Last week, during a meditation, I felt like I had wings that grew on my back, like angels. It’s like the subtle antennas, it gives fluidity I feel.

Xavier: Yes we felt our wings grow here too. A kind of passport for the astral? And it can help for conscious dreams. For now, I am not going to attack these bastards. In astral combat, they are much stronger than us. I have other tricks, we can put ourselves out of their reach without feeding them with hatred, fear, violence and those paroxysmal emotions they enjoy.

You’re right, there are several evolved reptilian races. Archons are either humanoid cobras or dragons. Either they come from the earth they come from, or they come from Hyperborea, they are the fallen angels of the Bible. The most powerful are dragons, like Hashem. Angels have lizard or cobra heads, they come from Hyperborea like the Archangels. The latter are super-bright and their face is hidden by this bright light. I hypothesized that cherubs would be weapons or flying machines, because the Bible speaks of a god riding a cherub.

At the very top of the astral, in the world of the White Light, Gwenwed, the Archons do not hold and must go down. So this is your place of power where you will be sheltered from the Archons of the lower astral. But beware: all up there sit the ancient gods. There are Archangels whose aura is very bright white. They can be dangerous. Happy angel. But most often they will protect us. Be careful anyway.



Awakened by the Archons

Corolla: I have just understood why night awakenings at 3 am and consecutive chronic fatigue. Sure, now I remember, these are night fights against the Archons. The scenarios differ but the purposes are almost identical. The human-like entity pays me no attention until I feel offended by his actions. I face him, ready to fight.

I recognize them by their robust statures, their apparent coldness and their empty looks. Fear in my stomach, at the moment of the confrontation, I wake up. I do not know if it is a survival reflex or if it is the entity that expels me from its astral plane because I provoked it? What do you think? Has this ever happened to you?

Xavier: Of course I experienced that. Many of us know about their nightly assaults. Read the next articles about them very carefully. They are animals. They have no consciousness and very little memory. They are not able to progress or improve. They created our physical body, the animal part, but the spirit comes to us from another entity, Ana the Great Goddess who rules over a thousand stars and all their planets.

Waking up when they approach is the best thing to do. But you don’t have to feel offended by their nature. The ego moves them, they are so, do not imitate them. Useless to confront them, never. They hypnotize us, eat our head and suck the brightness of our aura in the hope of acquiring one … But they have no immortal soul, they aren’t pure spirits in a body like us, they are just a body and a computer mind without memory.

You’ll wake up again at night. Most awake people are forced to. We drive them crazy with jealousy. They understand that we are escaping from them and it scares them. One day I wish you next, you will sleep with one jet. You will have understood that you must climb higher in the astral. We must dream higher, further, wider, because the Archons, dependent on the terrestrial plane, are limited to the lower astral.

Stop the breathing practices and other rituals that abound: they are all dictated by them. Their hypnosis is poisonous. They seek to sweep all the awakened in the vain hope of preventing them from climbing to the top of the summit, reaching the top of themselves. But we are irresistibly drawn to the heights of the astral, where we will spend our nights of full sleep out of their reach.

Important: do not be afraid. Archons feed on our emotions, they provoke our fear to feed on it. Sorry if it’s not gay, our creators are also our predators. Stay firm, strong, and trust. You’re protected. You fear nothing, nor any of yours. Remember that you are atman, uncreated spirit, and that you will live forever.


Tat Twam Asi, You Are It

1- If you desire liberation, flee as poison the objects of the senses and seek as invigorating water charity, righteousness, compassion, contentment and truth.

2. You are neither water, nor earth, nor air, nor ether. In order to free yourself, know that you are Atman, uncreated spirit. Know that your nature is Intelligence.

3- If you can remain in this intelligence, having broken your mental association with the body, you will immediately be happy, enjoying peace and free of bonds.

4- You do not belong to any caste or social category, you are not perceived by the senses. Eternally free, he who sees all things, that is what you are. Be happy!

This magnificent Hindu text reminds us what we must never forget, whatever our trials and struggles. It will work on you as a powerful mantra that will always protect you. And when death comes to take you, keep it in your mind, it is your passport to eternal life. For remember that salvation is not assured, as the Templar adage warns us:

“If you don’t die while you are alive, you will die while dying” (Motto of the Teutonic Knights)



An Eternal Moment

One must have known the initiatory death that the tarot expresses by the arcanum XIII, arcana without name. It is necessary to have crossed the narrow door, to have completed the cycle of his recollections to be reborn from his ashes, like the phoenix of the legends. The real phoenix wasn’t a bird, so its reactor wasn’t burning it.

