Astral Archons


This article resumes a previous article entitled Astral Masters, I thought it useful to reproduce it here in the debate on the Archons, because the true masters of the astral, in the absence of the Archangels which leaves all the place, it is them, the Archons, Masters of Matter and Powers of Darkness. Since we are in the last age, the Iron Age, the kali yuga which is also called the Dark Age, we are at home. They are our masters and dictate their law.

The article reproduced here was the account of one of the astral expeditions of a group of volunteers placed under my conduct, which I had named the Astral Volants. Without knowing it, during this series of astral flights, we lived the first face to face with the powerful Archons. To reframe this article in light of recent discoveries, I added my comments in color, to better differentiate them from the original text.


 A Mixed Record

Once again, the Flying Astral squadron has gone on a mission. The fourth patrol crisscrossed the still non-space and resolutely crossed the barrier of time. Yet we were not at the end of our surprises … Aggressive parasites attacked the head and body of the group.
Aggressive parasites, fair enough description.

This is why the overall results of this four-part experience are mixed. Overall, the main advance is in the quality of life. The stress has disappeared, serenity is gaining ground, a new balance is established. The whole being seems renewed, cleaned up, ready for the future. Five people took the opportunity to wake up. Others have almost succeeded. To be continued then.
Serenity is gaining ground? Not for long…

The memories upon awakening are often those of ordinary dreams. Sometimes they are not, but the deformation exerted by the ego – the mind if you prefer – gives a story distorted by a dressing: the mind takes hold of the elements experienced at night and rearranges them at will.
I have long thought that this dressing of our dreams by the brain came from a program of the brain to protect us from too hard scenes or truths. I now think this is a manifestation of the Archons. An Archonlike mental intrusion. Their favorite strategy is to scramble our thoughts to sow theirs instead.



Knowing How to Say Stop

I have already explained why mind is the other name for ego. This is one of the consequences of the dark Kali yuga. The Dark Ages are taking hold. Nothing high just happens spontaneously. It takes a lot of effort to get away from material dictatorship. And when you do, it takes a lot of vigilance, courage and discernment to face the astral.
Dark kali yuga, the Dark Ages, the Archons era. They muzzle our spirit to better enslave us, thereby pulling us down, the animal depths where they lie. Their dictatorship is that of matter, hence the planetary frenzy for everything material. It makes it possible to measure the progress of their grip on humanity. A very scary observation.

Of course, I would have liked to have seen more passengers experience awakening, remember oneself, meet one’s astral double, and receive omnipotence. This is what happened for some in the first cycle, and I thought that the following cycles would allow others to reach this level of subtle perception. I would have liked to see more passengers behaving like warriors. But the thing is easy to say. As for getting there … If we can’t always have what we want, we have what we need, sings Mick Jagger.
I had the naivety to think that the group of readers that I took out of bounds in a tourist bus would take advantage of this conscious astral stay to emancipate themselves from the constraints of matter and to free themselves from physical and psychic gravity

Over the cycles, a degradation has emerged. When I launched the second cycle, I thought it was going to unfold according to the outline drawn in the first. It has not happened. To my surprise, the third turned out just as different. As for the fourth, which has just ended, its mixed results leave a bitter taste. I had to end it abruptly at the first unpleasant signs.
This fourth cycle did little to benefit astral tourists. We attracted vile and jealous beings, eager to steal our minds. They have failed, at the cost of my health, my well-being and my inner light for many months.

The experience of scalar wave broadcasts that I have been practicing every night for four years has taught me to target recipients without offering outlets to intruders. However, the warrior who feels ill at ease or who suddenly falls ill, the one who feels flattened and loses all energy, the one who takes the astral for a battlefield have every interest in withdrawing from the plan astral before seriously disturbing his companions.
Again naivety on my part! I assumed for a moment that the disturbances could come from one of us. Not for a moment did I suspect concerted action on the part of non-human and, let’s say, inhuman entities…

Some of us have learned about wizarding fights and unwanted astral encounters. Believe me, it is trying … The lower astral is home to painful creatures. Their attendance is detestable.
Yes, except that we were not in the lower astral, but at the very top of the upper astral where I committed the imprudence of driving my tourists.


At the Cyclops

Here is the dream of the night. There were several of us in army buggies, sand-colored. In a desert. We were driving at good speed. And suddenly there is the sand which shakes in the distance and a gigantic guy comes out, then a second! We were in today’s military and they were kind of armor, but not everywhere. They had metal plates on the torso, shoulders and forearms, but no helmets. We understood that they were there to kill us so fire at will!
But the giants also had weapons a bit like ours. But we ended up being too close to them. I see a cousin of mine climbing up a giant’s arm and shoulder to shoot him point blank. In close combat the giants try to attack us … and there is the black hole. (KD)

Here is my answer. Everything is true but totally romanticized. The truth is that the group expressed a desire to meet the giants of old, those who belonged to the first humanity and who began to populate the earth billions of years ago. But time does not count in astral terms. I say okay, on the way to the prime youth of this planet. And we arrived at the Cyclops. These fanatics measure about fifty meters, and their appearance is quite frightening.
Among the Cyclops, really? Wouldn’t it be the Archons? We wanted to meet the first humanity. That of the Snake Kings.

