Out of reach of any scientific explanation, the evidence of abduction – kidnapping by aliens – do not stop to question the world of ufology. Terrorism, delirium or… mystical ecstasy?

The abduction of Alec Newald, rich and precise, is emblematic of the phenomenon. In 1989, this New Zealander said he was kidnapped for ten days by a group of extraneans.

His kidnappers are not hostile, they communicate through telepathy, but are also able to understand English – in viex of the New Zealand accent, they have a gift for languages.

Where are they from, these gifted beings? From another plan of reality, somewhere in our future.

“We are coming fundamentally from your future, said an extranean girl named Zeena. No matter whether it is six minutes or six years; if you can go to one, you can go the other.

But for us , things are not that simple, because we come from another dimension – not quite the one where you are, but close. And therefore we are what you would call interdimensional travelers of the time.”

Their planet, Haven has the size of Mars. 

They are only thirteen million to live there, but the situation of their planet is deteriorating.

– Our sun is dying gradually, said Zeena, and we roast slowly under the effect of its radiation. We are also losing our atmosphere, little by little. This can be overcome to a certain point, but it can not last forever.

 – It is not very bright. How do you plan to cope? asked Alec Newald.

The answer of his abductor was not encouraging:
“It’s been a number of Earth years that we are looking for a new habitat. The best solution is the Earth, but we can not bear your gravity, among others.”

How lucky! Otherwise, they would have already settled here. And who says that it is not already the case? Even if Newald described them as some nice little angels committed only to our enlightenment, they are there to ensure their own survival, not ours.

And besides they do not pull their punches. Newald and his fellows, they do not ask them their opinion, they have abducted them using the hard way.

And after that they give us a speech on the greatness of our species and its free will! If the abducted love them so much, their unscrupulous kidnappers, it must be the Stockholm syndrome.

Kidnappers, thugs who cut our cows into slices, who practice surgery operations on the people they kidnap, who implant electronic widgets in them, all these E.T. have Stalinist methods.

 Though they keep telling us that their intentions are pure and sweet, when we saw Mars Attacks! one can not help having doubts. The creation of our species, Zeena confirms that this is a genetic manipulation from many strains, and repeatedly. According to the extranean girl, “the appearance of the human race comes from the combined efforts of many E.T., each having once claimed to have made it.” Beautiful mind! How can anyone believe such suckers?

Zeena added: “It’s not really a deliberate lie from them, but a mere exaggeration.” Come on! They are from yarnland, perhaps?

Let’s remind to Zeena the liar that some of these E.T. even pretended they had created all the rest, thus pretending they were the Source  or the One. Just an exaggeration, that, too? When we hear such enormities, we would prefer that the abducted has invented everything. Mr Newald said that everything is true, but Zeena was she really sincere?

Can we trust some spatiotemporal thugs that lie to us for millennia? Unless you are stupid or… Rael, it does not seem possible.

 All abductions do not occur like in a dream: “In a style close to satanic and ritual abuse, victims of abductions involving Greys and Reptilians also evoke the feeling of being an object, a prey, an animal between the hands of these extraterrestrial entities.” There are also sexual abuse of a different style: “these entities perform takings of sperm and ova and invasive medical experiments that focus almost exclusively on sexualityTwo other themes recur regularly in the stories of abduction and Mind Control: genetic manipulation and implants. Genetic manipulation would aim, according to the victims, to create human-alien hybrids, ie entities with an emotional life that the Greys have not.

As for implants, they allow, at best, to identify and track a subject marked, and at worst, to change his behavior.” (source)


xs-rayon-cosmique-200poThe problem of abductions is that everyone has his own version. This one was operated, that one raped, to another it was revealed secrets, each brings his emotional experience which is, you can be sure, not an objective vision of the event, but a reconstruction a posteriori of an intense energy shock. Which can be a near-death experience, a mystical trance, an emotional flash, the white light, a vision quest, or a thousand other things, the mind has no limit. The mind, short circuited, switches off and we live outside of ordinary consciousness. When we regain consciousness, after a minute, an hour or a century, the length of the absence does not matter.

 We rebuild our experience using the mind. Which draws the elements of reconstruction, not in experience, of a nature to it inaccessible, but in the database of our unconscious where we stored images and memories.

Our mind rewrites the experience with words, images and concepts that have nothing to do with it, but which have everything to do with our desires, our fears and inhibitions. This process, described by Carlos Castaneda, is called a covering. This is what happens to all those who were taken into space, and Alien knows how many they are.

As He knows about the first famous abducted, Enoch. His book, censored by the Christian Church and Judaism, features a bunch of gods, what bothers the monotheists. In addition, he abducted Enoch in a flying machine to show him other planets. That, too, neither Christians nor Jews can support it. It would spread doubt on everything else. So they censored Enoch.  

The abductions have therefore a long history. The book of Enoch was said to be the bedside book of Jesus. He knew it by heart, and you can find numerous quotes of it in the Gospels. Besides, Jesus has he not been, too, the willing victim of an abduction?

His ascension is what else? Someone who ascends to heaven in the light, it is an abduction. And Mary‘s assumption too. And all the ecstatic saints ascending to the seventh heaven, same story.

Every era puts names and a different folklore on facts that seem to be repeated forever. 




From the Tibetan lama who levitates to the New Zealander who is abducted, the facts are identical. What changes is how they are told. The packaging. The presentation.

Imagine for a moment that Mr Neward has made a (trivial) exit of the body? Imagine an unprepared guy suddenly finds himself in the supersensible world of the astral. How will he describe his experience once back down here? Three thousand years ago, he will describe it as Enoch. Two thousand years ago, it will be the ascension of Jesus.

 And nowadays, with all our bad books, we will say abducted by some E.T. It’s always the same old story – always new skin for the old ceremony.



Of the one who conquered a thousand thousand men in battle and of the one who conquered himself, it is the latter who is the greatest winner.