The Origin Of Male Power


I would like to start this story as a storyteller at the vigil: Once upon a time… To say that it happened, without worrying about the date. However, even if I am wrong, I will start as a professor in the pulpit.

In the year of Grace 3030 before common era,BCE an event took place that would change history in a profound, lasting and probably irreversible way: the overthrow of the matriarchal dictatorship in place for thirty millennia by a handful of male extremists. From the gladiator caste, these rebellious slaves embodied an ideal shared by many submissives, this was the key to their rapid success. Determined to establish the new power through a general revolution, these adventurers wanted to make known to the whole world the benefits of patriarchy.

Probably irreversible way? Who said that ? A son of Adam probably. Or a daughter of Eve, more misogynistic than he is. They got to make them small, this story is not written for them. Here I address the girls of Black Lilith, who was the first human. Long before Eve, she’s been Adam’s wife. Lilith did not come from the male, she was his equal and as such, rebellious.


Thirty thousand years of matriarchy

“Patriarchy! Immediately big words are dropped! “It’s a stupid riot of slaves, just as female power has had time and time again to experience thirty thousand years! Druidesses’ council has nothing better on the agenda, we cancel the meeting and each of us can go back to her cute little boys! ” shouts the Goddess loosing her temper.

Broken by the violence of her exordium, she slumps in her couch. The druidesses exchange horrified looks from the corner of their eyes. If the Sublime Goddess lives in the shadow of a glorious past, she wants to be modern. She loves to shock as much as sucking cock. This perverse taste for the vile male revels her advisers. To recognize the sex appeal of the male is simply shocking. But to betray the worship of Lesbos and the omni-pleasure of the Holy Vulva is to trample on the First Commandment and to deny the Dogma. For druidesses, it is blasphemy. Males have always been subject to women, who surpasses them in every field. Only insubordinate male slaves think otherwise. The Druidesses’ Assembly find it shocking that the Goddess shows the wrong example by flouting religion, tradition and good morals.


isis-horus-enfant-200poMarija Gimbutas, an archaeologist and anthropologist specializing in Indo-European and pre-Indo-European cultures, a former researcher at Harvard University, sees matriarchy as a type of society that, she says, has lasted for tens of millennia, the Aurignacian 39 000 years ago until around 3000 BCE, where the patriarchy would have gradually instituted.

Her theories, in particular that of the worship of the Goddess that would have spread universally throughout prehistory, are based on his research and his many archaeological campaigns. She directed them for fifteen years in what she calls pre-Indo-European “old Europe”, mainly in the Balkans and along the course of the Danube. This system would not be based on sexual discrimination, but on the importance given to the feminine, the woman embodying the reproduction of the species and its hope of sustainability in a temporal dimension that was not linear as it became with the patriarchy, but circular and cyclical, where the myth of “the eternal return” is born.

The existence of such a social system during prehistory is hardly questioned today, even if ethnologists, archaeologists and anthropologists do not always agree on its definition. What is more problematic today is why and how patriarchy would have replaced it with the invention of agriculture, between -5000 and -3000.(source)

This is exactly what happened. The matriarchy collapsed shortly before 3000 BCE. Congratulations to the author. I who does not belong to her sex, I will go further and tell you step by step the jolts of the matriarchal agony.


Here is the image of Isis nursing her son. Many will see the original of another icon: that of the Virgin Mary suckling little Jesus. Some mischievous ones will see rather the Mother Goddess giving breast to the nascent humanity. Yes, all of this is true, but we must go further. Enter the concrete.

Isis is Lilith, first Matriarch. It represents the female order, which preceded and nursed from her bosom the male order, showed here by a newborn male. Newborn, really? The proportions of the body are those of an adult. Just to support the idea that we are dwarves on the shoulders of giants – I mean female giants. This statuette, a true icon, has been reproduced in very many copies. In my opinion, it is not an object of worship, like the crucifix or the star of David. I see it as a milestone. A commemoration. This figurine wants to celebrate the feminine origins of our species. It commemorates the advent of patriarchy. For those who regret the old regime, the statuette was a rallying sign, kind of logo of a political party.


