The Seven Deadly Sins


Rather than ensuring our salvation — whatever meaning is given to it, do the Seven Deadly Sins protect the gods and the system they have set up? Everything happens as if these mortal sins had been enacted by a dragon god such as Hachem, Marduk or other archon of the origins, to anchorPlease note: archon is an anagram of anchor. them deeply in the head of the human cattle.


That said, given the number of humans who commit these deadly sins twenty times a day, every half hour for some, it seems that the Archons have failed. They are our masters, since they partially created us. But the part they didn’t create makes us far superior to them. Good. Except that few people know it, because no one has warned us. Except the Gnostics that no one studies. So we remain confined to the area they dominate, left to their whims, submitted to their will, reduced to the sad state that is theirs.

Nevertheless. If an awakened, an impeccable warrior or some other sane being were to list the main flaws that oppose liberation and awakening, these are not those he would choose. Why were these sins not ordained by the Lord to a biblical prophet, just like the Ten Commandments? I got that flash the other night when I saw Seventhe movie again. Then I found out that the seven mortal sins are not in the Old Testament, the Torah, or the Koran. So where do they come from? Slight suspense.


What sins?

First of all, here is the list of the 7 deadly sins according to Thomas Aquinsee further:

1 pride,
2 avarice,
3 lust,
4 will,
5 gluttony,
6 anger,
7 laziness.



Where did they come from?

The deadly sins were listed for the first time by Evrage the Pontic, ascetic monk of the 4th century AD. In his book Antirrhetikos, Evrage mentions 8 heady thoughts, difficult to control, preventing to meet God. According to him, this automatic activity of the mind constitutes a true spiritual illness, and everything must be done to channel and overcome it.

Evrage divides the soul into three parts: the intellect (healthy part), the concupiscible part (desire for possession and enjoyment), and the irascible part (feelings due to frustration). The thesis of Evrage was taken up by the Provençal monk Jean Cassien then by Pope Gregory I: the latter reports 7 deadly sins.

In the 13th century, Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) made his own the nomenclature of capital sins (source)The Theological Sum, Prima secundae, question 84 and made it famous for a long time. The Counter-Reformation will use it excessively. (source)

Let’s see. An automatic activity of the mind would prevent us from meeting God? What god are we talking about? The archons are the gods of here, those besides having left us a long time ago. Now it is the Archons who poison our mind with their hypnotic suggestions.


There is no God but Allah

The monk Evrage is an average monk, if his name is anything to go by. Evrage sounds like average. Average people are ordinary people. What about this monk? The epithet Pontic refers to Evrage’s origin, the Pont-Euxin, the Black Sea. But it could also refer to the country of Punt.

Punt comes from ancient Greek and means river. In Latin of French it also means bridge. The sovereign pontiff, from the Latin pontifex, is the Catholic pope, father of believers: pope is the daddy who bridges the gap between earth and heaven, or the river that leads to the sea.

Evrage was an ordinary ascetic. Through deprivation and discipline of the body, held to be the source of sin, the ascetic puts himself in a trance-like state of contemplation, where he is in contact with God. Which God? The question arises. For a man of faith, it does not. There is no God but God, say the Muslims.

As for humiliating the body, this is the best way to put yourself under the control of the archons, kings of the mind, experts in hypnosis. By depriving ourselves of the body’s knowledge, we deprive ourselves of the ultimate possibility that our masters don’t have: supra-consciousness.


La ilaha illallah

La ilaha illallah, there is no god but God, is the essential profession of faith in Islam, the shahada. It is the first of the five pillars that define the foundations of Muslim belief. Its content differs slightly from one Islamic movement to another.

There is no god but God? Is that so? I’m not so sure. In truth, lies are everywhere. Deception exists in the astral too. Lots of deceptive entities will make you believe they are God, and will you believe them? If you take for God all the voices that resonate within you, I don’t see you faring well. Your naivety makes you ready to believe absolutely anything.

No matter how seasoned an astral traveler may be, he’s never guaranteed to hear the person he thinks he recognizes. You look just like him. Any subtle creature can pass himself off as your dead father, your dead child, your dead companion. It takes an iron discipline in astral practice to be able to tell the difference. And long experience. Are you sure you meet these conditions?


Masters of hypnosis

Matchmakers can guide you through this maze, but they offer no guarantees. Who are they really? Where do they come from, and where do they get their power? Where can they lead you? Religions claim to offer better protection than these unofficial intermediaries. But how can you be sure they’re telling the truth? As a layman, I examine them without bias. I scrutinize them all without reservation. I take them apart piece by piece to examine their hidden workings, their secret intentions. And I am edified.

None of these intermediaries, people or beliefs, can claim to be immune to archontic hypnosis. For the good reason that the Primordial Serpents are the masters in this field. They interfere with our consciousness, more precisely with its mental part. If we manage to stay on the plane of supra-consciousness, we put ourselves beyond their reach and risk nothing on their part.

But this is a very high zone. It corresponds to the high astral. To stay there permanently, you need to be at least third-degree awake. Not everyone can do this.

Beyond that, from degree 5 onwards, wherever we are, we are safe from their hypnosis. We’ve reached a level where nothing or no-one can approach our aura without our being immediately alerted.

We can go into turtle mode, stiffening the outer layer of our aura so that no energy particle, however tenuous, penetrates our vital space. Even the immaterial is filtered. An impeccable warrior, a sorcerer, an enlightened seer do this as they breathe, without even taking notice.

They can anticipate and harden like tempered steel several seconds, even minutes, before the intrusion attempt. And because they don’t know they’re doing it, because most of them don’t even know they have the possibility, they don’t take any pride in it. Their ego remains where it belongs, at the back of the yard on the right, near the garbage cans. They don’t have to worry about it.


