The Seven Days of Creation

The seven days of creation are mentioned at the very beginning of the Bible, in the chapter entitled Genesis. While my reflections on secular or religious mythology have led me to question many clichés, in turn Genesis has fallen under my extralucent gigascope.

And I focus on the first words, the model of an ex nihilo creation in seven days. Elohim, the God in question, is not creating the Earth, a small planet in a peripheral astral system. Elohim is creating all the global mess. The universe, the primary forces, the light. Let’s take a closer look at this.

The Seventh day

The Bible and its first chapter are two major pillars of creationism. Now I am discovering disturbing anomalies. If they prove to be founded, the Christian discourse on our origins would lose all credit.

The first anomaly appears in the title: the seven days of creation. Remember. On the first day, Elohim creates light. We are not in the creation of the only planet Earth. We are in the very first creation, at the level of the Big Bang. The rest changes register and reduce the focal length. After the light there was evening there was morning and God saw it was good. The next day, he puts the table back on. But on Earth. Same for the other working days of the week.

And on the seventh day, God rested. A Sunday. Suddenly the Bible invites us to do the same. Sunday becomes the day of the Lord. We don’t screw one up, we stay in our pajamas or we put on an tracksuit – a suit for the messards, bare ass for the party animals. Messards? Clergymen or those who practice. Otherwise gymnastics. Erotic glamor. Everyone has their own ethics and tics.

So on the seventh day God rested. I find him swollen, or cossard, or misinformed. What seven days? At creation, the seven-day week was not yet relevant.


Let me explain. There was a pre-biblical time when cosmic order reigned. The year did not last 365 days a third like today, but 360 days all round. That made twelve months of 30 days, each month not counting four weeks but three decades, three periods of 10 days.

Come on, it sucks! With his anticipated week of four billion years, Eli Elo has dodged three days! Easy, grandpa! We understand why the creation leaves something to be desired! Truce of valve, the week is a recent invention compared to the creation of the bazaar. Yet Genesis testifies to the seven-day week as an eternal truth. It’s wrong. This error of 4 billion years, bad point for the Bible. There are others, you will tell me. Exact.

But that’s not a reason. The seven-day week is present throughout the Bible. When Yahveh establishes the Sabbath, when he instructs the Levites who take care of the ark of the covenant, in short, whatever the occasion, there is never a question of a decade or another division of the months. Always the seven days. This would tend to show that the Creator God did not intervene until a long time after the initial creation. It would then be a secondary or minor creator. I like to understand where the errors come from. Simple blunder or big liars? Our former gods were capable of anything … I guess their descendants still are.

Decade v Decadence

One thing is certain. If they told our ancestors the story of their intervention, they could not be wrong up to this point. The word semaineweek comes from the Latin septimanus, septimana, ie seven days. The word decade means ten days. Ancient astronauts were brilliant astronomers. They could not ignore the exact ellipse of the planet they were laying out. And this ellipse had a duration of 360 days. After 360 days the earth had returned to its starting point. Yes, 360 precise days, and not 365 days and so

So they couldn’t create Earth in seven days, as fast as they were. Even if it is an image, which no one doubts. In the case the story came from them, they would have used the metaphor of the decade instead of the week. And the creation would therefore have lasted ten days. Certainly we can say that errors may have crept into the mythological accounts. It is an easy solution which dispenses with any investigation and displeases me at the highest point.

Killer Venus

The shortening of the Earth’s ellipse is a recent accidental phenomenon. If one believes the researcher Immanuel Velikovsky, the planet Venus was initially a giant comet, and it is as such that it was captured by the attraction of the Sun. It would have first struck a planet that it shattered into pieces, nothing remains of it other than the asteroid belt that separates Mars from Jupiter. (details).

Then it would have knocked on Mars, which would have left its flesh and feathers: its mantle of cultivable earth, Velikowski says, resembled that of the Earth before the unfortunate encounter with Venus. And then it would have rebounded on the Earth magnetic field, causing de facto an elongation of our planet’s ellipse around the sun. (other details).




I think this description is not due to the pen of a god before. It is their teaching, it is indisputable, but transmitted from generation to generation, and modified at the will of the storyteller to better adapt to the reality of the time. It is thus for all the tales, all the legends. But the essential is not distorted, as long as the storyteller is initiated, which is often the case.

In fact, in view of the colossal work undertaken by terraformers for so long, the partition into seven or ten steps doesn’t matter much. But the accomplished work deserves great interest, admiration and praise.

The seven days of creation represent seven stages of earth terraformation. Seven great chapters sometimes several eons long. They slowly transformed a mass of earth, rock, fire and water into the wonder we are fortunate to inhabit. Future explorers of Mars will not contradict me … and must be patient for eons. Their playground still requires several billion years of development to hope to resemble the Earth.

First day

This first “day” was the longest. It covered the period which extends from -3,000,000,000 to -245,000,000. The scientific name is Aeon Archean. I refer you to the wikipedian official chronology for more information in the line of the dominant ideology.

As for me, leaning against the enormous international mythological literature generally neglected by university researchers, I claim that evolved beings, very developed on the scientific and technological level, have come to this planet to orient it in the right direction. Their lead was such that they seem to me a million times more advanced than we are today.

Terra is still young, a wild planet. “The earth was chaos and emptiness. There was darkness on the face of the deep and the Spirit of God hovered over the water” (The Bible, Genesis) It was then that the First Terraformers undertook the enormous task of transforming our planet to make it a habitable place. It was hard and long work.

The first day of creation ended with success. So did the first visit of Terraforming Gods.Terra was ready for the second phase of work, which would take about 2 million years. It is the second day of creation.

Second day

This second stage of terraforming goes from -245 MAmillion years to -40 MA. The official denomination is Mesozoic, Triassic.

Level the mountains, divert the rivers, drain the marshes, the undertaking was considerable. For this, the terraformers needed local help. So they created a gigantic humanoid strain in their genetic lab. The Cyclops. More than 50m in height. A force to match. The efficiency of ten thousand bulldozers. And a great intelligence … They are the first humanity, that of the golden age.

The humanoid Cyclops domesticated certain dinosaurs to share the work, under the aegis of terraforming gods from outer space.

Third day

Third terraforming step, from -140 MA to -3 MA. Official denomination

This third stage saw the appearance of the second humanity (between 20 and 30 meters high) that of the Silver Age and of the third humanity (12 to 16 meters) that of the Bronze Age. They get lost too far into the mists of time for mythologies to make the slightest description of them. All I know is about reptilian humanoids. As soon as I can get more info, I’ll let you know …



From the Fourth to the Seventh day

We will soon be entering the scene. The seventh day of creation sees the appearance of our humanity, the fifth of the name.

For more information on these periods, please see the online timeline. The purpose of this chronology is to compare the scientific vision and that of tradition. To show how much they complement each other. In preview, version ß.



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