The Forgers of the year 3030

Thirty thousand years! Think of all that has happened in three hundred centuries! All that had to be rewritten to put our past in the masculine! That’s why male warriors burned all these libraries. Still less to rewrite to erase the memory of her. In the beginning was not God, but the Goddess. In the beginning were the Elohim, tells us the Bible. Elle or him, in good Frenglish. The visitors of the stars had both sexes: they were hermaphrodites, it happens with reptiles. This is the case, for example, with some scallops, snails, earthworms, crepidulae and other marine molluscs, clownfish, and many amphibians and reptiles … 

So after their takeover, the new male elites inaugurated their mandate by a colossal deception: to make people of the future believe that everything started with the male, whereas it is quite the opposite. All had begun peacefully with the Mother Goddess, and all began again in a bath of blood and horrors, the least of which was not the affair of the Forgers. The males had easy victory and tenacious grudge. Their revolution was a total success. Massacre of female elites took place all over the planet. Women were sick and tired of power and its excesses. They longed for rest: for the greatest number, it was an eternal rest. The few excited slaves who made the coup have become, under the pen of the Forgers, the founding Heroes, the demi-gods whose imposing stature eclipsed the Goddess and her female troops. The reign of Elle ended in horror. For almost a millennium, the female dictatorship had become odious. The Amazons, a clan of vengeance, former killers of the Divine Guard, had begun to break male wherever he became arrogant. Then Heroes drove arrogance to crime, and the liberation of man became the greatest purge that history has ever known. But by the talent of the Forgers, the purge was immediately burried and forgotten.

Carefully, methodically, patiently, the Forgers have returned everything. Lilith did not please them, so they invented Eve. The goddess Elle became the god El, and to dispel any misunderstanding he was stuck with a big beard. Juno inflated them, they erased her for the benefit of her gigolo, the little Jupiter aka Juju, who spent his time running after the female Terrans while Juno, tired of his escapades, was fondling her girlfriends with teasing fingers while directing humans and gods with an iron fist. Since then, male leaders feel compelled to grope their female staff.

To make matters worse, the Forgers also erased a male god, guilty of forgiving women and trying to achieve harmony between both sexes. An abortive attempt, which the Forgers did not manage to hide altogether, but which they have severely masked. This male god, a friend of women, is the archetype of Prince Charming, he is Rama, he is Ramos of Hyperborea, who became Horus-Ra of Egypt, Ram in the East, Rama in India, Lama in Tibet as in China. Rama who was purely and simply erased from Western memory by the unscrupulous Forgers’ talent.




Chief Forger was called Homer –or would Homer be a generic name that refers to their entire clan? Homer and his fellows were commissioned by the adventurers, on their order, to make Heroes with them slaves. These Heroes praised by other heralds are called Jason, Hercules, Orpheus. The legends forged from their exploits call them Argonauts. These forgeries were peddled around the world by troubadours, acrobats, aedes, and broadcast in the gambling dens, public squares, circuses and slaps. Wherever the humble gather, so that new fables become truth in the ignorant heads. The wrong history is always addressed to the ignorant mass. One does not transform the truth in the salons, nor in the universities, but in the mud of cesspools. Stalin understood it well.

Of course, in the exploits of the Argonauts, there is no trace of their horrors. The massacre of women has been ignored. Well nearly. Some fine allusions have been maintained, so that those who have something between the ears can find the tenuous thread of truth. The story of Jason on the Island of Women, and the sequel, that of the Queen of the Amazons, are eloquent enough for anyone who can read between the lines.

And here we are tonight, after five thousand years of patriarchy. If you ask me why this power of the male is exercised in almost all countries of the world, I’ll reply: Female power has also been worldwide for thirty thousand years. All men in all countries have been traumatized by the end of matriarchy, and deep in their guts they have only one terror: that women come back to power. So they keep claws and teeth their dominant position, even to veil, rape, excise, humiliate, exploit, maim, beat and kill women.



Kindness to ourselves helps us be kind to others.
Brene Brown