Case study #1 — Pride

The dominant ego is the worst trap on the path to awakening. Whatever the level of consciousness reached, the warrior is always at the mercy of a return of the ego that makes him fall back into the binds of the tonal. Pride is the worst manifestation of this.

Pride is, according to Saint Thomas Aquinas, the desire for one’s own pre-eminence (or superiority), but also contempt for God and the fact of not submitting to his law, the refusal to recognise cosmic laws.

That’s what I found on a Catholic site that I won’t name, but they all say the same thing, whether they’re Christian, Jewish or Muslim. The only difference is that the last two won’t quote Thomas Aquinas.

Needless to say, I take the opposite view. Those who truly understand cosmic laws cannot remain under the diktat of the gods of old. They created us, but only our bodies. Our specific consciousness, supra consciousness, comes from Sophia according to Gnosis, from the Great Goddess according to the primordial tradition.

Supra consciousness is not accessible to the gods of old, the Archons of Gnosis. The administrators of this planet live within it, beneath our feet, in the hollow earth that Nagualism calls the underworld. The 4m tall swimmers who gave the Red Army divers a thrashing belong to this powerful people. You rub it in, you sting it.

Humility, my shield, is the antidote to pride. It is a shield that protects the warrior from any return of the ego, which would put him at the mercy of the negative powers.


Compass pointing south

The Archons, like those giant swimmers in the Siberian lakes, are totally devoid of humility. Their overwhelming pride disqualifies them. They are not suitable guides. Instead, they lead us into the darkness from which they sprang, into the gloomy depths they have invested.

They can only be useful to us in one way: by seeing them for what they are, compasses that point south. So all we have to do is take the opposite view of everything they say, everything they do, everything that comes from them and which, by the same token, is distorted and turned 180° from the right destination.

This tip applies to all the false gurus who poison every sector of human activity, including the antechambers of spirituality. You can recognise them by this sign: an inordinate ego that they can’t hide. Anyone who displays it is to be shunned; their word is infested.

Priests, pastors, imams, rabbis, professors, doctors, lawyers, notaries, all politicians, all those who think they’re above the rest – they’re all to be avoided like the plague. Save yourself, they won’t save you.


Case study #2 – Greed

Avarice means greed: it’s an excessive attachment to money and wealth, resulting in an accumulation of material goods, or even hoarding.

Quote from the same site. It made me laugh. It sounds like the archon Mammon, the most powerful of our masters. So Thomas Aquinas encourages us not to follow the example of the Archons? Are they not our former gods? Our creators? Didn’t they demand total adoration and respect from our ancestors? See in the Torah how he behaves with Aaron’s sons, see in the Bible how he behaves with Abraham, how he plays with him, you will be edified as I was.

Greed is the evil of our time. And the god of our time, surely, is Mammon. The god of money. Dollars, bucks, cash, dough, loot, gold, wind, illusion, smoke, quicksand. Nothingness.

Mammon, you come from nothing and you’ll return to nothing. I can even tell you this: in nothingness you light up with neon. It’s a lousy light. Archons never light up, they stay in the dark. In darkness. The archons are jerks.

Alas, dragons are our creators. They are our masters on earth. Most humans are prisoners of their nets. What do our tales and legends say about dragons? They sleep on a pile of gold that they guard jealously. Isn’t this the image of Disney’s worst duck, the sinister Uncle Scrooge? A model of the filthiest avarice?

I’m afraid the archon dragon-gods are all stingier than each other. The gifts they give us are petty and poisonous.



Group study #3 – All vices

You’ve understood the principle, so I won’t go into detail about the next five sins. It’s up to you to do the work without my help. To get you out of the austere mode that doesn’t really work for me, here’s a tragicomic improvisation designed to help you take the worst horrors philosophically and always in good humour.

Lust, envy, gluttony, anger, laziness? Examples of these can be found throughout the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Mahabharata, the Popol Vuh, Greek, Egyptian and Chinese mythology, and so on. Each of these mortal sins is illustrated and assumed by the gods of old. So what are you saying? These sins are mortal only for us? Our masters could perform them without punishment? Or are we to believe that Thomas Aquinas had not read the Bible?

The gods of old created Lilith before Adam. This reptilian was not a goddess, but a sexual object. Later, the fallen angels descended to earth because they found human women to their liking.

Another name for jealousy. Hashem, Abraham‘s god, kept telling Moses: I am a jealous god. What the Torah says is echoed in the Old Testament. Yes, Yahweh is jealous, vindictive and proud. Note how Hashem Yahweh expresses himself: I am a jealous god implies that there are other gods who are not. What happens to the one god in this case? When Yahweh Hashem reproaches Moses for the infidelity of his people, who have turned to another god, Baal, he whines and laments. Envy, jealousy, pettiness, self-centeredness. A vile being worthy of contempt. Far from a good god.

The Old Testament and the Torah detail the menu of sacrifices offered to the dragon god. Succulent, plump beasts, delicious little birds as appetizers, libations, vain gods! This one is doing better than alright. But the gods are not greedy, no, no, no. Gastronomes they are, that’s all.

When the dragon god burns Aaron’s sons because they dared to light incense in his honor, or when he can’t suppress other crimes committed in the name of his expedient justice, isn’t he angry? He benefits from our mortal sins.

For Yahweh, it’s a way of life. The dragon gods ruled by terror. All humans threw themselves flat on their stomachs in the dust to avoid being scorched by a blow from their oral flamethrowers. Then they obeyed their tyrant’s every whim. And serve him like slaves. Apart from roasting people, these gods didn’t give a damn.




The war against drugs can not be won because it is a war against human nature.
Keith Morris