You have understood well: some of us will know eternal life, because they have died and risen. The crowd of others will know the fate of the Jews, the death of the body will kill them all. With an animal god, cruel and only material, the Jewish religion does not believe in eternal life. Their god himself knew he was mortal, with no hope of reaching parousia. He died or will die, what does it matter? Its fellows proliferate and their nuisance increases.

The parousia is the return of Christ in glory at the end of time. I use it in a derivative sense. In my opinion, all the awakened are christs that parousia concerns. At the end of time, each chosen one will return in his body of glory. The end of time is another word for astral. It comes from our physical death, since in astral there is no time. The astral moment is eternal.

Human Cattle

Lola M: I’ve been having nightmares since childhood and they’re getting better at 70! When I read these articles, I realized that they are the ones who terrify me. I remember terrible, abominable things. You’re saying we’re their cattle? What do you mean by that?

Xavier: We are their human cattle, it’s the naked truth. They feed on our thoughts, our emotions especially. They are fond of it because they themselves do not experience any, except jealous desire and other ego excesses. But there are worse. They also feed on our flesh. See how Hashem, the god of Moses, cruel dragon and bloodthirsty tyrant behaves. The Torah makes no mystery of this.

Hashem demands his quota of bloody sacrifices. Cattle for his food he takes hidden. But also bodies freshly sacrificed in holocaust, for its dessert.

In the Bible, a holocaust is the sacrifice of an animal (bull, ram, goat, turtledove or young pigeon) that is offered to God by having it burned entirely on the altar. The worshipper who offers it keeps no part of the animal ( Ex 29:18; Lv 6:9 ). This ritual practice was instituted in memory of the time when the dragon god was among the Jews. When he left, the holocaust was instituted with the instruction to burn the whole body, so that the god of heaven would feed on the smoke. But in the days of Moses or David, the dragon roasted its victims before devouring them.

Given the size of the divine predator, he needs a whole ox and half a dozen young men, the tenderest, whom he will roast from the fire of his filthy mouth before engluer them of his slime. Snakes do not have an acid-rich stomach pocket, like mammals. Before swallowing their prey, they must engluer them with saliva to which is mixed a little of their venom, which for them is not mortal. This venom acts as stomach acid to allow digestion and facilitate assimilation.

I think like you, it’s perfectly disgusting. So disgusting that the dragon must eat hidden. The Holy Books stipulate that Hashem must be fed under a tent. The fierce dragon forbids anyone, on pain of death, to enter this very private tent. It is understandable, because the show really has nothing divine …



Know nothing

Krystal: All these articles about archons bothered me a little. Me who imagined my nights filled with wonderful dreams. Finally, it may be better not to know anything. I get up every morning with pain related to age or history… Could it be the aftermath of the night attacks? It troubled me to learn through Eden Saga our reptilian creation, as it troubled me to learn that we were created to serve as livestock and food. I take a little time to get used to these new ideas for me.

Xavier: I understand, it did the same to me. And yet, you only have to open your eyes to see how the powerful treat us: livestock and food. They follow the example of our creators. Having a conscience in our state of slavery is probably a handicap. Is it better to know nothing? Forget these evil gods, these negative entities, when they are responsible for most of our misfortunes? Our nature is spirit, higher intelligence, higher consciousness. And our duty is knowledge. Ignoring evil will not make it disappear, on the contrary. It will have achieved its objective: one less opponent.

Take a hundred men, you will find a man of faith. Take one hundred men of faith, you will find a man of knowledge. (Rumi)


Golden Ratio

1,6180: What if Eden Saga was the only place to hear what is worth hearing? It is true that all summer was a long crossing of a desert of energy and that you can talk about it so freely is a moment of freshness. No one else has dared to speak of these strange, unusual fatigues, of hopeless duration … to drag themselves endlessly, almost to the anger of being so weary. But that’s been fixed since the solstice, a portal closed?

Xavier: No, it’s not getting any better. Can you imagine how many emails I get from waking people struggling with these bastards? The fight is not the solution, they are stronger. Their number is as large as the decimals of the golden number. This planet belongs to them, we belong to them. Only the awakened escape them. So they do everything to keep them. Summer fatigue is one of their strategies. They are the masters of darkness, the kings of kali yuga. A new golden age will come when the awakened will be 8% of the world population. When this quota is reached, the world will be rid of these assholes.


But it is not won… I am uncomfortable to preach misfortune. My vocation is that of my clan: enchanting. So far my task has been to re-enchant the world. Should I be denied? Or should I hide what I have witnessed? I have chosen the truth. Transparency. I’m going to lose readers, but what does it matter how many? I’m not betraying myself, I think. Helping to usher in a new golden age is a good way to re-enchant the world.



If you have reason to believe they’re coming after you,
whether they eat your head or your light, or they try,
if you have unanswered questions about them,
or if you want to share your thoughts with me,
to tell me your meetings with them,
contact me immediately.



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