An Other World


There is another world within this one / The border is inside and the fear stops here. When I wrote this song, I was thinking of the astral plane. This world I wanted to talk about was the world we all carry within ourselves. Now I do not really hear it that way anymore.


Technology vs Symbolism

Our humanity, the fifth, has lived so far like a merry band of parasites on the back of a big beast, Gaia, our good mother earth. But there is another older and more powerful band that has taken up residence in the round belly of the blue planet. It is they, those good fellows, who have been mistaken for demons. What a laugh! They could defeat us in a few moments. Did they do it? Not: we are too useful to them.

They too appear in our skies aboard their space Ferraris called UFOs … that have always existed. They are still the ones who meet the States and Russia in advanced technologies. It is said that the Nazis were in close contact with these princes of matter. The Illuminati are pitiful. Self proclaimed puppets that only amused themselves. The real kings of the world are not these clowns.

Those who have been reading me for years have noticed how far I have come from the symbolist point of view I originally followed ten years ago. Over time, I began to interpret everything literally. This was the sign of the Tao, also called Yin-Yang, where most authors see only a spiritual symbol. The reading that I am doing now is very far from the chorus of the ignorant – to which I have no other reproach to make than to follow the wikipedian herd, and to scream with the wolves of the mind and the ego . The Tao is a beautiful philosophy that has chosen as a standard the schema of an ancient Atlantean engine …



Princes of Matter

The world inside is not the world inside us, this universe that everyone carries within. The lyrics of my song are precise, I did not understand them. It is said: There is another world within this one / The boundary is interior and the fear stops here. Words that we could write as well: inside our world, there is another, ignored, that we do not need to be afraid of. The earth is hollow. Our brave old planet is empty inside. Under our feet live beings older and more powerful than us. Their civilization is more advanced than ours.

The Bible calls them Masters of Matter. Christians take them for devils, because they are powerful, and because they do not share the point of view of the gods who made us. Right or wrong. I assume that these beings exist because humans have met them. Divers of the Soviet army have been dealing with strange fanatics 4-meter high. Dressed in silver-hugging suits, these giants are able to evolve at great depth without an oxygen tank. They are not hostile, but they violently repel any aggression. I exposed these testimonies in an old article, translated from Russian when the archives of the Red Army were declassified.

And there we saw the giants, children of Anak, of the race of Sumer giants; and we were in our eyes as grasshoppers, and we also were in their eyes. (The Bible)


Beware of Mix

Read this article, tell me if these giants are devils, or just inhabitants of this planet who live inside. Many traditions from the four horizons inform us about this inner land. Macuxi, Sidhe, Abzu, Hell and even the hypothesis of the hollow moon are there to attest to this.

Before rejecting, find out. Before you judge, analyze the whole situation. Before condemning, ask yourself if your judgment is sincere, without influence. Here begins true wisdom: by doubt. Years of skull stuffing and brainwashing have made this humanity incapable of distinguishing true from false.

Our contemporaries, saturated with true and false information, amalgamate, stir and mix everything. The reptilians, the illuminatis, the demons, the aliens, the enemies, the big cats, the gentiles, the elites, the people, the politics, the gurus, the crooks, the profiteers, the malefactors, the benefactors … Often the label does not fit the flask. Any generalization only adds to the confusion. It is necessary to let the cloudy water settle down to see clearly.



Extravagant truth

Truth, my friends, the truth is so extravagant that nothing can give an idea, no matter how weak. Believe me, when the Isis’ veil begins to tear, when scattered snatches emerge, when through the thick mist of conditioning appear authentic, reliable, concrete elements … many will prefer ignorance and stupidity rather than open their eyes and stop dreaming. As in Matrix, the conditioned have a lot better luck than those who revolt and come out of the fake dream. Facing reality, yours, the world’s – or worlds’? – is much more difficult than keeping your eyes wide shut.

Beware of everything, the matrix is everywhere, but not the Resistance. (Lao Surlam)


As in Matrix, the conditioned have a much better fate than those who revolt and are ejected from the fake dream. Facing reality, your reality, the reality of the world – or the reality of the worlds – is much more difficult than keeping your eyes wide closed. Virtual distractions put you to sleep more and more every day. News fills you up. Games are about you who count for plums. The banks of great illusion are full of your money. Under your windows, under your eyes, the thick cohort of the poor sleeps in the cold under the moon. Meanwhile, the wise Merlin goes to sing the runes. One for all, all for one.


The emergence of meaning

There is another world within this one / The border is interior and the time also stops. Time is a prison that drives us to death. If, as the words of this song say, time does not exist in the interior earth, death does not exist either. I write songs since childhood. Rarely did I understand what the words meant when I wrote them. It has often taken me years for the troubled water of my mind to settle, and to marvel at the emergence of meaning.

It is the same for the pages of this saga. Some look innocent, do not be fooled, dynamite is hidden inside. Sooner or later, they will poke you in the face. Boom! I do not come to bring peace, but war. I came to fire on the world and I will fire until it kills. (source)Jesus, the Gospel according to Thomas 

Awakening is at stake. Your awakening. When the number of the awakened will reach 8% of the population, they will be like leaven in the dough. They will lift the whole mess so the planet of humans will awaken. And then we will see that animals have been awake for a long time. And then, and so, and thus …

But I do not want to spoil the end of this beautiful story. Mine, yours, who knows? In any case, it’s the happening story of the next humankind.