Soul Words


Postulate: Each human being is the physical counterpart of an immortal, probably eternal soul. That’s what I imagined, without being entirely sure. A soul had to enlighten me and it happened. I know one who left me this message.


Hello Xavier, I am your soul. I will tell you about my day. It will take a moment. In the eternal world, each day lasts an eternity. But you, the old man all alone, it is not time that you miss it either.

“First I have to tell you. I animate several bodies. I know, that can surprise. Like everyone, you believe that you have a soul that belongs only to you. This is totally false .

“No one can have a soul. Being a soul, yes, it is possible when you are at the end of the road.” Your “soul is your country. You know it does not belong to you, even if it is yours. You’re just living in it and loving it. But you’re not alone. Millions of other “you” share this privilege.


The soul is plural

“I am not saying that a single soul can manage millions of beings. If it does, it is no longer called a soul but an egregore. Plant or animal species are managed by egregores. Each subject has a individual feeling and own conscience which are both linked to the egregore of the species. Everything that happens to one of the subjects is shared by the species.

“My daily job looks alike. I can’t tell you how many bodies I animate, professional secrecy. This kind of knowledge is only accessible to the initiates. What is an initiate? Believers speak to their souls which they call God while their souls remain silent. When their souls speak to them at last they think they are choosen by God since they heard the divine word.

“Now the initiate does not speak to his soul. The soul speaks to him while he listens continuously. Thanks to precious advice, the initiate is informed and protected in all circumstances. There is also the great initiate who has no more worrying about anything. He knows he’s not driving his car, but he likes that. He lets himself be driven, blessing the driver.

“There are still the ascended masters, but that’s thin air. Spiritual marketing of the worst kind. A cocktail of true sages of the past and phony gurus of the present. And again, if one of them describes his ascent, we get it straight away that it’s just one of those gasmen who was kidnapped by aliens. Yes, I know, that sucks. But we cannot prevent these traumatized people from pretending to be choosen by the Almighty, once again.



“Mind, I don’t judge, I say what I think. Sorry. My soul job is not a dog job. I don’t give rewards. I don’t distribute punitions. This is the job of conscience and I gladly leave to it. Poor conscience does not need my help to fall on the ground.

“I have to animate, everyone has their job. I have to animate beautiful people here and there, good people light-years apart, poor guys everywhere, all at the same time, the beautiful, the strong, the sweet ones and you on top of the market, no time to be unemployed. Although yes, time. To be unemployed like the rest. I have all the time in front of me.

“How am I doing? I was going to say as best I can, but that’s good for you mortals. The immortals have other ways. I never do the best I can, it’s too little. All the time, because I liked it.

“I do my best and it doesn’t require any particular effort. Everything flows naturally for a soul. But how do you manage so many beings from different eras, worlds and environments? Easy. I only have to be myself. It is so difficult for a mortal and so easy for a soul.


Soul and conscience

And then there is a thing: the bodies that I animate all have a little family resemblance. They all have the same astral line, mine. Yes, I am your mom my big one. I watch over you. Yet I can not help you do bullshit, it is the role of your conscience that does not happen either.

Your soul is love. It does not judge you. Do we judge on those we love? No. On help when they are struggling, on support when they suffer, on care when they are sick. It is what I do. But you don’t always understand the relevance of my intentions. I see your future like your nose in the middle of the face.

“Your soul is your refuge. Think of your mother’s love. If you missed it, your soul will compensate. It will always be there for you as soon as you perceive it. It is up to you. Welcoming your soul is the most important event that can happen to you. You did it from childhood, waking up early you still ignore your luck, you don’t know your happiness.



Some beings refuse the obvious. They believe they are robots, zombies, chemical-humanoid humanoid or whatever. I have all the trouble in the world to overturn their screens. They will die mechanically, we will cry the same. What remains of the body matter? It corrupts, it rots, it separates into elements that the tiny cycle of life will soon recycle.


The afterlife

What remains of consciousness? It accompanies the deceased in the great tunnel strewn with stars which becomes more and more luminous as it progresses towards the galactic center. The stars closer and closer , their increasingly dense light create this ultra-luminous screed which sweeps over the deceased in successive layers, bordered with shadow, streaked with magnetic lightning.

Everything is focused, even the light. Everything accelerates and the deceased is always aware of it. The massive black hole in the galactic center is more and more attractive, the speed of the deceased is accelerated and his consciousness grows as it expands infinitely, revealing even the hidden memories hidden in the unconscious.

“And comes the terminal outpouring, the fusional encounter with the being of light. This is the name that some of you give it. Others call it the beak of the Eagle. You know them very well dear Xavier. I’m afraid Carlito has eaten your head. Anyway there are worse things to read.”

All that you are dissolves in the belly of the Eagle. All that you have been is snatched from you, laid flat, devoured and digested by the Eagle. You enter absolute light as your consciousness And you are nothing, while your consciousness enriches the collective consciousness, which nourishes future beings and enriches the data of the Akashic records.

“When one of the bodies that I animate comes to disappear in this way, my day is not ended either. The soul is not consciousness. Nothing can dissolve the immortal soul, no one can make it disappear. The devils boast of being able to enslave them and in the darkness to bind them, but that eternity does not stand the distance, it melts like snow in the sun and the soul regains its freedom of movement.


Our inner lives

Other fights await, other victories but no defeats. Nothing is ever completely finished in my eyes. The power of your mind is infinite, imagine mine. You wonder if I spend my eternity taking care of one or the other mortal. It would hurt me. I, too, have personal obligations. Beings that are purer, brighter than I go down to educate me. You never know There are so many mysteries to be discovered, even when you have lived like me forever.



When you passed your Arcana XIII, you found many previous lives, all ending with violent deaths. Flornoy called you ‘astral tourist‘ so much that you liked it. You went back there many times during the ten years which followed. Gymnastics that led you to travel on the timeline. Then something happened. Something strange. The violent deaths you experienced during Arcana XIII evaporated. In fact, all of these lives seemed to be happening at the same time. time than yours, but at another time, in other places.

“The dead are gone because these lives are not over. You could have found them through me. All of these lives are some of the avatars I manage in different time spaces. They are not previous lives. notion of anteriority means nothing at all in astral. No time in eternity, no anticipation, no distance either, everything is played here and now.

“You found these other states of yourself going through the paths of your soul. You found these multiple inner lives by moving – oh very little – your assembly point. You shifted this intense glow somewhere inside. Chouya.“A little” in Arab You are so moved when the euphoria transports you, you thank the Living, you give thanks to the Spirit.

“You are convinced that the Spirit can do anything. Here again you are mistaken. What would the Spirit do without the help of your soul?”

One wonders.

 History teaches historians how to falsify it.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec