Gods Lightning


Whatever the time was, the human activity could not do without energy resources. In some ways, the history of energy is a shortcut to the history of mankind. Over the ages, the different civilizations have used various sources of energy: before renewable energies, before nuclear power, before oil, our known ancestors have used hydro-electricity, coal, animal -or human- energy. 


Watching backward sometimes gives a feeling of progress. To change from donkey to nuclear power seems to be one. But if we look much further back, the impression of progress fades. The modern man feels little in front of his Technofathers. The Atlanteans belonged to a technological civilization. For the great work they undertook, they used the inexhaustible energy of lightning: they transmitted its principles to the following civilizations. 

Witness this Treatise on Meteorology from the “Meteorology Notes of Louis Cotte, priest of the Oratory and correspondent of the Royal Academy of Sciences, 1824”

“It seems that the way of attracting lightning by means of the electric conductor was not unknown to the Ancients, and that it was one of those mysteries raised to the knowledge of the Chief of Religion. Here is how Pliny the Naturalist (Lib II, Cap LIII), M. de Sivri translates this passage: “The Annals testify that by means of certain sacrifices and certain formulas, lightning can be forced down, or at least get it from the sky. An ancient tradition holds that this was practiced in Etruria among the Wolsinians, on the occasion of a monster named Volta, who after having ravaged the countryside, had entered their city… 

Lucius Pison reports that Numa Pompilius had often done the same thing, and to deviate from the rite prescribed in the invitation of this mysterious practice, Tullius Hostillius himself was struck down in our sacred woods. We also admitted an Elician Jupiter: “Ellicium quoque accepissius Jovenn”.  One can see in the translator’s learned notes how he proves that it is electricity.” (source)


The masters of the lightning

It is curious that among the former gods of all the very ancient civilizations one finds in good place a god of lightning. It is often the god of the gods, like Zeus. I am convinced that if these gods of lightning were everywhere on earth, it was because the former gods had total control of this energy, which they then transmitted to humans.




During several millennia, the Atlanteans have developed a brilliant civilization, far superior to our in many ways. Of course, there is something surprising about. We may assume that their civilization was more advanced on the spiritual plane, for example. We may believe that they have possessed an unknown control over their environment, thanks to some powers that we have lost. That is true, but not only that. They mastered a futuristic technology that we have not yet resurrected.

Did the Atlanteans develop a civilization on earth? Or did they come from another planet already developped? Anyway, they can use the lightning energy in different ways, aiming to different purposes, as you will see in this article and in others listed below.


Lightning power plants

The Atlanteans and Hyperboreans produced energy in lightning power plants see at the end of the article as Areva produces today in its nuclear power plants.

The parallel may seem shocking, because we have difficulty imagining that such an ancient civilization can be developed technologically. Yet, for several millennia, the Atlanteans have developed a brilliant civilization, far superior to ours in many respects. I can see it, there is reason to be surprised.

We can admit that their civilization was more advanced spiritually, for example. We can believe that they possessed an unknown mastery of their environment, thanks to powers we lost. That’s true, but it’s not just that. 


Atlantean Technology

The superiority of the Ancients also extended to the field of technology and energy. Because unlike the radioactive atom or other fossil fuels, that of the lightning is 100% clean, 100% renewable… The Atlanteans had a perfect mastery of gravitology and electromagnetism.

Terraforming and developing a planet requires multiple activities, so huge amounts of energy. They produced Vril energy in lightning power plants. The principle is simple, if the realization is much less so: a sensor attracts the lightning; a burster crumbles it into balls; then conductive lines, metallic or not, carry the energy balls to the places of consumption.



The calculator of Antikythera

One may wonder why the Atlanteans had such an advance. Archaeological excavations have not revealed any evidence of the use of machinery or mechanical systems. The objection hardly holds: we have in testimonies. The Romans used complex machines to cut marble sheets, for example. These sheets of 2cm to 4cm thick were used to veneer the walls. They were sawn by parallel toothed blades that could cut up to ten sheets at once. These industrial saws were operated by slaves, like the hydraulic pumps commonly used at that time.

The Greeks and Romans had other machinery in their theatres and for circus games. Metallic objects existed to facilitate certain calculations, such as the Antikythera calculator. But antiquity does not belong to the same period as Atlantis, largely earlier. Its activity began during protohistory, an intermediate period between ancient history and prehistory.


Machinery and spacecraft

At Puma Punku in the Andes you can admire strange stones carved with geometric shapes. These are obviously pedestals on which were fixed machine tools. If only the bases remain, it is for an obvious reason: these machines were too precious for the Atlanteans to leave them behind.

What about their flying machines? If none were found, we have very eloquent descriptions. The landing platform is described, it was called a throne of Solomon. The great Hebrew king criss-crossed Asia aboard a flying machine he probably held from the Atlanteans. Like all their sensitive equipment, the former gods won all other aircraft.

Thus, despite numerous representations on the frescoes, no crown of the pharaohs of the early ages of Egypt was ever found. These crowns were high-tech objects, according to the descriptions of the Osiris crowns. So the masters of the world have taken them back. For them, they are working tools. Terraforming continues elsewhere.

Here, during a study trip in the Andes, my best friend Jean-Claude Devictor is in Puma Punku, near a block cut with notches that we suspect to have been used as a base where rested metal machines, now disappeared. Lots of such cut blocks are still visible in the area.



