Win Together


Thank you, friends, for all your donations. This is timely: if money is useful, friendship is more useful. Also give your testimony. It will help me hard in this grave time when I defy evil. I have seen a world without vice, without atrocity, without suicide. Without the pressure of the Archons, evil would be foreign to us. From birth, the human is good. The Flying Snakes do evil on this earth. But we can end their tyranny.

Devouring jealousy

What if we were made for happiness? Yes, I’m crazy, so what? If there were not these Archons who died of jealousy, would life not be more beautiful? I see them crawling on their stomachs, abject and miserable. I pity them, these masters of matter, sinister animals reduced to this state for eternity. For 4,000 years, the beginning of the Dark Ages, they have been devoured by desire. They are dying to access the Spirit like us. They cannot.

Icy intelligences associated with their many psi powers, I fear them and I pity them. From the depths of the abyss they cry out their despair, their envy, their viscous desire, disgusting, moving.

Delta Waves

I fear them and I pity them, those astral masters who devour us during our deepest sleep. When we’re in delta wave phase, to be precise… In the alpha phase of sleep, our brain perceives the Archons during dreams that it erases upon awakening. The danger is not there. The delta phase corresponds to deep sleep, without dreams. The brain is silent. This is when we must fear the psi powers of reptilians.

The investigation of the file progresses by leaps and bounds, bewildering testimonies reach me, I saw just the name of the gods, and it would be time for the army of the Archangels to fly to our aid, because to the truth, day after day, unbeknownst to us, who had believed it?




A simple step aside

She writes me this:
“Speaking of archons, last night I really saw the effect of this shadow eating the brightness. Shadow-fog of a phenomenal size, even without beginning or end, in any case it rode all the time on me… and on the others I imagine! The effect was even more noticeable this afternoon in Saint Brieuc. It’s rather good news, now that I actually feel it, I can avoid it by stepping sideways, or enlighten it, depending on the mood.”

“Lucky!” I answered.
The shadow is phenomenal in size, but you only need a step to the side to get out. It eats the brightness, but you can light it to choose according to your mood. What a lucky girl you are! While you play it Superwoman, the old man that I am continues to wake up every night around 1am, then sleep in dotted until 5am where I finally go to sleep.

It happens exactly the same thing to my friend Jean. Diver and healer, he is a kind of alter ego. We are not on the same side, but we are looking for the same harbour. Question insomnia, he has the same timing of night awakening: 1h-4h or 1h-5h. We both watch to resist the powerful intox these filthy reptilian flyers spread.


Black holes

A shadow that eats brightness? It reminds me of something, black holes. A physical phenomenon better known by science fiction than astronomy. Black holes absorb all matter and energy. They even eat the light… However, a step aside would not be enough to put us out of danger. By the way, what do we know? Let’s just say I guess so. Maybe that would be enough. Who says black holes absorb us? Maybe they just use our light? Like the Archons…

Who says black hole is not another name for archon? The Eagle is the name Castaneda gives to the giant black hole of the galactic center


Gives to whom gives

Those who do not know me, who have never written to me, but have probably read me, have given me gifts that are sometimes surprising. Always touching. Those who know me — some have known me for a long time — worry about me. They have given me often, they will give me again, I know, I feel. They’re worried. They worry. They write to me, they say, How are you? Of course I’m not well at all. They’re wrong.

What I write is darker, the tone I use has lost its lightness, what can I do? It’s the subject who wants that. My morale has nothing to do with it. I feel like a charm. A very old charm with squeaky branches, with shattering roots, but a powerful charm. Less prince, but still charming. The lumberjack will wait to shoot me. The Archons too.

If you can afford it, think of the monthly donation support. For you it’s little, for me a lot. Help me help you. Thank you.
Is there a nicer word? Thank you.





