Universal Trinity


Although it has a different conception, the Christian trinity owes much to that of the Celts. This very ancient trinity, well before the Celtic period, it will be called nevertheless Celtic, because the historical Celts are in any point of view the heirs of the pre-Celtic peoples, Tuatha de Danaan, Fomoires, etc.


Our black fathers

These people had the same customs, the same gods, the same wisdom. The Celts digested everything and kept everything. Apart from the skin color… It seems that the first Celts, like the first Vikings, were black. Like the first pharaohs. And the first Buddhas. Like the Sphinx of Giza. Like Rama, Krishna and a bunch of former gods. Like the first American settlers. Like the first human beings of our kind.

Then, when the supremacy of the white race was established, white historians hastened to erase the long black domination on this planet. But that’s another story. If you feel like, see Black Sun.

The religions of the Book

Well, guess what, our new religions — the religions that your parents practiced, or your grandparents, or someone else’s — in short, all these beautiful religions that we call from the Book — beware, there’s a trap, the religions of the Book are not invented by booksellers — these religions of the Book arewere? see the next paragraph in the number of three. Trinity again. And in each of them there are three main characters. For Islam: Allah, Muhammad, Ali. For Judaism: Abraham, Moses, Yahveh. Christianity: Father, Mother and Child. No, not at all. The Father, the Son and the Spirit. Did the Father sleep with the Spirit? If not, who carried his Son? Himself, in the thigh, like Zeus? It is probable, remember that God like Zeus come from a single Greek word: theos. Which is written θεός.

This expression comes from the Qur’anic formula Ahl al-Kitab (People of the Book) referring to Jews and Christians. For the Qur’an, the Book is supposed to come from the “Mother of the Book(source)Sura 3, v. 7 and Sura 13, v. 39, a sort of celestial matrix in which the divine word always lies.

Today the term encompasses the Abrahamic religions of the Old Testament: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This definition could apply to many religions such as Hinduism, ancient Near Eastern religions or some African religions. Recent studies have shown that this expression is not really accurate for all three. (source)


Repro in vitro

A celestial matrix. It is quite magnificent. Reminiscence of the Mother Goddess? Secret survival of the cult of Isis, the Great Goddess? I dare hope so. Or, more prosaically, this matrix would be the one that laid humans on the chain, at the dawn of this humanity?

But I’m afraid this matrix has been in a lab, accompanied by instructions for obstetrician geneticists in charge of incubators under the direction of the chief nurse, Ninhursag our mother to all. The assistant of Enki our father, the designer of this humanity, the fifth of the no. Or if you prefer the Greek version, Prometheus our father to all and chief nurse Athena.



Abramic Religions

We understood that the expression “Abrahamic religions” quoted by Wikipedia is inappropriate. It is known that Abraham is not the true name of the Emir of Ur in Chaldea, but a name he received from the generalissimo Yahweh, the ally of the Jewish people. This generalissimo of the hundred legions of angels entered into dissent against the god Baal, with two a as the Grail, who owns his private astroport at Baalbek. As a result, this dissidence of their leader makes Jews outcasts and it sticks to their skin. Then do as the Jews do, avoid to pronounce the name of Baal before Yahweh, it can make him angry and you take two legions of angels in the face.

That’s why Ram’s memory has been erased from the face of the West. Yahweh put twelve legions of angels to work, they tampered with the sources, blurred the tracks, and Ram is no longer known except in the corners where one ignores the generalissimo and his Mediterranean misdeeds. So the Abrahamic religions are the religions of falsehood. As with the religions of the Book, future studies will show that this expression is really right for none of the three.

In fact, the Emir of Ur was called Master Abram. So we should say the Abramic religions. Yes but behold. Abram means from Ram, son of Ram. And Ram the Aries is Baal the Belial, homophony has been noted. For the generalissimo allergic to Baal, his evocation is intolerable. Especially through a first lieutenant as Abram.