Ancient technology


Descended from the sky

The Atlanteans descended from the sky as befits the gods. They landed their spacecraft in the middle of the Atlantic. The terraformers of planets always proceeded this way. To enjoy more than modern comfort on the wild planets, it is easier to bring your home. Once their work was finished, they went up to heaven according to divine custom.

Throughout their earthly sojourn they were masters of the world. Their mother ship is called Hyperborea, but it has many other names. This mother ship sown several floating, circular spacecraft over three oceans. On the Atlantic Ocean, it was Atlantis. On the Indian Ocean, it was the Land of Punt that is also called Lemuria, and on the Pacific Ocean it was Mu.






God and Mammon

When we think of the billions of kilowatts attracted by our lightning conductors to be then, quite stupidly, put back to the ground. Certainly, it is excellent for boosting the roots of plants and beautifying vegetable gardens. But there are many other uses that could be made every year with this free energy, already captured. It just needs to be transformed and delivered.

But our civilization worships only one god: money. Money. Money. Money. Sin. Money. Artichoke. Nuggets, Scallops. Gold. Yes, we are not the Children of the Archons for nothing. The heirs of the proud dragons who sleep in the basement on the mountains of gold they have custody of. You cannot worship God and Mammon, says the Bible. It seems that this humanity has chosen to worship Mammon.


Prehistoric reactors

It seems that terrestrial terraformation began several billion years ago. It is by drilling uranium mines that we made a hallucinating discovery in Gabon: prehistoric nuclear reactors!!

One of these 1.8 billion-year-old reactors would have operated for at least 500,000 years! The news can be like a bomb or a wet firecracker, depending on how you talk about it. The discovery of these reactors came from the detection of a slight problem with uranium 235, from the Oklo mine in Gabon.

The scientific community has said that these reactors are natural. A few dissidents left the table, convinced that it was completely impossible. For them, these reactors are artifacts. Who made them? The rest here.




Under various names, Hyperborea is present in all mythological legends of some importance. This giant island suspended in the northern sky struck the imagination to such an extent that its memory was transmitted to Greco-Latin antiquity through India and Egypt, conservatories of ancient knowledge and our origin.

Hyperborea’s diameter was about 5000km. Its surface was divided into four quarters, four triangular islands separated by four rivers. In the centre was a mountain, which the ancient Greeks called Olympus, and the ancient Indians called Mount Meru. These four islands have received many names, including the most explicit, the Island of the Four Masters, the Four Islands of the North.



The Sun of the Gods

We only have one sun, but that wasn’t always the case. Some star systems have multiple stars. It happened right here a long time ago. The second star was much brighter than the first star. Near Her, our old distant sun seemed so dull!

This second star, smaller than our sun, was also much closer: it was hovering 200km above the North Pole. And the whole hemisphere was bathed in an invincible light, for no night veiled its brightness. Therefore the sun, the old one, in the eyes of humans seemed a second moon.

Hyperborea, such was the name of this second sun eclipsing the first. The gods came from Hyperborea, their faces were luminous like their island floating in the sky. Giants of 4m or more, they were called Sons of the Sun. All pre-antique traditions honor their elites with this prestigious title, so to say that the nobility descends from the former gods.


Sons of the Sun



The lightning power station of Avebury

See this montage showing how lightning was captured by a tumulus or pyramid. We are here at the prehistoric site of Avebury, Wiltshire. This county is famous for a world-famous monument, Stonehenge.

This site is of particular importance to me, since it is at the origin of a discovery that made me want to create this site already 16 years ago. A first version posted in 2008 was called The Masters of Lightning. The following year, I expanded my purpose, Eden Saga was born. A beautiful baby who already announced the teenager she is today. And the adventure has only just begun!

Built from man’s hands millennia ago, the pyramid of Silbury “is a tumulus 40 meters high, located near Avebury, Wiltshire County, UK. This area is covered with Neolithic monuments of all kinds, including the Avebury Henge, two megalithic alignments, the West Kennet Chamber Tumulus and, 30 km further south, Stonehenge Monumental Complex”.

Henge: English word that sometimes translates cromlec’h, circle of stones, or megalithic enclosure. Approximate translation, for the good reason that we do not have a model at home.


Mode of operation

The lightning stations of the former gods consisted of three main machines:

1 – an antenna or sensor that attracts the lightning. For example the polymetallic pyramidal piece that crowned the tops of the pyramids. They had to create a negative polarity in the sensor, through several techniques megaliths with alternate polarity, piping systemsPlease note that water, enriched by the lightning natural nitrates, was used next to irrigation., capacitors, etc… The effectiveness of their antennae allowed the Atlanteans not to depend on storms, but to attract them.

 2 – A spark gap that converts the flash into a lightning ball. Like that, lightning is much less dangerous for life. Under this “magical” form, lightning became an instrument of enlightenment for the Atlanteans. They were receiving a “baptism by the fire from heaven” in dedicated temples, such as the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza or the West Kennet long barrow on the site of Avebury. These points will be more fully described in the following pages.  

3 – A system of conductive lines that carries energy to the places of consumption: the alignments of standing stones that once covered all of Western Europe.

Instead of standing stones, pipes have been used, sometimes underground. We often found very complex irrigation systems that these great men had developed. So far, the archaeologists have not understood the function of the pipes in the basement of Teotihuacan or elsewhere.

Facing this enigma, a very ancient water control, they contented themselves with calling these people “hydraulic civilizations” before closing the file. As far as I am concerned, research must go on.

You will find more information in the various articles I have devoted to the study of lightning since ancient times:






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