But they didn’t attack us for the simple reason that they couldn’t see us. We were in the astral, while they were in their reality. These two worlds communicate with great difficulty.
The Archons saw us perfectly. And that weights on me every day…

They were therefore observed in their terraforming work. We were fascinated by their way of throwing mountains into the sea to make island strings, and it reminded me of Ramayana, that episode where Monkey King Hanuman, ally of Rama, sows huge blocks of rock to form a bridge between the Coromandel coast and the island of Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, where Princess Sita, wife of Rama, was held captive by a demon Raksasha.
It is true that the Archons were the first developers of Terra, even before the arrival of the Terraformers, ie the Archangels of the Goddess Mother Ana of Alcor.

Double Reading, Double Seeing

This legend of our origins takes a very personal turn for me. The current Sita accompanied me throughout this adventure. Without it, I would never have been able to undertake it, let alone complete it. Her energy of rare quality is one hundred percent compatible with mine.
My Sita still gives me her lights. She supported me in the long psychological and physical ordeal that I have been going through for two good years. But she is not unscathed.
The Archons caused great trouble in her head. They stole her heart intermittently. They looted her secret garden, leaving nothing but smoking ruins. She is busy rebuilding, but that’s just the beginning.

The astral is another world, subject to other laws that we do not know. We must follow step by step the courageous adventurers who risked their exploration. Which is still in its infancy …
That is true. But I have learned to be cautious and to be more responsible. Organized astral travel will not happen again. Until I find the safe, unstoppable, unavoidable way to keep us safe from these voracious predators. They have been masters of Terra for so long, how could they give up this kingdom without fighting?

My Sita has exceptional prescience and clairvoyance. I can only nod when she deciphers a situation the Eden Saga style – a very moving sequence for the old storyteller.
You can see how much I love her. Probably my blue flower side.

This same bellicose scene described by KD is not necessarily the dressing of a temporal leap in the Cyclops. It could be anything else. Sita had the same type of dreams with brawl scenes in the struggle for survival. She remembers farting something she shouldn’t have. On the contrary, I think she acted well, with the right intensity, at the right time. She has a good sense of timing, which is essential in this matter.
She would be rather a thorn flower for now.

All this made me fear an attack in order, like the wizarding fights that Castaneda describes. Or in the atmosphere of the psychic exocet told by J-Cl Flornoy. No need to provoke the masters of the astral …
Yeah, the comparison with the psychic exocet does describe the havoc these Archon bastards are wreaking. They created our body, they know very well how to destroy it.



Caution, Mother of Safety

You know my favorite mantra: believe without believing. I doubt that the lower astral has the energy resource sufficient to mess us up. But the precautionary principle overrides the pleasure principle. The discovery, exhilarating as it was, does not justify such potential risks on largely unexplored ground.
Believe without believing? It looks like archon philosophy …

I took the negative charge on myself — which causes me pain all over my body, violent headaches, and other crap. Two other people in the group complained of fatigue and headaches. We must act quickly. Limit the damage and repair the first damage. It all happened in 24 hours…
Less than that! A moment was enough for me to catch this ray of death. If he did not kill me, it is because they did not want to go that far. But beware if we do it again!

It is clear that these attacks — if they are — will stop as soon as we stop our incursions into this plan where we are suddenly undesirable. Pain and fatigue will also fade. And in the case where negativity comes from elsewhere, as I believe, if we stop the astral flight, the result will be the same: end of worries. Exploration must therefore stop. This is unfortunate but responsible.
Yes, absolutely. The experience is out of place. We don’t have the weight. Let’s wait for reinforcements, if there are any. And if they come.

Sita and I therefore immediately warned the flying astral that the current experiment had to stop for three days. It seems obvious to me today that it should not continue. The repetition of astral cycles may have attracted the attention of predators of an unknown nature, but precisely, there are too many unknowns in the astral.
They are no longer strangers, we recognized these dogs from hell. We better hide our buttocks, they bite.




Caution is in order. We are wild geese on the path of supersonic fighters. We are no match for it. Wisdom asks to recognize it. The adventure was rewarding, let’s make sure that it is not tarnished by unnecessary inconvenience. Amputating the end is undoubtedly disappointing, but ending up in a capilotade would have been much more.
We do not have the weight. Wisdom requires recognition. I repeat myself to better convince myself. Because I still want to go, damn it!

Now, dear flying astral ones, I await your reactions. You are involved, you have all played your part admirably from the start, now you have your say. I envision an end of cycle focused on well-being and serenity in your daily life. I will respond to you individually if you write to me.
An ill-fitting solution, but prudence is the law …

And above all, whatever happens, do not forget: fear is the warrior’s first enemy. Warrior, heal – why choose? Both are so important to me. And don’t forget to read the second part of your exciting adventure. I’m working on it as you read this article, and I promise you a twist that sawed me off. It may well be that the reality, this time, goes beyond fiction. So it’s to be followed. Until then, sleep without a dream, a deep and restorative sleep.
Yeah… except the deeper the sleep, the more these mean dogs bark in our faces. Cunning as snakes, they bark in silence. Stealthy and hypocrites, they sneak up, fill us up and go back to the tip of the scales. We’ll get ’em, bastards!


The lunatic is on the ground while the warrior fights them up there, risking a heavy brain damage. Who’s the biggest fool?



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If you have any reason to believe that they are attacking you, or bothering you, or getting in you, contact me right away. The sooner the better.


Men do not learn much from the lessons of history and that is the most important of all the lessons of history.
Aldous Huxley