Money Maker

Then Yahweh said to the Emir of Ur: Well, you were Ram, I made you Abraham. And the other accepts. Weird, right? We come, we change his name, a name that comes from his father, a change of sign is not good for business, he already has his reputation, it will create confusion and the competitors will benefit, these sons of dogs. So he accepts. Something doesn’t add up.

Easy. The Son of Ram became the Master of the Flocks. Abram owns a few cultivable plots on Ur’s land, which makes him a landowner. The owner is nothing, for his few plots barely pay him his household, a wife, three daughters, a maid and two minions. Without a pledge, just fed and lodged under the stars, that’s enough.

The guy’s name was Son of Ram, he’s now Father of the Flocks. This makes him the patron of goats and goats, sheep and sheep-makers, pastors and shepherds, milkers and cheese-makers. Money, money, fortune! Yahweh likes to give titles, it’s fun and it costs nothing. In fact he has just created a tax that all the Uriotes must serve him without flinching, if not beware the generalissimo and his armies of angels.

There is another possible translation of Abram’s new name. It is less advantageous. Ab Raham could mean Rahan’s son. The one of the fierce ages, quoted by Pif the Dog. Are you bitching? Why should the inspired creatives who make comics not be entitled to their share of visions? Chéret drew poorly but Lécureux told well. In my dreams I believe it. But always without believing it

This second version relativizes the money grab. Abraham in this case will not get rich. Besides, the population of the village of Ur was not very numerous, a few hundred, not enough to make it a millionaire… The town of Chaldea still exists after all these centuries. Note the info: Population of Ur in 2021. There are 364 inhabitants in Ur in 2021, the official legal population of Ur is however 363 inhabitants because the last official figure dates from 31/12/2016 (legal populations of 2017, 2018, 2019 identical). The number of inhabitants for 2021 is calculated from the average annual rate of change of the population of Ur over the period from 2011 to 2016, which is 0.1%. (source)

Definitely not enough to get rich…


So many unique ones!

Stop on picture. Back to Christianity. I mentioned the holy trinity with three characters. Three gods? Error! Much more than that. Already there are 16 Names of God in the Old Testament. Are they all for the same? But yes, of course, since it is one god! Still, you can imagine when God goes through customs and he has to identify himself. The other passengers complain, it drags on. Also in the Old Testament it is alluded to other gods than God. Not counting the angels. And the Archangels. The Archons. The Arches. The Thrones. The Powers… Don’t throw any more, the courtyard is full.

For the Judaism box, there are seven. It’s less, but wait for the details. I quote: The seven names of God which, once written, cannot be erased because of their holiness are the Tetragrammaton, El, Elohim, Eloah, Elohai, El Shaddai and Tzevaot . Moreover, the name Jah – because it is part of the Tetragrammaton – is also protected. Rabbi José considered Tzevaot as a common name and Rabbi Ishmael that Elohim was.Was what? We will never know. Pity. All other names, such as “Merciful”, “Gracious” and “Faithful”, are simply attributes that are also common to human beings. (source




24 for the price of One

The Tetragrammaton is the name one should not pronounce. YHWH. It is good, without the vowels nobody can. But with the vowels, the sound is very widespread! As for the Elohim, since it is a plural, know that there are seven of them, each one with his consort. So fourteen.

And then a few others too. In fact, there are many more than seven. The Jews speak of the 20 names of God, the 30 names of God, etc. I’ll keep it short. There is a lot of them, but they are all unique. And around these unique Gods, Moses tells us that there were other gods, like Baal. Competitors who do not deserve the title of unique, although they have only one name.

As there are three religions of the Book, all these unique gods are three in number: Allah, Seven Names, and Sixteen Names. In short, Allah + 7 + 16 = 24 Unique Gods. Do not listen to the rabbis who explain that these names are different aspects of the one deity. Unique as the Tetragrammaton indicates? Four in one? And the Elohim, this masculine-feminine-plural name? There were seven male Elohim accompanied by seven female Elohim. Fourteen in one? One day, we’ll have to put some order into this lame arithmetic.