All my life — three-quarters of a century — I dreamed the world through the astral way where I spent most of my time. People of my kind look absent, dreamer — that’s right: they’re somewhere else. The Far East, master of dreams, taught me the opiate flavors of the extreme. Of everything extreme. My whole life has been. But never as much as today.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” (John Lennon)


When you see me, old lizard on his stone in the sun, don’t you think I have a good foot in the grave? Good foot, good eye! And I throw the other foot in the ass of the gossip, let it be said! Green despite the years, I run like a motionless wind in the instantaneous lands of the final infinity. Those who saw me passed thought they saw the comet. In the matter, I defend myself badly. I face the Flyers in astral, on equal terms. I have the help of a soul, they have that of vice.

You have to go out and live this fucking sick life. And then you can write about it. (Iggy Pop)




From rape to violin, violine to violin, rave to ravioli, the Archons taught me to grow old. I skipped their infamous school when everyone was eager. I saw them, of course, but I ignored them. These sad assholes are not part of my coterie, my siblings, my homeland. They tricked me, I reacted. Their fight grew me up. The interior has not wrinkled. My heart always smiles big as on the first day.

1949, China became common. Terrible year for the Indies who partition in the massacres, terminal year for the Knight de la Ficelle who makes the soul in excellent condition and recovers his deposit, special year for Mom who expels a very beautiful child, third of the name, first for the rest. But I was born before birth. Long before. This life is just a continuation in major fashion of a previous and/or inner life. A second service after the Gestapo. Its tortures on Lauriston Street allowed me to change my body, not my decor.

I’ve known too many horrors in my inner lives, but never so much now. Coche m’archonte, cauchemar contenightmare-tale that I intend to tell you from any angle and on any side. Archontes that I said I have never met before. So-called. Sois distantBe distant. Swadisthan. Their cowardly, disgusting ways of snorting us, of styling us, of sneaking into our thoughts to put theirs in the heart of a fog tale. The stupid art of suggesting their vice to us in the shadows, letting us believe that it comes from us.

Yes, it is in us. But who put it there?



Astral Contact

Many readers contact me, from whom I did not know until the existence. It appears that we are connected for a long time by a thin but unbreakable thread, extensible to infinity. Through this thread travel a quantity of information. So without our knowledge we know each other well. They come, they arrive, indigo aura or crystal, the rainbow auras are still on the way. I expect them tomorrow.

These events do not happen at random since it does not exist. Since 2000, initiates and fadas have been waiting for the new age. It is desired. I remember a strong word of the singing priest, Aimé Duval: “What are you doing there waiting for me my friend? Your heaven will be on earth with your arms“. The warrior of light is not content with talking. He acts. action is his favorite mode. Constantly it acts, but without expecting any result of its action.

Eden Saga is the ideal headquarters to coordinate actions, share our experiences and impressions, exchange tips that work, comment our failures. Under the sign of total solidarity, we have a real chance to learn more about their actions to better counter them. We can discover their weaknesses, they inevitably do. Their excessive pride makes them vulnerable. Let us learn to use it effectively.


Live Free

We have the opportunity to act together. The scalar experience has taught us how unconditional love can unravel tense situations — and the times are full of it! Then, the Astral Volants made us take three steps in the other world, the astral, so close and so unknown. We have even experienced its dangers, without knowing that we are facing the Archon, the infernal of the astral. The experience of the Astral Volants stopped with prudence and caution..

It took me months to analyze that failure. I took it all on myself, no other passengers were hit. I took it at a high price. I’m still not over it. I did not want to start a risky adventure again without having elucidated the first attempt, clearly understanding what had happened, and knowing what to do to avoid a new blockage rising before us.

I therefore propose a respite in this risky practice. As soon as I find a way to secure our astral incursions, we’ll try again with a few volunteers. For now, let us observe a moratorium.



If you have any reason to believe they’re coming after you,
whether they eat your head or your light, or they try to,
if you have unanswered questions about them,
if you want to share your thoughts with me,
to tell me your meetings with them,
please contact me.


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The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any other thing of humankind.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau