The Other History


Research! Discoverers! There are people who seek. There are university researchers, framed by the matrix of unique thought. There are independent researchers, who have not understood that they too depend on the matrix. And then there are you and I, who seek the light. The only thing that interests us is to find the lost track, the one that leads to the serenity of knowledge, in the light of awakening.


We Should Find

On a visit to the CNRS, General de Gaulle would have had this joke: “Research! It’s all very well to look, but we should find!” I received the message. And in my heart, I replied: I understood you! Among the cohort of generals generally degenerate, the old general has always done well. He wanted to be above the parties, but we know how it ends, on the right! When a centrist claims to be above parties, that is what happens. Rebellious and full of energy, my generation threw him out, the galloping right-wing. Pompidou and Giscard, his lame successors, scattered us all over the world, looking for that damn light that no longer shone on the France of big capital.

Few of us found it. The few who saw it immediately lost it. For some reason, I hung on. Money and material success, I didn’t give a shit. Power over others made me puke. I expected something different from existence. Through an innate gift as much as inexplicable, I had the means to explore the past and guess the future. And most of all, I knew that my quest was worth it. I saw that a big sun was at the end. Now I know. It was Hyperborea’s.



About fifteen years ago, I posted the first articles of this site. Without suspicion. I didn’t know the gear was on its way and nothing could stop its life spiral. I certainly did not expect to devote every moment to it for so long. And it is not over! I still have so much to say, the words come louder and louder, the images rush and jostle me like you. The threads are tied, the intrigues unravel, and we, planted in the heart of the fray, contemplate the human saga.

With a quick step, I walk the astral. Precious gift: I can move along the entire timeline. It helps. That’s how I bring information from the source. I got it where and when it happened. Still fresh, quivering with real life, I throw them in these pages. They do not have time to get damaged…





Now the puzzle gets bigger and bigger. And I’m hallucinating. The tracks cross. The mythologies add up and explain. Everything becomes clear. And reason wavers…

The secret of our origins is even more appalling than anyone can imagine. The hauntings rooted in the unconscious of fools are nothing compared to the enormity of the lie that we are served at every meal, without respite or rest. The quiet rot we are swallowed up in every school, every university. The silver cutlery, the fine porcelain tableware, the embroidered tablecloths, none of this artificial refinement can not make appetizing the ignoble brouet that we are forced to swallow. Good students are those who digest it and restore it in consciousness.

How could those who know have been able to close it so long? Damn kali yuga! I am enraged and hallucinating. Should I continue my research? Throw other bridges that will intermingle to accredit the deadly truth? Or should I do as cowards, criminals who know and keep quiet?


Shout the Truth

Sixteen years ago — already! — when I started working on this site, I had gone ball in head on the gods of before. So mythologies made me the short scale. Very quickly, I showed that this notion of god is based on a misunderstanding. If most ancient peoples — Egyptians, Celts, Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Chinese…– know what to expect when they talk about the gods, it is not the same for all.

With their one god delusion, the Hebrews got it wrong. They didn’t get it. They obeyed a divine underling who pushed himself from the collar, they believed this liar at his word. And their naivety put us in it.

The gods are too numerous to be unique. Interchangeable according to the moods of the Goddess who makes and breaks careers. She always chooses. Then countless gods become as careerists as politicians. Like them, the little gods change line and shirt and sell to the highest bidder. Big deal! It is always the Goddess who wins the bet.



The Source and the Gods

How to take a god for the Source? The confusion of the Hebrews is inexcusable. Inexplicable too, since both the Torah and the Bible mention a job-lot of unique gods, all different, and even incompatible.

The warrior who travels all along his timeline is a wall-pass that shows us the way to go. (Lao Surlam)


First the Elohim, gods of origin according to the Bible: they are seven. With their companions, that makes fourteen. Among the Greeks, the only one is eight, called the Ennead. Hinduism has four original gods, followed by thousands more. Not to mention millions. Our creators, the reptilian aliens descended from the sky in their great ship, number in the tens of millions. And their lackeys the angels, by myriads. Jesus does not make a mystery of that fact.

Paredros is a noun or adjective literally meaning “seated next”. Like consort, paredros t is used to qualify an often inferior deity in prerogative, usually associated in worship with a more influential god or goddess. However, general usage tends to call parèdre the consort of a deity, which can be equal or complementary.

No mythology speaks of a single god. Not a single legend. Except the Torah when Hashem the Jealous Dragon wanted to be the only god of the Jews. Then on Sinai he will weep in the bosom of Moses because his chosen people was adoring Baal, a powerful competitor. No joke: some gods have placed themselves above others. But unique? This aberration existed only in the oversized ego of one of them, no matter who. On this level they are all equal.


In the desert

In the 2nd century AD, several Judeo-Christian “heresies” became interested in the Bible and the Torah with a particularly sharp critical look. I myself have followed in their footsteps in several articles, such as  Decalogue Lessons, Edenic Dragons , Moses at Sinai, Improbable Jesus and many others which hereticists will not fail to criticize sharply. The common point between these many Gnostic currents and my approach? These as myself refer to the literal text, and only to it, without considering the official interpretation of such or such cult.

This approach is the only one that can be described as scientific. It is truly disastrous that the Catholic Bible is more provided in notes and comments than in the text itself. The great merit of the Protestant Bibles is to have banished these notes which arbitrarily direct the thought of the Catho reader towards this or that interpretation — interpretation sometimes at the opposite of the literal meaning, but clothed with the ecclesial imprimatur. The rabbinic commentaries of the Torah suffer in the same way. See Edenic Dragons!

Everyone must be free to interpret ancient texts with their own knowledge, full awareness, culture and understanding. No one needs that one grinds and chews in his place texts eloquent enough to have no need of explanation. Especially since those of religions and sects are far-fetched and confuse at will what is initially simple and clear.

My approach, that of Eden Saga in general, illustrates these precepts. I put my knowledge at the service of understanding the text if it is convoluted or distorted, but I let the truth of the text express itself when it can enlighten everyone.

There are a lot of notes, comments, addendums, and gibberish that don’t allow anyone to make up their own minds. That’s the only thing I care about. May each of us find our food in the desert of meaning and absence that becomes, despite ourselves, our inner universe. Everything must be able to be lived according to the unforgettable portrait that Baudelaire traces in his poem Correspondences:

Nature is a temple in which living pillars
Sometimes give voice to confused words;
Man passes there through forests of symbols
Which look at him with understanding eyes.

Like prolonged echoes mingling in the distance
In a deep and tenebrous unity,
Vast as the dark of night and as the light of day,
Perfumes, sounds, and colors correspond.

There are perfumes as cool as the flesh of children,
Sweet as oboes, green as meadows –
And others are corrupt, and rich, triumphant,

With power to expand into infinity,
Like amber and incense, musk, benzoin,
That sing the ecstasy of the soul and senses.
Translated by – William Aggeler



As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods : they kill us for their sport.
Bill Shakespeare