Let us take from the field. Let us go out of the Book. The Egyptians and the Greeks are more honest, they admit a tap of gods. And there is even better than them. Let us look at the side of the yanas and sutras. Hinduism is indeed the religion of books…

Thirty million, who says better?

Hinduism counts millions of Gods. Thirty million to be precise. I have already explained that the Hindus are probably right, first because they do not have the nerve to say that there are thirty million unique gods, and second because they are closer to reality.

When the former gods arrived in their funny machine that was the size of planet Venus, you can imagine that it took people to maneuver such a device, and even more people to set up a wild planet like Terra.

But it takes us away from the subject, which I remind you is the trinity. Note that if the Hindu unity is ten million, their trinity will be thirty million. The error is exact.




Let me tell you that the trinity is not a biblical invention. It exists everywhere. And that is why we can call it a theology. The word is difficult to put into the conversation, especially if one ignores its meaning. You can search for the definition of theologeme, you will not find it. Here is one of my own: theology is to theology what mythology is to mythology. Definition: Mythology is a motif, a fragment or rather the smallest signifying unity of a myth. In the same way, the theologeme is a motif, a fragment or rather the smallest signifying unity of a theology. Theology being the study of θεός, ie God. Or Zeus, it is according to.

Let go? Rest assured, there will be no written questions. To put it simply, know that the trinity is the most widespread theology. Compromise, thing due.


No more laughing

Mathieu Halford explores the many similarities between Indian Brahmins and Celtic Druids, as well as between their societies, assuming a common Indo-European origin. (source)Mathieu Halford, Druides celtiques et brahmanes indiens He compares in particular the tricephal representations of Cernunnos and a shaman appearing on a seal found at Mohenjo-Daro (border between India and Pakistan) represented, also, with three heads. Cernunnos therefore has three heads, which awakens the memory of the vision of Ezekiel with these quadricephalic angels, which the prophet describes as cherubim.

Cernunnos, like the shaman of Mohenjo-Daro –like the stele of Rheims where there are three characters including Cernunnos– have in common the fact of being always three.

Halford also cites Poitrenaud as reinforcement: Cernunnos and the Gaulish tricephale, Geryon and the Celtic triads. (source) And Halford added: “This is the theologèmeHey! He uses the damn word! of the three gods who will find themselves in both Vedism and Celtic religion.” (source)Mathieu Halford, Celtic Druids and Indian Brahmins, p.313

Theology which is not only common to the old religion of the Celts and to Vedism. We find it quite naturally in Christianity with the Holy Trinity. And there is also in the religion of the ancient Mayans, as I explain here.

The Origin of Thrones

The former gods spent their time bamboozling and fooling around, super drunk on their Hyperborea, or on their hangover at home, flirting with our wives and daughters, because they are gods, as such they have every right. See the Decalogue and you will understand better. But some of them, the less divine ones no doubt, were designated volunteers for inspection tours. They traveled the planet on their three-seaters. A pilot in his anatomical seat, and two co-pilots in the same kind of chair. We turned them into thrones. Because we didn’t know what those funny seats were for. We took that as an outward sign of divinity.

Since, without knowing it, all the kings take the trick and are made thrones more and more insane. In short, refer to my article entitled NASA’s motto: Per aspera ad astra. Yes, the trails of the Andes are difficult and uneasy, but there is no, you have to climb them to reach the astroport on the peaks. And the Mayan pyramids are hard to climb without breaking your jaw, but if you don’t climb them, you might miss the space shuttle.

There you go. All this to tell you, fellow readers, that the theologeme of the trinity most likely comes from the three-pilot shuttles such as the Mayas carved them on the sumital platforms of their pyramids, when the former gods ceased to land there. Because they went home in Alcor. It’s a long way, but they go fast.

And if the flying machine is four-seater, it gives the Tetramorph. And the Tetragram has chances to come from there, too. The tetragrammaton YHWH is not to be pronounced, but if it is written Jehovah, Yahveh, or even Yahouh, it becomes much easier to pronounce …




Each his beliefs, and the sacred cows will be well guarded.



One must have to act and not act to have.
Jean-Claude Flornoy